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The Tag Team Division After WrestleMania & Rivalries

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Wazzup guys? Mike here once again and I realized that last time when I mentioned Daniel Bryan in a bad way and everyone went NUTS, so I rewatched a couple of his matches and realized that he's not actually that bad, so my apologies.

Anyways today I'm going to be talking about ways to improve the WWE after WrestleMania, that includes the tag team division and possible rivalries/matches. So let's get started!

How to improve the tag division.

So after Wrestlemania I am hoping for the tag team division to improve a LOT. So I realized that after the team johnny/teddy match you can throw a couple of people from there into some pretty descent tag teams. Also people like Kane that will probablybe off the championship path for a while. I also predict that some people that might lose their title will back away from the championship path for quite a while, plus you could add those people on superstars that don't get taken seriously. So let's see what i came up with.

The Chosen "Awesome" One (Drew McIntyre & The Miz)
I honestly think this team wouldn't do too bad 'cause I think the two ego-maniacs could get along.

The Big Red YES (Daniel Bryan & Kane)
I don't think these two would actually get along (despite the fact that kane doesn't get along with anyone) but if you think about it, these two heels could to a pretty good team together.

Boom Boom Boom, You Know It (Zack Ryder&Kofi Kingston)
Now for this to actually work, kofi would have to seperate from R-Truth but think about it, these two wouldn't do too bad together.

The Punjabis (The Great Khali & Jinder Mahal)
I know these two are enemies, but the WWE should have made them a tag team before that feud, they're brothers in law for pete's sake!

Dashing Charisma (Cody Rhodes & Christian)
Now ever since christian came back I was hoping they would team up together, because I think The Big Show will beat Cody and I don't think Cody will exactly jump at a rematch. As I was saying, if these two people team up they could actually get the titles.

The World's Strongest Funkasaurus (Mark Henry & Brodus Clay)
Now this might not be the brightest idea but they could actually dominate, plus the funkasaurus has nothing to do in WWE except beat people up in 10 seconds, and I don't see Mark Henry going back to the championship road until summer slam.

Possible rivalries/matches we could see after 'Mania
Now in this area of the blog I'm gonna be talking about what rivalries me could see heading to Extreme Rules and/or Over the Limit.

Extreme Rules:

Evan Bourne vs. R-Truth w/ guest referee Kofi Kingston
Alright this may seem like a wierd decision but I can explain. At the Raw after 'Mania the new Air Boom (Kingston & Truth) face the new tag champs in a non-title match, and they're about to win but then... suddently Bourne's song plays and he returns as a heel and causes a distraction to Truth allowing the tag champs to win. The next week Air Boom get another shot but the titles would be on the line. So truth hits the scissor kick and right when the ref is about to count three, bourne grabs Truth's leg and pulls him out of the ring, causing a DQ. Then bourne starts to talk about how Truth stole his tag partner. And after several weeks of build-up, this match happens.

Santino Marella vs. David Otunga for the U.S. title
This has a simple explanation, after one of the GM teams win, the leader's captain would want revenge, and so it becomes this... simple as that.

Sheamus/Daniel vs. Randy Orton vs. Christian triple threat for the World Heavyweight title
Now i think that Orton will beat Kane then he would go back to the World Heavyweight title, and I also think that if team Johnny wins, he will let christian have "one more match" for the title, so it'll be a triple threat for the title.

And to wrap things up

So thank you for reading, i really appreciate it.
Also, before you watch WrestleMania, you can hype yourself up with my own Pay-Per-View for SMW just released TODAY, called StopMotiania. Please watch it.

Thanks again for reading, I'm Mike Elyian, and don't let the alien invasion catch you (retarded outro)

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