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Thoughts on WM 28 Match-Card and Build Up

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Hey guys. The day has finally arrived and i haven't even posted a single blog on WM28, because I procasted on it. So I thought I would do something basic and just give my thoughts on the WM build up and match card.

Randy Orton vs Kane
Believe it or not, I predicted this match will happen (to myself). I do remember last summer when they had a match and Kane shaking Orton's hand. The build up wasn't bad I would say. They had one good promo together and thats all they really needed. The rest was really just interferences, brawls, and a tag team match. This match was not overhyped (which is good) and I am not expecting a bad or even great match. Just something decent. Reall Kane should win because Randy has already won his last 2 Wrestlemania matches when Kane needs more credibility as a monster considering he has been loosing to Cena on Open House Shows.

Team Teddy vs Team Johnny
I was interested in thier build up towards Wrestlemania with all the arguing and pushing, but in my opinion they announced this match late on the card. They could of had more singles action between thier superstars. I feel sorry for Christian being injured and sad he cannot compete even though I am not a big fan of him. The biggest stars that make this interesting (in my opinion) is Kofi Kingston, Booker T, Mark Henry, Dolph Ziggler, and Santino. R-Truth does not really do much for me. Jack Swagger is a one hit wonder. Zach Ryder (although may be big for some) personally I would of not chose him for my team and nither would I have chosen the Great Khali. Theres not much Great about him. Drew and the Miz were (for Drew) and still is (the Miz) on loosing streaks. So the teams to me could of used time for low carders to shine like William Regal, Tyson Kidd, etc. Personally, I would rather have Team Johnny win cause having a Heel gm on both shows is more interesting and exciting. Hopefully they switch it to an elimination tag team match.

Triple H vs the Undertaker Hell in a Cell Match Special Referee Shawn Micheals
Honestly, the build up didn't do it for me. It was prettty much the same as last years except they actually promoed toward each other more often. It no doubt should be a phenomanal match with a shocking result. I believe the Undertaker will win. Now I would of changed the superstar Undertaker was facing, but who else for him to face? It needed to be a veteran and Triple H is that veteran. They could of done Randy Orton but I wouldn't want Triple H facing Kane at WM again. So I am not sure if this was the right call. Yes I know Y2J could of faced Undertaker but more people wanted to see him face CM Punk. Now I would switch Chris Jericho's and Triple H's place if Triple H never faced CM Punk at Night of Champions.

Kelly Kelly and Maria whats her face vs Beth Phoenix and Eve
I expect this to be the dub match of the night. Maria should not be on this due to her lack of attendance on the WWE. The Bella Twins deserve to be more on the card then she does. Celebrities just tick me off stealing a spot at Wrestlemania from people who have worked so hard. The thing is about celebrities winning is it shows you can just be a good actor on a kids tv series and still be able to beat a proffessional wrestler at the grandest stage of them all. It sounds stupid. The divas championship should of been on the line between Beth and Natayla (with Natayla not ever getting on that loosing streak). I predict Kelly and Maria win but Beth and Eve deserve it more.

Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan for the WHC
I hope WWE doesn't throw a twist on us and have Sheamus loose. He has not won a match at Wrestlemania and I want him too. I have enjoyed the build not being overdone or underdone. One thing is Daniel Bryan should of been in more singles action but I am glad AJ got some ring time. Another thing is these two faced each other like a couple of months ago ob Smackdown. Why would WWE do that when they know these two are going to face off at Mania? It takes away some value. It would of been like having CM Punk vs Chris Jericho on Raw b4 WM. Its messed up in my opinion. Plus these two did compete in alot of tag matches together but I think its ok and glad I saw them getting some momentum. Again hoping Sheamus wins with an outstanding match.

Cody Rhodes vs the Big Show for the IC Title
Its good that WWE used Big Show's singles loosing streak at Wrestlemania for a feud. The thing is, it is a loose loose situation for Cody Rhodes. If he wins, he might as well come out and say, "I beat the man with a singles loosing streak at Wrestlemania." Doesn't sound like much of an accomplishment. If Big Show wins, Cody Rhodes will be known as the guy who lost to the person with a singles loosing streak. Not very credible either. Although you may think Cody Rhodes could then get to the main event, he more likely won't get to do much. Sheamus will get the WHC whether at WM or Extreme Rules and have a decent reign. CM Punk is more likely going to win at WM and stay in the main event a little bit longer. I predict Big Show will win but want Cody Rhodes to win. One thing is for some bloggers, people say he does not defend the title too much which is right, but its not his fault its WWE creative team's fault.

CM Punk vs Chris Jericho for the WWE Championship
CM Punk has not won a WM match for the past two years now. He deserves the win. The build up was fanatic with the personal promos. It makes me believe this feud is legitimate. Chris Jericho could of been in more singles action for the build up and kind of the same with CM Punk.
I would of liked a Pick your Poision match but we did not get that. I hope this match steals the show.

John Cena vs the Rock
I do not agree with them setting this up a year in advance. They could of had fans debating whether or not this match will happen and BAM. One night the Rock costs Cena a match and says he wants him at Wrestlemania 28. These two could of brawled which would add some spice but thats alright I guess making it more unpredictable. The promos were good I thought. Cena should win because he is actually going to stay with the company. Hoping for a good match-up.

Thanks for reading my blog hope you enjoyed it. Please rate and give me constructive criticism. Yall are awesome.

"Nobody should seek his own good, but the good of others."-1 Corinthians 10:24

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