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Wrestlemania Dream Predictions

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Primo and Epico vs The Usos

This match will open the show just because it wasn't supposed to be there in the first place. I like both teams, but The Usos win in a surprise for the opener. Good way to start off the show.

Team Teddy vs Team Johnny
Before Christian was replaced by Drew MacIntyre I thought that there was no way Team Teddy takes this. His team is a complete joke. But then MacIntryre was added. I think it would be wise for Team Johnny to take this with David Otunga pinning someone. I actually like him, think his pairing with Johnny works for him. Would be cool if he pinned Khali. Would also be cool if this was an elimination match. But that's just crazy talk...

Cody Rhodes vs Big Show

We all know that Big Show is going to win this match. They wouldn't play up his Wrestlemania failures for him to lose here. All we can hope for is that this will be the beginning of a bigger push for Cody, maybe into the main event scene. Might be good for him to feud with more former stars that are still okay in the ring like Booker T. Hopefully The Big Show keeps some prestige on the title, defending it often. Would be cool if he can defend it weekly like what he did with the ECW title back in the day.

Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos vs. Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres

Kharma comes out and destroys Menounos. She is replaced by Tamina. Eve and Kelly fight outside and Tamina hits the splash on Beth for the victory and a title shot at the next PPV.

Kane vs Randy Orton

Make this a street fight and it would be an okay match. Not terrible build up, but it could have been much better. Randy's spot here should have went to Zack Ryder, and Ryder's spot on Team Teddy should have went to Randy. (Could have made it an elimination match like Survivor Series. Randy could have been down 3-1 and won. The last 3 guys on Team Johnny could be Otunga, Ziggler and Swagger. Orton beats Kane.

Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus

Daniel Bryan better take this. This feud could be so much more than it currently is. Bryan has held the title for months now and is not at all stale. Bryan could win cheaply to anger Sheamus, which will lead to a more serious, personal rivalry. Unfortunately, Sheamus squashes Bryan here.

HHH vs The Undertaker

This feud has been absolutely awful. I don't understand why HHH feels the need to bring HBK into this for the reasons that he did. (This who is better storyline, who cares, he is retired!). I agree that he should be been brought back as the referee or in HHH's corner, but have him take HHH's side, maybe come out to DX music a couple of times leading up to Wrestlemania. Awful feud, but the Hell in a Cell stipulation should make this interesting. Undertaker takes this obviously. I feel that if HHH wins, it would either make or break his position as COO (on television character). Could turn him heel if he were to win and show up every week but only wrestle at PPVs. Maybe continue his feud with Punk somehow.

CM Punk vs Y2J

I'm pulling for Jericho to take this. Punk has held the title for awhile now, and he isn't nearly as entertaining as he was last summer. Not even close. Not taking anything away from him ring work obviously. Y2J is the whole package, and is more creative in his promos. Y2J takes this, but I can see Punk taking this too.

Rock vs Cena

As much as I hate to say it, John Cena should take this match simply for storyline purposes. He is there every week. What could they possibly do storyline wise if the Rock wins? Sure, he'll be there the night after, but how about after that? For those who feel that they could use a Rock victory to turn Cena heel, a Cena victory could do the same thing, but better. Cena wins and Cena sucks.

All and all, this should be a pretty good Wrestlemania, but I have full faith that the WWE will find a way to ruin it just like they did last year. (That was awful).

After Wrestlemania I would like to see The Miz drafted to Smackdown to begin a face turn. He could be huge as a face. Also, Santino and The Big Show will switch brands, bringing their championships with them. However, the draft concept is a giant waste of time and with Raw Supershow bullshit. And an even bigger waste of time now that each show is going to have the same General Manager. I would also like to see Beth Phoenix drafted to Smackdown so that we will not have to see as many Divas matches on Raw anymore. (No Divas Championship there).

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  1. k_roll00's Avatar
    and alberto del rio to smackdown (makes sense since there is nothing for him on raw).
    maybe jack swagger or dolph ziggler to smackdown so they can both be showcased on both shows, maybe culminating in a tag team title run.
  2. JerseyJimbo's Avatar
    I actually think it'd be cool if beth phoenix gets the pin, gets on the mic sayin something like its a joke she has to fight such a nobody and then starts back in on Menounos getting her in a submission move then Kharma's music hits...
  3. k_roll00's Avatar
    Also, Santino would feud with guys like a heel Ezekiel Jackson, and maybe Christian??? A Christian/Santino rivalry could be gold if done right.

    As for the World Championships, I hope Daniel Bryan and Sheamus feud for awhile, hopefully in a series of competitive matches. (The Divas Championship would work being on Smackdown because of what Bryan is currently doing with AJ. It could add some much needed presitige to it). The winner of the feud will feud with Randy Orton.

    Punk and Jericho will feud for awhile I am sure. Cena will probably get into the mix sooner or later considering that after Mania, he won't have much to do. Maybe make it a triple threat at the next PPV. If they go this route, I hope that Cena isnt really involved in the rivalry, but just thrown into the match as a reward for beating the Rock.
  4. wwefan2000's Avatar
    cena wins we riot

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