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Top 10 Wrestlemanias

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What’s poppin folks! RatedATB back at it again, with the final installment in my Wrestlemania Mini-Series! These have been some of the best blogs I have put out and definitely the best received, whether you agreed with my opinions or not it got people talking and that’s all I aim for in this crazy world of blogging. We end the final week with probably the most important. We’ve been over all the highs and lows of the glorious history of Wrestlemania, and we finish it on a high note. I run down the Top 10 Wrestlemanias of all time, in the order I think they deserve to be in. This was by far the most difficult blog I’ve ever written, especially in this Mini-Series and I have to say I’m happy with the end result. I re-wrote this almost every day since I did the first blog in this series so that shows how important I took this. I’m not gonna waste any more time, let’s dive right into what in my opinion are the best Wrestlemanias of all time. Without further ado…

10. TIE – Wrestlemania 22 and Wrestlemania 25
I juggled these two for about a day last week as I continued to finalize my list and I couldn’t decide which I liked better, so I decided to make it a tie. Some people may disagree with either of these being on the list, but I felt they put out an equal amount of highs and lows. On Mania 22’s side, you had the amazing Edge/Foley hardcore match that without a doubt stole the show. Then you had HBK/Vince that did everything it should have and sent the crowd home happy. Combine that with two great, albeit different in stature main events and you have one hell of a show. On 25’s side, take a fun MITB, a surprising outing from Ricky Steamboat, a surprisingly good Triple Threat between Cena, Big Show, and Edge, a hard hitting Extreme Rules match between the Hardys, and in my opinion the greatest match in Wrestlemania history between Undertaker and Shawn Michaels and you get a successful Wrestlemania, even if the main event was disappointing. I couldn’t leave these two off the list because they were both great shows that are overlooked for many different reasons. 7.5/10 and 7.5/10

9. Wrestlemania 23
I’ll be honest when I say that I wasn’t looking too forward to this show. I was at a point where I despised Cena and Batista and everything they touched. Why? Maybe because I was a teenager that thought he knew everything but that’s neither here nor there. Sure there were 2 or 3 duds on this show, but looking at the grand scheme of things you gotta give the devil it’s due. Taker vs. Batista shocked me to great avail and gave me a whole new respect for the Deadman and even Batista. The MITB match was spectacular and the spot where Jeff crashed onto Edge still gets me jacked. Then you had Cena and HBK closing the show in one hell of a match that I didn’t expect to get. At the time I was disappointed with the outcome being the HBK mark I was, but hindsight is 20/20 and you can’t argue that the match was really good. Nothing else can be said about this show other than it was surprisingly better than I ever thought it would be. 7.75/10

8. Wrestlemania 14
This is one of those Manias that didn’t really have a stand out match, but also didn’t really have a bad match. The only really bad match was Rock/Shamrock, but it made sense considering they didn’t want to kill Rock, but also wanted to give Shamrock a lot of cred. The Undertaker/Kane match is always held in high regard, even if it wasn’t the most technically sound match it was still really good. The psychology and story alone sets it in high regard and it was very well built. The main event speaks for itself, with Shawn pulling out a gutsy performance. Sure it wasn’t what it could have or should have been, but it was still a good match and the ending is really what mattered. Stone Cold celebrating with Tyson after he knocks Shawn out, all the while JR is shouting “STONE COLD, STONE COLD!” just sends goosebumps down my spine even to this day. 8/10

7. Wrestlemania 18
This one kind of sits in the same boat as 14 being that it didn’t really have a bad match, but this one DID have a standout match. Your opinions of the match itself or not, the crowd made it special and wrestling isn’t just about a catch-as-catch can style match. Rock and Hogan put on the performance that they should have and it delivered in many different aspects. The rest of the card saw a lot of fun 1 on 1 matches that were really just filler, but didn’t disappoint. If one thing hurt this Mania it was lack of time given to some of the under card matches. Another thing people hate is the main event, however, I think the match itself was fine, the crowd was just so dead and all the heat was lost. Not as good a Mania as the years it is sandwiched in between, but still a damn good show that still holds up in my honest opinion. 8.25/10

6. Wrestlemania 3
This is the Wrestlemania that set the standard of what a Wrestlemania should be. The show started off hot with the Cam-Am Connection against Bob Orton and Don Muraco, and kind of fizzled off with a few duds in between, but eventually picked back up. Everyone of course remembers and reveres the Macho Man/Steamboat classic of a match that became the measuring stick to what a Wrestlemania match should be. Then you had the main event, which let’s all be honest wasn’t quite as good as Savage/Steamboat, but was good in its own regard. It had the heat, the story, and the psychology to put on a match that is still talked about to this day. The slam alone sets it apart and keeps it talked about, and your opinion on it or not it will go down as one of the most memorable main events in history. A fun show with two matches that are revered as classics makes for a great Wrestlemania. 8.25/10

5. Wrestlemania 10
This is a Mania that started off hotter than any other show in the history of wrestling. It was the show that began with Bret vs. Owen and it my friends is a classic. It was also the first Mania to hold two World Title matches, one being Yoko/Lugar, and the other being Yoko/Hart. Neither of which were anything to write home about, however I will say the Hart/Yoko had an excuse to be slow considering the two had already wrestled earlier in the show. However what really sets this show apart is the fact that it holds the first ladder match Wrestlemania would see, and set the standard to what a ladder match should be. Shawn Michaels started stealing the show at Mania with this match, and even though he lost, he and Razor put on one of my all time favorite matches that still holds up to this day. Another really fun Mania with two 5 star matches, along with an emotional show ending celebration from Bret and the babyfaces make for a memorable show. 8.5/10

4. Wrestlemania 21
I fought tooth and nail between this one and 10 to be in this spot. I know I’ll get loads of heat for putting it so high on the list but this was a great Wrestlemania. It opened up hot with a great match between Rey and Guerrero and just kept rolling. It’s home to the first MITB ladder match ever and what a match it was. Everyone looked like a million bucks coming out, especially Benjamin. Then you had Orton and Taker in one of Taker’s better Wrestlemania matches that saw some great stuff from both men, including Orton’s chokeslam counter into the RKO. Then you had Shawn vs. Kurt, and what a spectacular match these two had. Say what you want but this match is a classic, no doubt about it. These two went hard from start to finish and I will always hold this match in high regard. Where this Mania fails is the two main events. Had these matches delivered this would probably be considered top 2 or 3 Wrestlemanias, but in my opinion this Mania had one of the best undercards in Wrestlemania history, without a doubt. 9/10

3. Wrestlemania 24
At this point in my life as a wrestling fan I was becoming burned out. I was not looking forward to this show whatsoever, and I thought it was going to be awful, I really did. I don’t know what made me order the show, but I did and I was so glad I had. We started off with a hard hitting match between Finlay and JBL and kept it rolling with a crazy MITB that saw Punk get the briefcase, which I didn’t expect. Follow it up with a surprising match from Show and Mayweather that wasn’t all that bad, and actually pulled out what I can honestly say a good 3 star performance. Keep it going with an emotional classic between Flair and Shawn that many people may say was overrated, but Shawn made that match a lot better than it probably would’ve been, considering the stage Flair was in his career. Finish it off with a really good WWE title match, and an awesome match between Edge and Undertaker and you have a classic Wrestlemania. For not thinking it would be much better than Wrestlemania 9 that isn’t half bad. 9.5/10

2. Wrestlemania 19
This was the hardest one to place believe it or not. This Wrestlemania will go down as my all-time favorite, and in my opinion the best Wrestlemania of all time, but I don’t think I could’ve put it above my choice for number one without receiving any kind of heat. This was top to bottom an amazing show, with only one bad match featuring Taker vs. Big Show and A-Train. Take it off and distribute the time to Mysterio/Hardy and this would easily be the greatest Mania ever. You had a classic between Michaels/Jericho, a surprisingly good Street Fight between Hogan and McMahon with the surprising appearance from Roddy Piper, and the final time we would see Stone Cold in a ring as an active wrestler. Triple H and Booker put on a good performance, even if the wrong guy won, and Angle and Lesnar put on a classic main event that would have received a perfect 5 had it not been for the botch at the end. Yes folks this was a stellar Wrestlemania that kept you entertained from start to finish. Even the Diva match was good! I will always hold it in high regard and remember it as my all-time favorite Wrestlemania. 10/10

1. Wrestlemania 17
Yes folks, the one you all probably assumed would cap this list off. Even if I think 19 was better in some ways I couldn’t justify this not being the number 1 spot. In all honesty the only thing that put it over the top was that the main event was better. Rock and Stone Cold put a lot of build into this match and it was such a huge match at the time. Usually at Mania I get bored by the time the main event comes around, as bad as that sounds lol, since the show is so long amd there’s so many good matches. But this was an exception because these two kept you glued to the screen from bell to bell. The end was the most shocking thing I would ever see as a wrestling fan and even if it turned out to be a flop of a storyline, it was monumental at the time. Other memorable matches include Taker/HHH, Benoit/Angle, Y2J/Regal, TLC 2, and even Eddie Guerrero/Test put on a good match. I could talk all day about each individual match but there’s nothing to say that hasn’t already been said about this show. This show raised the bar as far as Wrestlemania goes and set the standard to what Wrestlemania should be: lots of great matches, emotional moments, and just a damn good night of wrestling. 10/10

Well folks there it is. That’s my list and that’s the end of my mini-series. I hope you all enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing and I hope it got everyone excited for Wrestlemania because I know it did for me. This will be my last blog before Mania so I hope everyone enjoys it and folks keep in mind that we are all wrestling fans and at the end of the day that’s all that matters. So please when watching just sit back and enjoy it. That’s the only way you will enjoy it and that’s if you let yourself be entertained by it. It’s a good card so put away the smark in you and don’t watch it to critique it, watch it to enjoy it. That’s my little rant on the matter I suppose haha. I was going to do a predictions blog on this but I’m sure everyone and their grandmother will do so, so I will not be doing that. I will be giving my thoughts on the show, so if you want look out for that either Sunday night or Monday during the day, whenever it decides to process I guess. Well that’s it from me folks, I hope the people who are going to Miami have a good time and enjoys the show. Until next time folks, be safe, be well, and have a great week. Deuces!

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  1. Renevious's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by wwefan2000
    what about wrestlemania 20
    Are you shitting me? It's called Top 10, not bottom 10.
  2. Ain't No Grave's Avatar
    I think if you feel that 19 is the best then you should be putting it in top spot. Fuck the heat fella! A good list though mate
  3. akbar's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Renevious
    Are you shitting me? It's called Top 10, not bottom 10.
    come on...20 wasnt that bad, benoit winning was pretty epic
  4. Renevious's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by akbar

    come on...20 wasnt that bad, benoit winning was pretty epic
    HA HA, yeah. Benoit winning was definitely the shit. But it takes more than just one awesome Wrestlemania moment [that WWE will never air again ] to make it a good overall Wrestlemania. It just had too much working against it.
  5. bearkg88's Avatar
    Good read ATB. I can see your point on where you put each WM, and i agree with most. Good blog bro!

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