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The Pushed, The Future Pushed, And The Used To Be Pushed

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Hey people,my name's Mike. This is my first blog so i'm not really good at this stuff yet. This blog will contain 3 lists: the people in WWE that need to be pushed, the people that got pushed for no reason and should be pulled back down, and the top 5 people that currently are pushed.
So let's get started

List #1: People Who Should Be Pushed

#5: R-Truth
This man is very funny on the mic and he has some great in-ring ability, i remember when he was in "The Awesome Truth" when he would beat up people... oh the good times.

#4: Drew McIntyre
This man was fired, and his career was on the line, and he was "The Chosen One" and the IC champ, and he had an EPIC winning streak in his first days, he gets probably 1/4 of the smackdown viewers and yet no-one notices his pure wrestling style. Not to mention that he has put on some great rivalries with people like Matt Hardy and Teddy Long, he really needs a push... PRONTO!!!

#3: Brodus Clay
The Funkasaurus has been dominating and ever since his funky debut he hasn't lost yet, he dominated some great mid-carders and i think he needs a good push for a change.

#2: Evan Bourne
This man is honestly my favorite high-flyer and he has been out lately, so i expect him to return and start to go to the U.S. Title path. He has great moves and WWE can't waste good talent like that.

#1: Tyler Reks
This guy really needs to back off from Curt Hawkins, even though that could damage the tag division more than it already is corrupted. But Hawkins is honestly making Tyler slow down in reaching the top, and Tyler has the best mid-card in-ring ability I've seen in a while, so WWE, when you're making your next plans for champions, don't forget Tyler and just throw him in the Superstars/NxT bin.

List #2: The Pushed For No Reason And Need To Be Pulled Back Down

#3: Dolph Ziggler
I don't know why but he was randomly thrown in the WWE championship title path and I honestly think that's not for him. And I know that you might complain but he just hasn't impressed me enough to make me think he deserves it.

#2: Mark Henry
Now I'm not saying that he completely doesn't deserve a push because he used to be pushed around by jobbers. But then he just suddently turned into a random monster beating the hell outta everyone, and that's where i have a point, because he got pushed too quickly and he just should've gotten stronger step by step and then be the champion.

#1: Daniel Bryan
Where do I start with this guy? Oh, I know. He shouldn't have won the money in the bank match in the first place, but to cash it in on THE BIG SHOW about 10 seconds after he became champion. Then defeating two giants (show & henry) in a steel cage match. ON TOP OF THAT he successfully defended his title in the Elimination chamber. I honestly see no talent in him besides knowing how to escape like a coward. I've got a feeling that he's bribing WWE with his own paycheck, hmmmmm.........

List #3: Top 5 Currently Pushed Superstars

#5: Masked Kane
The Big Red Monster!!! I enjoy watching him beat up people with all of his red darkness and powerful fists. He puts on great matches and there's not really much to say about him.

#4: Chris Jericho
Jericho is a great in-ring performer and rocks on the mic, and he even entertains me when talking about Punk and his family. Ever since his return he has been dominant and has made me start tuning into WWE more than usual.

#3: Randy Orton
Like I've said before with other people on the lists, he is great in the squared circle (ring) and is very electrifying, he's been having an entertaining feud with Kane and he is great on the mic.

#2: Sheamus
Ever since he won the Royal Rumble, he has bounced back to my favorites. He got a new signature move a couple of weeks ago and he has yet to lose a battle of words. He's funny, he's dominant, and it would be a bummer seeing him lose to that retard Daniel Bryan on The Grandest Stage of Them All.

#1: CM Punk
Punk, he's great on the mic; probably the best currently. He's got a different fighting style than the other original wrestlers out there, he's pure, he's unique, and he's gonna kick some Y2J ass out there on WrestleMania (no offense Jericho).

And To Wrap Things Up
Now if you guys are gonna ask why I didn't put in superstars like Miz, Rhodes, or Barret; then read this first. They aren't completely pushed, they're halfway there, but not exactly there. Otherwise I would've put them in.

Anyways I just wanted to tell you guys that I have this series on youtube called SMW: Stop Motion Wrestling, and I've made a couple of episodes. It contains superstars from WWE (action figures) that have all these crazy rivalries with eachother, promos, matches, it's so crazy. Not to mention that there are some very creative matches thrown in there. In fact, the very first SMW pay-per-view (it's actually free) called SMW StopMotiania will release this week. Take a look at episode one here and if you like it, please take a look at the other episodes
Thanks for reading, I'm Mike Elyian, and don't let the Alian invasion catch you!

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  1. akbar's Avatar
    wow, im not going to lie im liking your youtube video but like do you use a tripod or something cos if the camera stayed in one place for a match or for a certain period of time the motion of the figures would look much better, the angle was different for every shot, other than that critique keep doing what your doing man, plus i like the effort put in...
  2. FunkyKong's Avatar
    I had to make an account just so I could ask this.... how old are you?

    You think Daniel Bryan has no talent? He's one of the greatest wrestlers in the world for Pete's sake. "Escaping like a coward"? You do know wrestling is scripted, right?

    Good grief, you are an idiot.
  3. B-ri's Avatar
    Wow.... Have you ever even watched a wrestling show?
  4. LincolnHawk's Avatar
    I'm afraid I stopped reading at 'I honestly see no talent in him besides knowing how to escape like a coward.' You do know wrestling isn't real don't you, and 'escaping like a coward' is all part of his character? I also have to echo what's previously been said and that Daniel Bryan is one of the best wrestlers in the world.
  5. tchocky360's Avatar
    Your pushed for no reason list is awful. Really dreadful, 3 of the best performing Superstars as far as heels go and you list them as pushed for no reason... Poor selection
  6. Muzza_H16's Avatar
    "Wrestling's still real to me damn it!!!!"

  7. mizisawesome12345's Avatar
    Daniel Bryan is a great wrestler and being a coward is part of his character.Poor list!Worst blog I ever read You look like a first-timer
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