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What WWE Should Do With The Funkasaurus!

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Whats up wrestling fans? After reading so many blogs about the same sh!t, (Wrestlemania, Cena, Rock, etc....) I thought it would be a bright idea to switch it up and write about something WWE has been ignoring. And That's Pasadena's own Brodus "The Funkasaurus" Clay. After months of feeding us promos of Brodus Clay being a bad ass heel they drop the Funkasaurus ball on us. Who I enjoy most of the time, but a character like that can get old. Even John Cena thinks The Funkasaurus character is getting stale. Its time to put Brodus "The Funkasaurus" Clay in a feud NOW!!

Remember when The Brodusaurus was Alberto Del Rio's bodyguard? WWE should put these two guys in feud immediately and this how it should be done. Have The Funkasaurus come out on a Raw or Smackdown and squash a jobber like Hawkins or Slater. Then during the post match celebration while Clay and his dancers are dancing in the ring have ADR'S music hit. Del Rio can drive out in a new Porsche get out walk to the ring and start to diss Clay. ADR should say you went from being my bodyguard to a dancing dinosaur and then slaps Brodus in the face. Brodus can look at the crowd and yell "should I get him" and then give ADR the "what the funk"... there you have it feud started.

Personally I would have Del Rio win the battle but it's the perfect feud for both guys. Brodus is in desperate need of competition and Del Rio who is coming back from the worst injury a man can suffer needs a solid feud and what better angle to take than the ex-bodyguard angle? That's it for me leave your comments or don't and WWE your welcome for the free storyline.

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  1. mizisawesome12345's Avatar
    Brodus,although entertaining isin't the best in the ring!ADR vs Brodus doesn't look like a credible feud and more one-sided!WWE is reportedly planning a Orton vs ADR feud and I would prefer watching that!ADR could be in a tag-team xD or Zack Ryder!Would be some cheesy shit!
  2. Lupy1234's Avatar
    WWE should hire Samoa Joe and have these two go at it for months and have their final match at WM 29. That would be epic.
  3. Lupy1234's Avatar
    Also, this the reason why the WWE should stop doing squash matches. It no longer serves a purpose. It last worked for Lesnar.
  4. Marx's Avatar
    They should fire his ass. Or he should at least do some cardio. His entrance is too high energy for him, since he's the Funkasaurus he's even more sloppy in the ring.

    People here have always been high on Clay, I personally don't understand why. He's not bad, but he's not that special either. And, as I said, I find him sloppy.
  5. Irish Nature boy's Avatar
    "The worst injury a man can recieve" Alberto has the clap?
  6. darkrage's Avatar
    this is how i see it brodus is doing an interview back stage at wm28 the miz walks by insults brodus so brodus destroys the miz costing him his wm moment. during brodus's match on raw miz can run in and attack brodus causing clay to win by dq clay fights back and the miz runs for saftey. miz demands clay pay for costing him his wm moment and he wont stop until clay taste defeat
  7. kidcontra's Avatar
    So build BC for months them have him lose his first major feud to ADR? I don't get the point.
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