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5 most boring WWE stars today

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Hey guys, first time blogger so let me know how I do. Talking with some buddies about who the best in WWE are got me to thinking, who are the most boring superstars out there right now.

Before i get hated on for using top talent I just want to say I made this list out of guys who are receiving decent pushes, comment on what you think of my opinions and other guys who you think are currently boring you. Also, this blog is more about mic work then in ring skill, keep that in mind!

5. Big Show- I know hes been around for a long time and is just massive in size, but to be honest I havnt been interested in any storyline hes been apart of for a long time. His mic work seems to be always be the same and never really grabs my attention, we get your big and mean, its time for a change maybe a heel turn?

4. Alberto Del Rio- I know i will get HUGE heat for this one. He is very good in the ring but his mic work is pretty bad lets face it, the who "its my destiny" just got old so fast and everytime he was in a rivalry i feltt he was being carried by his rival. Having said that I am very excited for his return and hope he does come back with something fresh.

3. Kofi Kingston- Don't know how else to put it, guy bores me. He has had some bad luck with Air Boom going down hill thanks to Evan Bourne, but even before that when he was a singles competitor and now apart of Team Teddy he just does not grab my attention he can fly around that ring but the guy can't seem to hold an interesting storyline. ( this could be creatives fault obviously which is why he is not my number 1).

2. Sheamus- I never loved him as a heel and when he turned face I was really excited, him going after Mark Henry and all, but ever since winning the rumble i feel he has gone downhill. Bryan is carrying him in their feud and the World title match honestly has me not interested at all, I might be a bit biased on this pick because I really was excited with his face turn, but for me it has been a bit disappointing.

1. Jack Swagger- And finally my top most boring superstar. He was pushed too fast too soon when he won the MITB match and cashed it in I believe the following SD! I originally did not have a problem with him winning MITB but i would have rather seen him hold onto it for longer and really look like a huge threat. Since his title run hes done nothing, part of it was he was not pushed, but he has been lately and he still bores the heck out of me. I wish he had better mic work because he has the in ring work and the look to be great, unfortunately every time i see him i find myself going to make food or something.

Thats it let me know what everyone thinks!

PS: I am expectating a ton of heat for this list lol so remember it is just opinion, thanks

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  1. TheEelDeal's Avatar
    I actually agree with a large part of this list.... I cant agree with Sheamus and would swap him for The Miz.... and my most boring top star Randy Orton.

    Kofi is about my most boring - a cartoon character who lacks interest or depth, DelRio and Swagger misused to their detriment earned their spot in this list, and the Big Show is being shown that he's only really a good member of a clique. So while I dont agree with some of this I dont think your far off.
  2. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Good Blog. I don't agree with Big Show though. I feel he's one of the most non-boring wrestlers on a roster full of boring wrestlers.
  3. Charles-Ian Duncan's Avatar
    I 100% agree with that list Big Show almost isn't boring hes borderline! Sheamus is just a tough guy DB is more exciting & Zach Ryder, Kofi's been boring because he hasn't really been involved in anything worth while!
  4. FunkyKong's Avatar
    I agree but I would also include Orton
  5. JORtheCORRE's Avatar
    I'm with you 100% TheEelDeal. Randy Orton is by far the most boring person in WWE to me. I loved when he was younger and arrogant and in evolution with the "Legend Killer" gimmick. Now, ugh. Just awful. Anyway, I really like Sheamus too and I don't get bored by him at all. The rest of the list I can see. I like Swagger but I can see where he gets boring. Kingston bores me. Can't stand Del Rio. Boring. Big show eh. I like him but yea, probably boring as well. Good blog.
  6. y2jray's Avatar
    Thanks guys, with orton i used to be a HUGE fan when he was younger and a cocky heel so I couldnt put myself to put him as boring even though i totally see it his promos are so stale and he needs a real feud like he had back with christian, and my reason for Sheamus is just cause i was so pumped for his face turn and now he is just liek every other big muscular face nothing different from the others like i expected we would get
  7. Viperfish's Avatar
    Brodus Clay's gotta be #6 on this list. The picks are agreeable. The only problem Sheamus and Kofi have are a lack of mic/storyline time so they're salvageable. I'm afraid I can never take Swagger seriously with his lisp. Alberto's got an aristocrat gimmick but the only thing they've done with it is having the guy come out in luxury cars... which is a nice touch but look at everything the Million Dollar Man got to do on camera by comparison. Big Show... just bleh on all fronts.
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