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An Abdominal Stretch Special: Final Wrestlemania Thoughts

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Welcome everybody to THE DAY. It's here. It's April 1st. It's Wrestlemania XXVII. Now for a lot of people, this is a very exciting day. For some, it's going to be more fun pulling April Fool's jokes on your friends. But this is a special edition of The Abdominal Stretch that's going to focus solely on today.

Earlier this week, I posted my "Not Your Typical" WM predictions, where I talked about situations that I predict will happen. Not just, who will win the matches, but the circumstances that will surround the outcomes of these matches, along with other things that aren't exactly scheduled but I said they would happen anyway, such as a Stone Cold sighting, Michael Cole getting kicked off commentary for JR, and Funkasaurus doing a dance. In light of some reports that have been blowing up on this site this week though, i feel that there are a few things I'd like to discuss, and I will conclude this with my reasoning behind why I'm predicting a Cena heel turn and the ending of the match being in the style of Cena selling out to McMahon. So, let's get started shall we.

Brock Lesnar's Return

I feel that this year's WM is overloaded with the stars of yesterday. They're pretty much carrying this year's WM as it is. That's all well and good. Today's stars aren't quite ready yet. But when there's so much emphasis on the older stars coming back to draw buys and revolving the business around them, it holds today's stars back. I mean, for the last few months, there's been talk about CM Punk vs Stone Cold at next year's Wrestlemania. When is enough, enough?

Before I get off track and rant about what I've already said, the reason I bring this up is because of the reports of Brock Lesnar's apparent signing. It's bad enough they've signed A-Train back to be Fat Hakushi, now they apparently bring back Brock Lesnar? All I can really ask is, why? I wasn't much of a fan and wasn't sorry to see him go. And I know he has fans and if he comes back, I guess it's cool and all. But one thing I disagree with, and I feel is unnecessary and very much not needed, is his involvement at WM, and you know it's going to happen. I predicted that Rock vs Cena doesn't end cleanly. I'll get more into that to close this blog out. But now, there's no chance that this match goes off without Brock Lesnar's involvement and that totally sucks. I shouldn't say no chance, but a slim chance. And I don't think he needs to get involved. Show him in the stands, and be done with it. Then hype his return on Raw. Bring him back to do what he needs to do. Not ruin what's already in place. And don't believe any report that you read, stating that WWE's plans were to have this happen all along. Because that's bull.

No Win Situations?

Now that my emotional rant and personal feelings toward the Lesnar thing are out of the way, I'm going to go back to blogging objectively. Have you wondered what the results of some of the matches at WM will mean? Obviously, some of the matches will end in a style that will carry on a feud, but the GM match isn't set up that way. I'm trying to figure out where the winning situation lies in this match. You take some of your most talented stars of today, and throw them into this meaningless filler match where they'll be overshadowed by even the Divas match. And the end result will be either No More Teddy Long...or No More John Laurenaitis. Should either of them really have to go? I hate Johnny Ace and will be very annoyed having to watch him on both Raw and Smackdown, but he does bring a fairly okay element as far as heel heat and his endorsement of Otunga is doing the Harvard grad good. So, where's the winning situation here?

Has anyone actually thought about what would truly happen once the Punk/Jericho match is over? If Jericho wins, Punk loses his steam as becoming the top face. Granted, with Rock and Cena in the picture on a weekly basis, he's taken a back seat anyway. But what about life after WM XXVIII? Rock will be gone, Cena will be whatever direction they're planning with him, and Punk is going have to pick his momentum back up to being the top face again. However, what does it do to Jericho's cred if he loses? All this End of the World talk and he blew his return. Then his End of the World stuff for Royal Rumble, and he failed there. Now he gets his title match and loses? That basically makes him the best in the world at being a bag of hot air.

Why I Predict John Cena Will Turn Heel at Wrestlemania

I'm going to close out this blog with my thoughts on a Cena heel turn to win the match. I know I've discussed how I think it will happen. And I've had comments on that blog where people think Cena will win cleanly, etc. Here's the thing. If this WM was taking place anywhere else in the world, then I would agree with that notion 100%. But it's in The Rock's home town. There is no way Cena wins clean in Rock's home town.

While some of my predictions may be a little far-fetched, or all too good to be true, this is one prediction I feel strongly about. I chose the "Sell his Soul to the Devil, McMahon" ending because there are some ironic similarities. The PPV is taking place on April 1st, which is the same date as WM XVII when Austin sold his soul to McMahon and turned heel. Also at that PPV, Undertaker fought HHH. I'm sure both are just a coincidence but, there's more to consider. Cena has done about two or three promos where he states he "must win" or "has to win" or "will do anything to win". Also, tis past Monday, he mentioned how he, unlike Rock and everyone else, was the only one to not turn his back on the fans. Kiss of Death if you ask me. Plus, it would be easy to involve McMahon with an angle like, "Rock left the company high and dry and yada yada". It's the Cena heel turn that makes sense. It's also one of the most logical endings to the match. I don't think we're going to get a Cena/Rock trilogy...though I wouldn't put it past the WWE to do something so asinine. And Cena's heel turn can be short lived, just like Austin's was.

Of course, I now need to take into consideration, the possibility, or I should say, likelihood of Brock Lesnar's involvement. So this prediction, much like my prediction of The Miz turning face, could be flushed right down the toilet with this recent chain of events.

I hope you enjoyed this Abdominal Stretch Special. Today's the day. Wrestlemania XXVIII is now upon us. Enjoy the show everyone. I'm hoping for a great event.

Be Safe.

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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by dls1309
    My best bets:
    Regarding the Ace/Long feud, i'd assume that Team Ace is gonna come out on top, but Long will take up a managerial role somewhere on both shows. I figure its a move towards making the brand split less black and white, same as making Raw a supershow. I hate Ace too but theres no denying he's got the words 'heel heat' tattooed on his knuckles at this point.

    As far as goes Punk/Jericho, I'm calling Jericho to win. They've extended his contract and they need him to be more of a threat than he is at the moment. If he wins by foul play It'll only serve to make Punk even more over as a face than if he were to win, as well as pushing Jericho into the 'top heel' position. Jericho wont hold it for long though since Fozzy are doing festivals. Unless the E decide to play an 'absentee champion' angle which could be cool.

    I'm really hoping either Stephanie or Trish show up and fuck Punk out of the win and we finally get a play on the 'she' from the promos. Unlikely, but would be a win/win/win situation. Jericho gets more heat, punk gets more love and the IWC get high on the fact that the promos meant something.

    Of course in reality Team Long will win and CM Punk will win due to an assist from Arachniman.
    LOL...Arachniman. Good comment though. I never even thought of the "she" possibility. That's interesting.
  2. dls1309's Avatar
    I just find it unlikely that so many things from the It Begins series would turn out to be pointless. On one hand i'd expect creative to drop the ball like that, but on the other hand I think everything Jericho does, says or has a part in has a meaning and the odds of him having no part in the buildup are very slim. Im hoping patience is gonna pay off on this one. Sure we'll see tonight! Good blog though man, I like that you dont just post the same shit as everyone else posts over and over again.

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