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Kane: The Devils Favourite On/Off Demon

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Hey guys, this is the first ever blog I've posted on any wrestling forum of any kind, so i apologise if it's bad plus i wanted to steer away from all the wrestlemania posts But anyway.

Glenn Jacobs better known as Kane has had quite a career, but he has had nowhere near the career he could have had.

The Monsters Early Days

The Kane character made his debut diving right into the deep end, he is the Kayfable brother of The Undertaker and debut with a grudge. He debut in his memorable red attire and most memorable of all, his mask. he entered a feud with his brother whilst keeping to his monstrous random attacks on other superstars. all was going well for Kane, hell he even won the WWF World Heavyweight Championship, a forgettable reign though, as he only held it for 1 day..

Early/Mid 2000's

Kane went on to form an alliance with his brother The Undertaker around the time of Royal Rumble 2001, where Kane has set a record of most eliminations in one Rumble, eliminating 11 other superstars. Kane then went on to win the Hardcore Title, Tag Team titles and Later on the Intercontinental Title. Kane won a good few titles around these times, mainly tag team gold

Unmasking and downwards spiral

Kane eventually entered a feud with then World Heavyweight Champion Triple H. This feud led to a Unification match between the too, kane's Intercontinental Championship for HHH's World Title, Kane lost the matchup and HHH unified the two titles. Kane then went on to accept a rematch for the World Heavyweight Championship, at the cost of if he should lost the match he must unmask, HHH defeated Kane once again forcing Kane to remove his mask, to alot of Kane fans, when Kane lost his mask he lost more or less all of his credibility as a 'Monster'. this showed, the once dominant Monster of the WWE has been halted by losing his mask. Kane soon fell into insignificance, he had a brief feud with The Undertaker leading to Wrestlemania where, obviously Taker won.

World Heavyweight Champion

For years after unmasking Kane was a bland, boring used to be monster, he never really stood out, that was until around Start to Mid 2010. Kane competed in the Money in the Bank match, he won the match and got a chance of becoming world champion, Kane cashed in later that night on an injured Rey Mysterio, Kane had become a 2 time World Champion, he was suddenly interesting to watch when he delivered his chilling promo's, he had a great run this time around this reign much more memorable than the WWF back in the 90's. after Kane lost the world title, he had 1 or 2 noticeable feuds, sadly the monster slipped back into where he was before.


Kane fell victim to a fractured fibula at the hands of Mark Henry, this left Kane on the shelf for atleast 3months, although in November 2011, the WWE started showing videos of a return, each week the videos were played, more made, it was soon revealed to be Kane returning, not just Kane, but his mask. Kane made his Redebut in December 2011, Entering right into a feud with John Cena, for weeks Kane and his new attire and redesigned mask reigned monstrously over the WWE and John Cena, This feud was refreshing and helped Kane get back onto track of being a sadistic monster like he used to be, Cena came out on top of this feud though. On the leadup to Wrestlemania 28, Kane got involved in Randy Ortons match, thus starting a feud with The Viper, leading to Wrestlemania

Kane has very few years left, so the WWE better use him wisely, keep him on track this time and don't let him fade back off into the boring has been which he was, keep him this refreshing deamon type man. what do you guys think?.

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  1. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
    lol u spellt demon wrong.

    I hope wwe use Kane wisely. As in, with the undertaker surely bowing out that he replaces him in standing. good blog.

    btw, I liked original unmasked Kane, with the chains and the towels. they did it really well for the first year (apart from the hilarious unmasking with black makeup and the hair)
  2. MrzigglesFTW!'s Avatar
    My spellcheck must be wrong then, i spell checked this, but thanks for the feedback anyway

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