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Say what you want about Lesner. His impact was amazing. He has the presence, the legit background and technical ability in the ring to become one of wrestlings greatest stars. Yes he's got a major attitude on him but he's arguably THE GREATEST pure Heel I've ever seen. I say The Greatest because he was just evil at times, some of the stuff he did to lesser stars was a close to the bone as WWE ever got. You believed it because he was known as a real piece of work outside of the ring too.

He made fans go OOOOOOOOHHHHH and AHHHHHHHH all the time in shock and awe and how many of todays 'current' roster can do that? Most fans now just go ZZZZZZZZZZZ. In fact there isn't a single 'star' on the current roster that has even half of Lesners ability or ring presence. Cena may be as big a star but he couldn't tie brocks laces.

If he's there tonight then he'll interfere in either Taker/HHH (he said he like a shot at Taker in a match the other week) or more likely he'll interfere in Rock/Cena. Everything points to a Cena win tonight unfortunately but he'll never go over Rock clean, not in Miami. They'll be a full blown riot and the bullshit chants will be heard in Australia. Any fan with half a brain know Cena isn't anywhere near Rocks level in performance, Rock is a greater wrestler and as an athlete is a million miles ahead of a body builder trying to be a wrestler which is Cena.

Cena's even made it clear he has to win, he can't lose. I'd be just as happy if Rock went full heel on Cena who refused to quit. Almost a mirror image of the classic Hart/Austin match years ago. It won't hurt Cena one bit and might even increase his credability in the eyes of fans over 10. Cena would be lying to himself if he said it didn't bother him that people over 10 think he's a joke.

Cena doesn't have to go heel because he already has so much venom aimed at him anyway. Rock as a Heel is God, part of this build up is the fact that Cena is trying to make The Rock doubt himself. What better way than by Rock having to cheat or not having Cena counted out but unconcious. Rock gets the victory but doesn't win the war. Cena gets more legit even from a loss and the fued can evolve even more.

As far as Brock interfering. Rock literally passed him the torch in 2002. CLEAN. The youngest WWF Champion in history passes the belt to the new youngest WWF Champion in history. There is No torch to pass to Cena. Brock costing Rock the match doesn't make any sense. I'm sure WWE management would never have the intelligence or the cajones to do a Hart/Austin tonight, even though it would be an incredible ending. Cena doesn't win but gets put over as a more legit wrestler and competitor.

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  1. justinjackson1983's Avatar
    How can you say cena is not any where near the rocks level of performace,The Rck has had one tag team match in 7 years while Cena has also been in some great matches over the years that his haters wont admit to.He has Improved in the ring massivley I think your highlighting Cena's faults too much afterall what makes the rock a better wrestler in your eyes? All I can think of his OTT selling of the stone cold stunner, Him and Cena are very evenly matched in the ring.

    I'd bet my life The rock wont turn heel, he is not a full time performer him turning heel wont help his clean cut image in hollywood, wouldn't make sense as he wont be around for a while-However if he was around this idea would be huge it would honestly be the bigest thing in wrestling since the NWO birth at bash of the beach 1996 after all who would of imagined the rock turning heel In miami. Shame he has other commitments!!

    personally I can see it being a hard fought battle the rock just about getting the win -and agreeing to a rematch for Cena.

    As for lesner I just see a viginette or a beatdown style return on a heel cutting a random promo during mania
  2. ShaunieB's Avatar
    If Brock does make an appearance I hope it isn't to interfere in one of the big matches....I don't mind him coming out afterwards to make an impact but I do think that WWE signing Brock does mean they think they can chicken out of a clean finish in the Rock/Cena match and people won;t care because Lesnar's back
  3. jhf1601's Avatar
    Im betting thats what will happen. Honestly though, I don't care as long as they let him do stuff like this:

    It would be a welcome change. You will likely have two super over heels coming back in Lesnar and A-Train. I would love to see a super heel Brock go up against Cena at some point down the line. Might see this again:

    Kane too, maybe sell it as a confrontation of monsters. Hoping they put A-Train against Punk. He's really improved in Japan and he was good to begin with. We shall see...
  4. Lavablob77's Avatar
    What Brock did to Zach Gowen in that storyline was truely awesome sick Heel stuff. You'd never see this kind of brutality in todays weak lame WWE in a million years. From the match where Lesner basically destroyed the one legged Gowen in front of Gowens own family to the wheelchair incident. However it was set up from the start this is what put Brock into a level of pure Heel I'd never seen before. Pushing a guy in a wheelchair down a flight of steps will always be evil. Remember his clothesline on Molly Holly, he almost decapitated her! She took that like a trooper. The crowd were just stunned and shocked at his actions. That is what WWE needs more than anything right now. A Superstar who has this kind of impact.

    Brock just destroyed everyone including Cena and Orton. Both men can't hold a candle to Brock on ability in the ring or overall presence.

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