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Flash From The Past: Wrestlemania 23

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What is up everybody!? Time for another edition of Flash From The Past and this time I will be taking a look at Wrestlemania 23 as we are just a little over 1 week away from Wrestlemania 28. On this edition, I am going to do it a little different than i have on the last few and I want you guys to tell me what you think! Lets get under way.

Wrestlemania 23
Ford Field-Detroit, Michigan

Match 1
Money In The Bank
Mr. Kennedy vs Edge vs CM Punk vs King Booker vs Jeff Hardy vs Matt Hardy vs Finlay vs Randy Orton

Thoughts: Maybe it is just me, but when the expanded it from 6 to 8, it just felt like there was 1 to many people involved. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed this match thoroughly, the 1 of only 2 complaints I can make is the number of people involved. The match itself was good. The biggest moment to me from this match would be when Jeff hardy nailed a leg drop off the top of the ladder onto Edge who was laying on another ladder. I still don't understand the idea behind having Kennedy win only to have him lose it to Edge a short time later. Going in to the match, I was pulling for either Jeff Hardy to win or Randy Orton to win this one. This to me would be one of the matches of the night

Match 2
The Great Khali vs Kane

Thoughts: I remember the build up to this, seeing Kane walking around with his hook that was used in See No Evil, all i could do was shake my head in shame. Then the match itself made me shake even more. Even the big spot in the match, with Kane bodyslamming Khali didn't do anything for me. To me this was just a filler/dud and is easily consider one of the duds of the night

Match 3
United States Championship
Chris Benoit(c) vs MVP

Thoughts: I didn't really follow the build up to this, but the match itself was decent. I was glad to see Benoit retain on this one. To me, this match wasn't a match of the night contender, but it definitely was not a dud.

Match 4
World Heavyweight Championship
The Undertaker vs Batista(c)

Thoughts: I remember the build up on this one. I remember watching the Rumble that year and as Taker won, I pondered who he would face(I was pulling for Cena). The use of having Taker and Batista team up heading into Mania was interesting to me, and in my opinion, a different but good way of going about building it up. The match itself was good. This was one of those matches where I knew The Undertaker would walk away the winner, but for me, it didn't take away the enjoyment of the match. In fact, each time Taker had a near fall and Batista kicked out, it got me even more pumped to see when Taker would put the Animal down. This match to me should definitely be considered one of the matches of the night

Match 5
Rob Van Dam, Tommy Dreamer, Sabu,, and The Sandman vs Elijah Burke, Marcus cor Von, Matt Striker, and Kevin Thorne

Thoughts: To be honest, this match was a dud. I never was one for the new ECW the WWE brought back, and this match was just a bummer to me. The only high points in this match were the fact you had RVD here. The match itself didn't really stick out to me as "Oh wow! This is something people 20 years from now will remember". I would consider this to be one of the duds of the night

Match 6
Hair vs Hair Match
Bobby Lashley(with Donald Trump) vs Umaga(with Vince McMahon)-Special Guest Ref-Stone Cold Steve Austin

Thoughts: Am I the only one who thought this whole thing was pointless dribble? Similar to todays Long vs Johnny A feud, this Trump vs Vinnie feud just made me want to throw up. The wrestlers they chose to represent them, were two guys I enjoyed watching in the ring and I wish they had not been involved in this dribble. The build up to this match in my opinion, was lack luster. Then adding Stone Cold Steve Austin to me didn't do anything for this match. The match itself was blah with a side of blah. The most exciting thing from this match would be Stone Cold nailing a stunner on the Trump. This match to me was one of the duds of the night.

Match 7
Lumberjill Match for Women's Championship
Melina(c) vs Ashley

Thoughts: I was never high on Ashley, though I know others were. I've always been a fan of Melinas in ring work though. The build up to this was just bland in my opinion. To me this was around the time the Diva's division started to go down hill. The match itself was a dud, and easily one of the duds of the night.

Match 8
WWE Championship
John Cena(c) vs Shawn Michaels

Thoughts: What can I say about this match. It has my all time favorite wrestler going for the gold. I enjoyed the build up to this, having HBK and Cena team up, and the moments where it would look like one was going to turn on the other and nail their respective finisher. The match itself was good in my opinion. This match to me was definitely one of the matches of the night

Shocker Of The Night
Jeff Hardy nailing leg drop off top of ladder onto Edge

Show Stealer of the Night
John Cena vs Shawn Michaels

Well everyone, that brings to close another edition of Flash From The Past. Keep your eyes out in this last week leading up to Mania for the remaining 4 editions of Flashes from the Past focusing on Wrestlemania!

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  1. Rick BoA's Avatar
    Shawn vs Cena was a dud. Cena did not sell one single move, and proved that even with an amazing performer such as HBK he could not put on a match. Taker vs Batista stole the show.
  2. deadly56's Avatar
    Great blog Bearkg88. I enjoy your uncooked better, but this is still a decent blog.
  3. LMPunker's Avatar
    kennedylostthe briefcase because of an injury and undertaker needed time off so they needed someone who could cash in right there and then so with kennedy injured they went with edge good blog though
  4. derrrr01's Avatar
    I was there for this Mania', and I don't even remember the ECW match, so I completely agree with that as dud of the night. But the match that stole the show for me was without a doubt Taker vs. Batista. I honestly thought I was about to see Taker's streak end, and the crowd was great(even if you couldn't really tell on TV).
  5. Cross's Avatar
    Thanks for these blogs I am enjoying them. My personal opinion is Undertaker vs Batista was a better match and should of been the main event. 1. The Royal Rumble winner should be on the last match of the card. 2. (In my opinion) stole the show. 3. Undertaker's first world championship main event at Wrestlemania. And 4. It felt more anticipating considering how intimidating Batista was. But I did enjoy the blog.

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