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Building CM Punk's Legacy

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Hi everyone, it's me deadly here again. I want to talk about CM Punk and how he can improve and whats next for him.

Jericho/Punk Feud
What ever happens at Wrestlemania WWE say the Punk and Jericho feud will continue. Now that WWE have said this, many possibilities can happen at Wrestlemania and I'm going to go to say what I feel are the most likely.

Jericho Wins
This seems the most likely, because if Chris does win. CM Punk would automatically get a Title Rematch, at the following PPV. I don't really mind Jericho winning, as long as he stays for most of the year, and eventually Punk wins their feud. I would also like Punk to win this Wrestlemania, because its his first time at Mani with the WWE Championship not to mention he lost last year mania to Orton.

Punk Turns Heel
Their has been some rumors, that at Wrestlemania Punk will DQ himself to retain the WWE Championship against Chris Jericho. I think if this where to happen. It would defiantly be a bad move for WWE. CM Punk is one of the only good babyfaces they have that can connect with the crowd even if Jericho turns face it still will be bad since he doesn't have long left.

During their match we could get someone to interfere in the match, it could happen to Punk or Jericho, so either way both can claim to a rematch. This could be surprising, and interesting, if I had to say anyone who would do it. I would pick The Miz. This man could be saying how lasts year he was in the main event at Wrestlemania, and he's frustrated at the fact he is not in a WWE match this year. This could lead to a triple threat, and anyone could win.

WWE Draft
The Punk/Jericho feud may not last so long. Now the WWE are planing to bring the WWE Draft soon. Their has also been rumors that the World Title to move to Raw and the WWE Title to move to Smackdown. If this where to happen the Champions holding the belt would move too. CM Punk might still be the Champion, so lets see how it would be if CM Punk was back on Smackdown.

CM Punk Moving To Smackdown
This could be OK for CM Punk but if WWE are really going to build him they should let him stay on Raw. Now that I think about it, John Cena would be straight heading towards the WWE Title if he defeats the Rock and I guess since WWE do not want to bury Punk they would move him to Smackdown with the WWE Championship.

CM Punk will probably be the top dog on Smackdown and could make it very interesting for us all. It could refresh his career and show us why he's the pipe bomb king. I would enjoy seeing him face off against Wade and Cody but, if he does move to Smackdown I am defiantly sure they would move some top dogs on Raw, as well for competition for CM Punk, and for the WWE Championship.

Top 3 Opponents For CM Punk This Year
Whatever happens to Punk if he goes to Smackdown or stays on Raw, WWE Champion or not, he is going to need a good feud with superstars to help him to stardom. The people below are my Top 3 opponents for Punk to face this year:

03. Daniel Bryan:
I know a lot of you are going to say they already had 3 matches but, come on people. I don't call that a proper feud. I want these guys to start over when they're both not Champions. I want at least a 4 month rivalry between them. They can argue about being better than each other and say which life style is better: Vegan or Straight edge.

Lots of brawling maybe through crowds etc. They could share some shocking ROH secrets to the audience about each other, that could really surprise us. I think their matches would be great just the build up. The WWE need to be smart about. This feud would probably benefit Daniel Bryan more than Punk but not by far. It just depends how WWE sets it up.

02. Christian:
This is just my personal guess. I think Christian, and CM Punk have in ring chemistry meaning, I think their move set is a lot alike. So they would put on great matches especially if it's a ladder match. Christian would probably pick up lucky wins and frustrate CM Punk in their feud. They should be wrestling for a World Title so it can be more interesting.

01. The Miz:
If Chris Jericho wasn't going wrestle CM Punk at Wrestlemania, then The Miz would probably be the guy to do it. I can imagine the mic wars these two men could have with each other. The Miz is known for his mic skills, I know everyone knows CM Punk is the best mic worker currently in WWE but, I think The Miz can hold his own against him.

I think their matches would be average, and the promo work would be great. I am not sure who should win in they have this feud. I know most of you would say CM Punk but, The Miz needs some credibility too. CM Punk isn't a cemented main-eventer just yet, so he can just put over a bunch of people, then out of no where become WWE Champion. If they do have a feud it would really benefit the winner of the two.

Building CM Punk's Legacy
This is the last thing I am going to talk about... CM Punk has a lot to prove this year. It's this year where CM Punk, has to show everyone why he isn't stale, and should be one of the faces of the company, and when he does lose his belt I would like to see what the WWE do with him.

Is he going to back straight in the Title picture just like Orton, and Cena or is he actually going to stay away for a while and let others have a try?

CM Punk will never be the the face of the company, as long as Cena is in WWE. Punk is probably one of the top 3 at the moment but, even if Cena does leave WWE CM Punk would leave shortly after him. Remember everyone the age difference between Punk and Cena is not far.

Cena is 34, and turning 35 in April. CM Punk is 33. You never know, CM Punk could leave WWE before Cena. It's probably likely since John would do anything for the company. Anyway if CM Punk does succeed this year, he will defiantly be a cemented main-eventer for WWE.

I hope you all enjoyed my blog. I won't be doing solo superstars for a while, so I went all at it in this blog. Anyway let me know all of your opinions, and what you think of my blog. I really enjoy seeing what you guys have to say so, what are your thoughts?

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  1. bearkg88's Avatar
    ok. so here are my thoughts. I don't see Punk purposely getting himself DQed at Mania, if anything he would be beating the living shit out of Jericho and disregard the ref because he wants to make Jericho feel pain and gets DQed by that. Thing is though, I don't see that happening. After the shitty ending to the WWE title match last year, I see this one ending in a pinfall or submission. I think Punk is going to pull out the win just to get over Jericho after all of Jerichos comments. Depending on who is champion after Mania, i can see the WHC and WWE champions switching and going to the other brands. I can see Cena jumping back into the title scene after Mania, but I don't see him winning it until around Summerslam, Survivor Series time. Who i see Punk feuding with this year are the likes of D-Bry like you said, i could see Christian and that would be a good feud, I could see Kane, and possibly Wade Barrett depending on if punk is moved or Barrett is moved in the draft. Anyways, good read dude. Keep it up!
  2. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Good write up. I have a few thoughts though that may not agree with yours.

    First, why turn Punk heel? It does nothing. Second, does it really matter who gets drafted where? Raw is a Supershow anyway. So, whoever is on Smackdown is the one who has to do double duty. More than likely, that would be Sheamus as he needs to get over more. Therefore, it's easy to figure out that Jericho won't be winning the title, if they plan on drafting the titles to different shows. Jericho isn't gonna do double duty. We saw that two weeks ago and he only did via satellite stuff since.

    I do agree with possible interference. While I ignored it in my WM predictions blog, it should be noted that Christian's interference could be a huge possibility. I think it would be a bad move on all accounts, but always possible.
  3. bartish2's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DK Wrestling Savior

    First, why turn Punk heel? It does nothing
    it does everything, face punk does not draw in fact he looses viewers. heel punk we saw in the summer was the one who drew fans not the current babyface one. Hence why turning punk heel would help draw fans and develop his character that he is supposed to be. keeping punk face just is going to loose more viewers.
  4. YruaMike's Avatar
    Great read bro, keep it up. I'm a big fan of punk and i know any of these are possible EXCEPT the heel part, but its good
  5. brockbatista's Avatar
    If reports are true about the big guns returning to the WWE in at WM28 and post-WM28 ... then the CM Punk's main eventer status has come to an official end - atleast for next year.

    Well, it already ended when The Rock returned at the Survivor Series.

    But if guys like Lesnar and Batista return, Punk will get pushed down the card. Punk is this era's Chris Jericho, hence why he is feuding with Chris Jericho at WM28.
  6. Charles-Ian Duncan's Avatar
    Yeah punks not turning heel he hasn't been clean long enough 1. and 2. Jerichos winning but the feud continues.

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