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STATE OF THE 'E: The Day Has Arrived!!

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Welcome again to the ALWAYS imitated and NEVER duplicated STATE OF THE 'E in blog form! I am your host as usual for the occassion, Rated_R(ob)KO!!

I'm happy. I'm happy that it is officially April 1st, 2012.. WrestleMania day. If I could get this made into a National Holiday, I would. It's certainly no secret that I'm a huge "mark" of THE 'E and always will be. They do a ton of things to piss me off but, I deal with it. Been with them through thick and thin and I'll be there until the doors close. And hopefully I'll be working for them before then as well. But, that's another story for another time.

It's currently 5am where I am and I'm thinking about all of the possibilities that could happen tonight. In twelve hours the pre-show begins and I'm completely psyched. In eight hours, my friends and family are arriving at my house to play games, do trivia, have tournaments and watch old WrestleMania events in my kitchen and watch the Story of WrestleMania and The Rock/Cena special in my living room.

We have a ton of food set up and everything is ready for an amazing night of shock and awe. Or, is everything? I think now... this year, THE 'E has more to prove than it did when WrestleMania happened in 1985. This is a defining year for them. They have a TON of market appeal, they're celebrating the twenty-eigith anniversary of their genre.

There is no show bigger than this, no grander stage, no environment... nothing. Tonights show will turn people into company leaders, knock them down on the totem pole, spark intrest, kick off storylines, end an era... this night means everything.

If this show fails to produce like it did last year I feel that they're going to lose a lot more fans. I feel a lot of people will give up hope and stop watching all together. I think people are fed up and giving them one last shot. Hell, I'm pretty sure THE 'E knows that this is the precipice of what's next to come.

They've stacked this card with more "wrestling" than they have in the years past and are showing more effort in beefing up the storylines, making things click, making things right. They fumbled last year and also at twenty five. They know this, they have to. A lot of fans are in favor of WMXXVI, I know I am but, its been spotty at best for the last four years in general for wrestling and I think WrestleMania has been reflecting that.

If CM Punk/Chris Jericho fails to deliver a show stealing match... can we really call either of them the "best"?

If The Undertaker/Triple H doesn't have a swerve or if Haitch wins, will you swear them off for good?

If John Cena/The Rock FAILS to live up to expectations and no one turns heel, what will you do?

If Sheamus/Daniel Bryan stink up the joint... will you still be mad that they got completely bumped off the card last year?

If The GM match actually delivers something great, should we all just scratch our heads and wonder what the hell happened?

If the Divas match gets more than two minutes, what would you do?

If Kane beats Orton this year, where does Orton actually go from here?

If Big Show beats Cody, will Cody get his push to Main Event finally?

I wonder what would happen if Brock Lesnar, Lord Tensai, Kharma, Rey Mysterio, Batista, and Sin Cara showed up, or didn't. Will Ric be at WrestleMania itself tonight when they introduce the 2012 class? Will SCSA make an appearance? Tonight is IT! They're hyping this up as the greatest WrestleMania of all time... and with how the card looks, it actually has a ton of potential to be one of the greatest.

I know I and roughly twenty people will be watching the show i complete awe of the spectacle in front of us. Hopefully you will be too...

As usual leave your questions, comments, jeers, cheers, death threats, life affirming quotes, dog treats, flaming dog poop bags or anything else in the section below... See Ya' Soon Space Cowboy...

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  1. justinjackson1983's Avatar
    you have added more Hype to an already Hyped up Card. Looks to be an amazing wrestlemania. I hope you and your buddys enjoy the show!
  2. BloodStone612's Avatar
    Brother, I have to tell you: Out of every blogger here in the blog section and every poster in the forum, you are my absolute favorite. I never agree more with anyone than I do with you. We know that even though WWE (I don't want to say The 'E for fear that you have it copyrighted. Haha.) has its ups and downs, we will always be there watching. In this blog I can tell that you share the same passion of WWE as I do, and frankly it makes me wish I actually knew you. You wanting WrestleMania day to be a national holiday is something I suggested to my wife on Friday. I know it is going to be rough getting up for work on Monday. Pizza, wings, beer, and all sorts of snacks will not be nice on my body for Physical Training at 6:00 AM (I am in the Army, we PT every morning, Monday through Friday). It pisses me off that everyone gets SuperBowl Monday off of PT, but WrestleMania gets nothing. But that is an argument for another day. Anyways, I think that tonight is going to be a great night. I was in Afghanistan last year for WrestleMania, and I didn't get to watch it until the Tuesday after. I got it for free with Armed Forces Network, but it sure sucked trying to stay away from the internet for fear of finding out the results. Finally, when it came time for my was a huge let down. I was very disappointed. This year, I am definitely more excited.

    To answer all of your questions in one simple sentence, I think that no matter what happens tonight people are still going to complain about SOMETHING. WWE can put on a stellar show and give every fan what they want...and they would complain about WWE not giving Cody Rhodes more time for a better entrance. In all seriousness, that is how this world is now. It isn't just the Universe of WWE, it is the whole world. Everyone just wants to complain about everything. If they aren't complaining, they are offended. It seems like the world of wrestling is even worse. Everyone feels they can be a better writer for WWE or TNA. Nobody can just sit back and enjoy the show. Will this WrestleMania be the absolute best ever? I highly doubt it, but that will not stop me from enjoying it. I know I sure as hell will not be sitting on the couch looking for something to complain about. Will things go exactly the way I want them to? Probably not, but that is what makes it fun. If everything went exactly like you wanted it to...wouldn't it get boring? It would for me. Nothing does. If you were a fan of March Madness, would you expect the tournament to go exactly the way your picks went? Of course not. And when it doesn't, would you go on the internet and complain all about how terrible NCAA is because of it? Same thing with the Playoffs and Superbowl in NFL. But, people do it in the world of wrestling. It doesn't make any sense to me. I could go on and on. The fact of the matter is that even if we get an excellent show tonight, I will still come on here tomorrow morning and see post after post about why it was a let down.

    Myself, my wife, and my 18 month old daughter will be watching like you: In complete awe of the spectacle in front of us. Whether WrestleMania is the greatest of all time or it out-stinks WrestleMania 27, I will still be there for Monday Night Raw, and every show thereafter. Always a fan and always will be. THAT is a fact.
  3. SykJones's Avatar
    The WWE should hire you To sort out their advertising, I didn't really feel excited about tonight until I read this and now I'm like oh my God tonight is probably the biggest night in WWE history
  4. Pumpkinhead's Avatar
    Is this fails people will kepp watching there aren't many options around LOL

    This should a great Wrestlemania, I hope you all guys enjoy it!!
  5. Mtt08 xXx's Avatar
    I wish I had some friends that watch wrestling. they like to point out that it's "stupid" and "fake". I'm EXTREMELY excited about tonight, even more after reading your blog. I'll be enjoying every second of it with my brother, dad, and papa johns pizza
  6. Rated_R(ob)KO's Avatar
    BloodStone, thank you for ALL the kind words my man. Glad someone in this world shares the same views and opinions! Next year, I'll be at WrestleMania, my second one. I went to XV and it was stellar.. and yes, SOMEONE will complain man. And I say to you, tonight I raise many a beer in your honor, thank you for serving our country, thank you for being awesome and thanks for wanting to know me lol!

    Everyone else, THANK YOU for staying with me and reading. Thank you for liking my word vomit so much I appreciate you guys a ton! My guests are beginning to arrive so... IT'S ON!!! Enjoy tonight everyone!
  7. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    This night is going to be huge! I am absolutely confident that this is going to be one of the best WrestleMania's in years! I really hope that WWE does this show right. How do you all think the card is going to go?
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