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My Wrestlemania-Then and Now

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Hey what is up everybody? I figured as we got closer and closer to Mania, and with the card finalized for the most part, I would do something different than what others have done in the last few days. People have just given their predictions as to what will happen at Mania, and don't get me wrong, this blog is all about that, but I am also going to compare the current WM card, with what I thought Wrestlemania would look like back in January when I predicted the card. Lets begin shall we?

The first 3 matches i picked kind of flow together for the current card. I predicted the following.

MITB, Air Boom vs Primo/Epic or the Usos, and Miz vs R Truth.

Instead we get

Team Johnny(Mark Henry, Drew McIntyre, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, The Miz, David Otunga) vs Team Teddy(Santino Marella, R Truth, Kof Kingston, Zack Ryder, The Great Khali, Booker T)

Wow, I was way off in those predictions haha. Frankly though, this whole Team Johnny vs Team Teddy feud has just festered to me. What could have been a really interesting and exciting feud/storyline or even split off after Mania into even bigger and better storylines, has just led to disappointment. I fully expect Team johnny to win, as a heel GM is 10x better than a face GM in my opinion. If they don't turn this into an elimination match at the PPV, I don't expect this match going for a long time, as they focus will be on other bigger/better matches.

I predicted...

Big Show vs Shaq, Cody Rhodes vs Sheamus for the IC title, and Daniel Bryan vs Wade Barret for the WHC.

Instead we get

Big Show vs Cody Rhodes for the IC title and Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan for the WHC title.

Needless to say, I was off in this guess. I remember reading other blogs and forum posts saying Bryan wouldn't be champion going into Mania, or he would lose it at the Elimination Chamber because they aren't going to let both Punk and Bryan retain. I was one of those who thought different. I figured Bryan would go into Mania still the champion, but i was not expecting Sheamus to win the Rumble. I was fully expecting Wade Barrett to pull off that win and get his title shot. I will say this though, I am enjoying this Sheamus/Bryan feud. In the last few weeks, they have taken the steam out of Sheamus to make it look like he won't just bull doze over Bryan. I know a lot of people are expecting the Great White to win the big one, but I just get this feeling that D-Bry will pull off the big win here and cement himself as a good champion.

As for the Show/Cody feud/match. I am looking forward to it. I've heard people say this is similar to when Cena faced Show at WM XX and it elevated Cena, and this is Codys chance. I disagree and here is why. At WM XX, Cena was the face, Show was the heel, and Show was the champ. This was the first singles title Cena won. Fast forward to this feud, Show is the face, Rhodes is the heel, and Rhodes is the champion. Defeating Show, in my opinion, won't elevate Rhodes career to a whole other level, all it will do is give Rhodes a win defending his title that he has rarely done while defending it. I've also heard others say they should keep the title on Rhodes to beak HTMs record. I disagree with that too. From what i researched, Honkey defend his title more than Rhodes, and while how he retained it wasn't normally clean, he still defended it. You can count on less than both hands how many times Rhodes has defended the title. To me, Show will walk in, Rhodes will put up a great amount of offense against the Giant, but Show will still win.

I predicted...

Randy Orton vs Rey Mysterio vs Alberto Del Rio or Wade Barrett

Instead we get

Kane vs Randy Orton

In my original predictions, I left Kane off the card. Another prediction where I was off. This feud interests me, to an extent. If they have these two men face, and just blow it off at Mania, it'll be a waste in my opinion. Now if they continue this feud to Extreme Rules, that'll be the smart move. I mean, you have the components for a decent feud, as long as it is not cut short. I expect Kane to pick up the win here, and if they keep the feud going to Extreme Rules, Orton gets the win there. If they cut it off at Mania, Orton will walk away with the win.

I predicted...

The Undertaker vs HHH with Special Guest Ref HBK

And we get

The Undertaker vs HHH with Special Guest Ref HBK in a Hell In A Cell

Well, I was close on this one. I don't think anyone expected the HIAC stipulation and for me, it is a nice twist. For a while I was split as to whether I thought the streak would continue or not. I'm not sure what made up my mind, but to me, the Streak will live on. I see it going down in a somewhat following kind of manner. I see HBK being unbiased for most of the match, and then starting to favor HHH. As Taker confronts him, Taker man handles HBK which will in turn piss Shawn off. A little bit later in the match, HBK will go for Sweet Chin Music on Taker to send a message, only for Taker to miss and HBK nail Hunter. Taker then will either lift HHH up for a tombstone or lock in Hells gate, and get the win. Part of me wonders if this will lead to a match down the road between HHH and HBK(which would be nice), but either way, I think this is going to be one great match.

I predicted...

CM Punk vs Chris Jericho for the WWE Championship

And we get

Cm Punk vs Chris Jericho for the WWE Championship

This is by far the match I am looking most forward to. I knew when it was announced after Jericho won the Battle Royal on Raw, that this would be an amazing wrestling match, but i never expected the feud to become so personal. Others may not like the direction it has gone in, but i for one love it! I expect this to go on to Extreme Rules(maybe even throw in a third competitor..Cena), but to me this match will steal the show wrestling wise. I've heard rumors this match will kick the show off, and I don't think it should. One could argue this match will kick start the event, but I'd rather see it later in the night to just build up the anticipation. I expect Punk to walk away the victor here.

The last and final one had already been announced.

The Rock vs John Cena

This is an interesting one for me. There was so many expectations I had with the build up for this feud, and some were met, and others were let down. I will be one of those that say I have enjoyed this build up though. Looking back at the build up, i think the WWE did the right thing in backing off of a physical attack from either competitor until Mania itself. It builds up at anticipation, it holds off on that electricity that will happen the first time they hook up. I expect a lot of near falls, and false finishes. I expect each star to hit their finishes 2 or 3 times, but I see the final one going to Cena. Something along the lines of Rock goes for a Rock Bottom and Cena elbows Rocks head and then lifts him up for the AA, or The Rock goes for the Peoples Elbow only for Cena to roll out of the way, and as both men get to their feet, Rock rushes at Cena only for Cena to lift Rock up and nail a massive AA for the win. Either way, I am looking forward to this match.

The only match I didn't touch base on is the Divas match, and frankly that is because that match has no interest for me. The E could have gone in so many other directions, and yet they are going to give us this garbage. I don't care to much who wins or loses, as long as that darn Extra Chick doesn't get the win...or the Divas division will have hit a new low. Well everyone, there are my thoughts on Mania, keep an eye out the rest of this week for the remaining 4 Flash From The Pasts focusing on the remaining four Manias. Thanks for reading, and i look forward to your comments and thoughts!

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