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WWSD Blog 2.0: Rock, Brock, Cena and Wrestlemania XXIX

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Hey guys! Here we are with another entry of the WWSD – What Would Steve Do? blog. This time I’m going to look a year into the future, more specifically to the proposed Wrestlemania XXIX main event of Rock vs. Brock, and say how I would book the next year building up to that main event if I had that power. Since this is going to be looking at an entire year of storylines, this could take a while, and in fact I’m going to spread it out over four blog entries detailing each man’s path to next year. Hopefully it will be enjoyable enough for you to stick with until the end (spread it out over a few days, make it your bed time reading for the next week, whatever!!! ). Anyway, let’s get started....

We are hot off the heels of Wrestlemania XXVIII and there is a buzz back in wrestling again. A fantastic showpiece event that had some of the most amazing moments in recent wrestling history, followed by the shocking return of Brock Lesnar to the company the night after on Raw, has left many fans (myself included) incredibly excited for the future. However, no sooner has one spectacle ended than speculation as to the next has begun – already everyone is talking about the main events for Wrestlemania XXIX, and already most people have seemingly decided that it will be The Rock vs. Brock Lesnar for the WWE Title. But what happens until then? April 7th 2013 is still an entire year away, and something needs to happen in that time. Over the next four blogs I will attempt to answer this question in relation to three men – Brock Lesnar, John Cena and The Rock. The first (this one) will look at Brock Lesnar up until the Royal Rumble, the second looking at John Cena over the same time frame, thirdly The Rock’s involvement up to the Rumble before the fourth and final blog that will tie them all in together on the Road to Wrestlemania XXIX.

Brock’s Path
Brock returned on the post-Wrestlemania Raw and made a very simple yet very clear statement to the entire WWE Universe by giving John Cena an F-5. Brilliant. This sets up a Brock vs. Cena feud for the not too distant future, which we now know will result in a match at Extreme Rules. The feud is playing out pretty much how I would’ve played it myself – Brock doesn’t like Cena, Brock thinks it’s a joke that the WWE has been built around him, and that he is here to do something about it. Pretty much a standard “everything went to hell when I left” type of feud. We get to our feud defining match at the PPV and.... Brock wins. Clean, and pretty much dominating Cena. Sets him on a “monster” path, keeps Cena on a “questioning his ability” path – good for both men as it gives their character at this time something to build on.

After dispatching Cena (who goes over to Smackdown in a move that I will explain more in “Cena’s Path”), Brock says he’s sick and tired of seeing people like Randy Orton and John Cena having multiple title reigns when he only had three. “Hell even that pussy Alberto del Rio has only held the title one less time than me!” He says it’s time for him to take that title and give it meaning again, and he sets his sights on taking the WWE title. He initially runs into Randy Orton (drafted from Smackdown to Raw), who having beaten Kane in their Extreme Rules match says that he has his focus back. He has regained the ruthless, calculating style that he lost over on Smackdown, and that’s why he is going to be the next WWE Champion, not Brock. In this way, it gives Randy a main event run which I think he deserves having done an admirable amount of time in the mid-card recently, and gives Brock a legitimate “warm-up feud” to give him a legitimate claim to the WWE title. Of course, once again, Brock comes out on top, and with it earns No. 1 Contender status for the WWE title.

This brings us to SummerSlam, and with it sets up Brock Lesnar vs. CM Punk for the WWE Title in our main event. Punk is a legitimate champion – he’s held the belt since Survivor Series, nearly 9 months at the top of the game with a series of impressive, clean wins against high calibre opponents which sets him up as a highly credible threat to Brock’s parallel streak of dominance. It becomes a highly intense, highly physical feud culminating in what I believe would be an outstanding match between the two. When the bell rings and the winner announced, it would be Brock holding the WWE Title aloft, undefeated streak intact and looking more dominant than ever before having knocked off three of the WWE's biggest superstars in little over 6 months. Good for Brock without being too damaging to Cena, Orton and Punk since they have all been beaten by the same guy – a guy who is clearly very powerful!

From here on out Brock becomes the arrogant heel champion, a role that I think he was born to play. He’s beaten the poster boy. He’s beaten the second poster boy. He’s beaten the “Best in the World”. Who else is there left to beat? He makes a series of open challenges and no-one can beat him. He looks bored in the ring because no-one is a real challenge for him. He starts no showing events (in keeping with the limited number of appearances in his contract), stating that there’s no point in him being there because he has nothing to do. No-one can beat him, and it’s almost getting to the point where it’s embarrassing that there is no-one giving him any competition. “I know things got bad after I left, but this is just pathetic”. He gets so bored to the point where he threatens to walk out of the WWE with the WWE title when his contract expires after Wrestlemania (ala CM Punk at Money in the Bank 2011).

During this time he can face any number of the upper mid-card talent that are in the WWE to give them a moment in the main event scene and see how much of an impression they make. People like Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, Mark Henry, Kofi Kingston and R-Truth (amongst others) could all have a feud, even if it was only a month long, with Lesnar to test the waters of them being in the main event scene after this storyline has played out without them having to carry too much. Since all of them (apart from Mark Henry I suppose) are still “working their way up”, it wouldn’t damage them too much to lose to Brock as they are “still learning”, and it makes Brock look dominant. A win-win situation for all involved.

This continues right up until the Royal Rumble, which is where we shall leave this entry for now and pick it up in the “unifying” blog later. In the next instalment, we’ll take a look at John Cena’s path to Wrestlemania XXIX, and where he goes from here.....

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