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Uncooked: Wrestlemania 28 The Good, Bad, and Indifferent

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What is up everyone!?! After a year long wait, Wrestlemania 28 has come and gone...and needless to say it definitely didn't disappoint in my opinion. I was contemplating doing a special edition of Uncooked focusing on WM 28 and as you can tell, I decided to. I want to start with this. For the first few matches, I wasn't really feeling Mania. I mean, 4 of the matches were done within the first hour of a four hour show, so my hope was that the remaining 4 would be amazing, and needless to say 3/4 of them were that. Lets get right into it shall we?

The Bad

Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan
Now I have heard some defend this match...actually I don't even know if i should call this a match. Lets have a quick history lesson shall we? Sheamus wins the Royal Rumble which not a lot were expecting, then Daniel Bryan won the Chamber match at Elimination Chamber which some said wouldn't happen, and we get this match. Granted the build up wasn't phenomenal or will even go down in history as something everyone will remember, it was still a decent build up. The year before, the D-Bry/Sheamus match was shoved to the dark match, and 1 year later, we get a chance where we might see these two square off in what would have been a great match. Instead...we get a squash..heck squash isn't even the right word...we get a demolition of Daniel Bryan. I said some have defended this as htey think it is a good thing!?!?! That this will somehow lead to something better for these two and actually take it somewhere good!?!?! ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!!?!?!?!?! Saying this was good and will lead to somewhere is like saying Brodus Clays promo was amazing and will lead him to be an amazing star! You are just kidding yourself. This was a waste of a feud. I don't care where this leads to, which will probably be a rematch..a squash like this demolished any credibility Daniel Bryan had in my opinion, and I hope..i desperately hope when the draft happens, these two are split on to different brands so the focus isn't on this dud of a feud. I give this demolition a 1/5

Maria Menounos/Kelly Kelly vs Beth Phoenix/Eve Torres
I've said in previous Uncooked blogs that until the divas division started going in the right direction, I wasn't even going to touch on them, but I felt the need to after seeing this match. For the longest while I thought that the divas division had just hit a low. Dropping the ball with the divas of domination, giving Natalya a farting gimmick, featuring the divas champ on Superstars and giving pointless matches to other divas on Raw and SD, one couldn't help but feel sorry for the women wrestlers of the past. They paved the way..for this!? But then we get this match. Heck, the WWE could have gone in so many other directions, but instead they gave a celebrity a spot for publicity, when they were easily....EASILY getting it already. Did having Maria included in the PPV help the buyrates or ratings at all? I highly highly doubt it. Then the match itself was a lackluster snoozefest in my opinion, and to give the pinfall win to Maria, I feel like the divas division is laying in a burial ground just screaming for someone to throw the dirt on it and call and end to it. Such a waste of some really talented women. I give this match a 1/5

The Indifferent

Cody Rhodes vs Big Show
Well, this to me wasn't a bad match. It wasn't anything amazing or phenomenal, but I don't think anyone expected that. I was glad to see Big Show pick up the win here. The moment in this match that had me go "OH!" was the second time Rhodes went for the Beautiful Disaster kick only to be speared in the crotch by Show. I'm guessing Show was to spear Rhodes in the stomach..but that moment just screamed of pain to me. I'd give this match a 2.5/5.

Randy Orton vs Kane
Another match that I wasn't expecting to be a 5 star match. The build up to me was between alright and decent. The match itself, wasn't too bad. Throughout the whole match i was thinking Orton would win, even when Orton was standing on the second rope and Kane chokeslammed him, i was pulling for Orton to kick out. Needless to say, I was surprised Kane picked up the win, but it was good to see that super Orton didn't come out and just demolish the big red machine. I also feel Kane needed this win after his feud with Cena, as it still keeps Kane relevant in the eyes of people as a monster.

Team John vs Team Teddy
Well, this one wasn't as bad as I expected. I expected a super short match that featured all of the competitors spilling into the ring and it ending in a surprise fall. After The Miz was named as the final team member, I had a feeling he would pick up the win, and I was right! I have to say though, at the ending with Ryder, Miz and Eve I actually really enjoyed. As Ryder was gaining momentum I kept waiting for The Miz to counter something into a SCF, and having Eve be a distraction was just perfect. Add to that the aftermath with Eve low blowing Ryder and then walking off with a smirk, not a bad way to have this match end. I wouldn't be surprised if this Teddy/John feud continues to Extreme Rules, as well as members of each team going into their own feuds with one another into Extreme Rules and maybe a little beyond that.

The Good

The Undertaker vs HHH
This was definitely a great match. While the cell wasn't utilized as much as I had hoped, no one can say this wasn't a good match. There were different moments throughout it, most specifically the accidental superkick from HBK and pedigree from HHH where I thought Hunter would have the win. Just the countless back and forth, and the near falls had me on the edge of my seat. I think having Shawn as the special ref was the right move also. I feel like his facial expressions and the emotion he showed throughout the match really helped it over all. The ending to me was simply epic. A great way to end the feud/match. All 3 men walking out together, with HBK and Taker helping hold HHH up, only to hug at the top of the entrance is a moment that I will always remember. I am also predicting two things with this. The first being, we may see HHH in a few more matches, but we will never see Shawn Michaels wrestle again. I feel like he will be a man of his word, and if there was a time for him to wrestle one more match, that chance passed by tonight and I am ok with that. My second prediction..if Brock Lesnar has signed with the WWE, I can fully see The Undertaker coming out tomorrow night to cut a promo about the match and the end of the era, only for Lesnar to shockingly come out and challenge the Deadman to a match at Wrestlemania 29. Overall, this match though, was great. I give it a 4.5/5.

CM Punk vs Chris Jericho
Wow...just simply wow. For me, this was the match of the night. For me, it lived up to the expectations I had in my head for these two. I felt the stipulation added by Johnny Ace was interesting, and just the opening minutes had me on the edge of my seat. When Jericho egged Punk on by bringing up Punk's father and sister, hoping for Punk to get himself DQed, I felt like Jericho was playing the perfect villain. The big OH moment for me was when Punk spring-boarded off the top rope from the apron, only for Jericho to counter into a codebreaker. The second one would be when it looked like Punk was going to go for a top rope hurricarana only for Jericho to counter into a walls of Jericho. The last few minutes of the match were simply EPIC to me. The back and forth movements between the two men, I honestly believed for one second that Jericho was going to walk away with the win. Then in the final moments with Punk re-locking in the Anaconda Vise and then re-positioning himself so he couldn't be kneed by Jericho only for Jericho to tap, a great ending to an amazing match. 5/5 easily in my opinion.

The Rock vs John Cena
A year ago, two men stood in the ring and one issued the challenge to the other. That man accepted, and it was set. Wrestlemania 28, the main event would be John Cena vs The Rock. A match people thought would never happen. The Great One, The Peoples Champion, The Brahma Bull going one on one with The Doctor of Thuganomics John Cena. While some could argue the build up to this was lack luster, one can't say this match didn't deliver. I remember reading people saying that this would just be a botch fest, but to me, it wasn't. I actually wrote this section while the match took place. I enjoyed it. Having MGK and Skyler Grey be the beginning of Cena's entrance to me was just awesome, as that song to me just embodies Cena. Plus for The Rock, Wild Ones just fits too. As the bell rang, I had goosebumps. The back and forth action between Cena and Rock, just gave me chills. Each near fall just made me wonder even more who would walk away the winner of this match. I have to say, for a split second when Cena started to mock the Rock and started doing the peoples elbow, I was expecting we might see Cena turn heel, but the moment I saw The Rock stir, I knew it was over. With that being said, I don't see this as being over. If Cena had won, possibly, but with The Rock getting the win, I won't be surprised if we see a rematch issued tomorrow night on Raw to take place at Summerslam or Survivor Series or next years WM. I'm giving this match a 4/5.

Well everyone, I would say this PPV was definitely good. There wasn't much that was a disappointment, and for what there was that was disappointing, it was overshadowed with some great matches later on. I'm going to give this PPV a 4/5. Thanks everyone for reading, I look forward to all of your thoughts and comments, and keep an eye out tomorrow night for Uncooked: Raw. Until then guys and gals..stay raw!

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  1. the_viper's Avatar
    This was the first time in a while that I was on the edge of my seat for a Cena match.
  2. Tribe's Avatar
    Great blog and you hit it dead on.

    The good did out way the bad.

    I am glad Sheamus won BUT this is not how he should have won. I think we were cheated out of a match that could have been a pretty good match.

    I will have to admit I was not excited for the hell in a cell match BUT I was floored by what these guys did and it ended up being my favorite match of the night. Heck I think this is probably going to do down as one of my favorite wrestlemania matches of all time.

    I am a huge CM Punk fan so that match for me was great.

    Again great blog and look forward to your raw review.
  3. Phillyraines's Avatar
    Great great blog! You nailed it! I thought the Diva's match was a little better than 1 surprised me actually. Sheamus beating Bryan in 18 seconds was fine - I loved seeing Sheamus destroy him and win the belt. Plus, its obviously part of a storyline and someday these 2 will have their match.

    Jericho-Punk, HHH-Taker and Rock-Cena - having 3 matches that caliber on a Wrestlemania card doesnt happen much anymore. As you, just wow. I could say that about all 3. Fantastic 5 star matches. HHH-Taker was my favorite match...and I'll say Jericho-Punk was probably match of the night...while Rock-Cena delivered in every way they could have. Excellent Wrestlemania!
  4. SmackdownhotelCEO's Avatar
    Great blog! To me Kane/Orton should have opened. Followed by Big Show/Rhodes. Followed by Divas and Team Teddy/ Team Johnny. To me regardless it's an awful way to open a show with the either major strap. Coulda had the Bryan squash, then HHH/Taker, Punk/Jericho and still end with Rock/Cena. Overall I'm pleasantly surprised by HHH/Taker. Jericho/punk lived up to the hype and then some. Rock and Cena put on a solid match. The other half of the card I was "meh" at best..
  5. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    An excellent uncooked Blog, as always. I personally rate the PPV a bit lower, but that's me. I take more points away for the Maria Menunous win and Sheamus destruction. I'm with you in that I don't care where the Sheamus/D Bryan goes from here.

    However, I rank the Jericho/Punk match lower than Taker/HHH. And I definitely would not give it 5/5 stars. I felt the first half of what was supposed to be a show-stealing match was slow, and watered down with Jericho being annoying, yelling stuff about the father and sister to try and draw a DQ. The match picked up some at roughly the halfway point, but ultimately, it was the last 5 minutes that was truly epic. Just not as epic as Taker/HHH.

    One thing I loved about Wrestlemania, which I didn't write in my blog, was how everything was clean and legit. No run ins, no interference, nothing in any of the matches. It was all on the up and up. I will be saddened if what you say about Brock Lesnar and Taker at WM 29 comes to fruition. I was never a Brock Lesnar fan. He never did anything that wowed me. Besides, the symbolism of the HBK/HHH/Taker hug is enough for me to be satisfied with Undertaker's career.

    Great Work, as usual. Awesome Stuff.
  6. ItswrestlingIwantblood's Avatar
    wow I agree with everything you said. Right down to the scores and everything
    Great Blog.
  7. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    As someone who didn't get to see Wrestlemania but read about it and saw some highlight vids your opinions on it are fairly close to how I felt it went down.

    It's incredible that WWE still doesn't get it with some of their booking. In the Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus match we already know Sheamus doesn't squash most people so when you have him squash the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, that title loses meaning since its holder for months is now seen to have been a weakling, and of course buries its former holder Daniel Bryan. Sheamus doesn't get anything out of it because he didn't wow any fans with a match where we go oh yeah that guy earned it. Ugh.

    Also, if you're going to spend the time to get a celebrity in a divas match so you can get some promotion on the E channel don't make the celebrity bury the divas champion!! Kelly Kelly, ya know, the supposedly trained wrestler, should be the one doing the stuff to win the match and Maria can get the pin and win for her team. The WWE sends the message that anyone can be a diva wrestler which is a knock on the whole division.

    I think the problem with the Cody Rhodes vs. Big Show and Kane vs. Randy Orton and even the Team Johnny vs. Team Teddy match were that they didn't up the ante for Wrestlemania. An elimination match would have allowed for a lot more Wrestlemania moments in the Teams match.

    The HIAC didn't seem to add much to the Taker/HHH match but I guess that along with HBK stopped it from being nearly the same as last year's match and I wish they'd stop that thing of the person who is going to lose the match coming up for one courageous last stand before going down (they did it in HBK vs. Flair, HBK vs. Taker, and now Triple H vs. Taker). CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho should have had a lot more emotion to it. There was a good chance to see a different side of CM Punk if only for one night which you could understand the way Jericho talked about his family.

    The Rock vs. Cena....I don't see how you could have booked Cena to win in Miami unless you were going to turn him heel. Cena wouldn't have gained any new fans from beating The Rock and why push a guy any harder that already is the man, but maybe just maybe some of the estranged fans from the Attitude Era have a chance to be won back. Plus, your goal in a wrestling show is to send the crowd home happy and for a crowd that was booing Cena more often than not and in The Rock's hometown was not going to be happy if Cena won. Good decision to me.

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