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My last event as a WWE fan

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Hi everybody, this isn't some overreaction. I decided that this year's Wrestlemania would be the perfect way to bow out of being a pro wrestling fan. If the show lived up to the hype there is no doubt I would be eating my hat and watching tonight's raw and invested for the future. Luckily I am okay with leaving this show behind. I try to defend WWE time and again from the barracking that the IWC has in store for them. Mostly just because I like to piss people off, it makes me feel like a big man. Seriously, I still love wrestling for what it was, and just get abit ansey at reading all the negative bile reserved for wwe. But I agree with ya all in theory. I hate seeing people do the usual "WWE has f'ucked up XXX's push here's what I would have done" kind of stuff but to be honest your idea's generally trump the one's the professionals come up with. Wrestling though has been getting to new epic area's of "GAAAY" over the last few year's, which I have been finding increasingly hard to handle. Nothing against gay people, I hope any gay people or those with gay friends reading this know I mean gay as south park would define it, as in Wrestlemania was gay as shit this year aka. it was shit. Anyway, I am going to fast forward through Raw tonight, see how all these angles end and get the fuck out of "THIS BUSINESS" for good. I love blogging, I love reading blog's (especially the Best and Worst of Raw, look it up) and of course going through the vast Youtube archives. Hell, I even like the dirtsheets. You know there's a problem when you look forward to all the other things WAYYYY more than the actual TV/PPV show (I know this is popular, but wwe fucking nailed money in the bank last year - PPV should be like that ALL THE TIME). Let's get to this review anyway you crazy Next Big Thing-anites-anites-ites.

1) Sheamus v Daniel Byran for the World Heavyweight Championship

As soon as this farce happened I knew my soon to be wrestling death would not be in vain. What a way to shit on everybody Vince, or whoever the fuck came up with this idea. There have been few things I have enjoyed more in the last few months than Daniel Bryan's descent into the most original heel in year's. His "YES!YES!" schtick has caught on in a big way and the crowd were definitely interested in him last night. Whatever about creating characters and storylines, just don't job your champ out in 18 seconds. It's a shame that Vince McMahon is so insecure by the internet that he needs to play an april fool's on them. That's him all over though. If you can find this on youtube look it up, I tried linking it but I couldnt find it. It's Vince on Conan back in about 1999 at the height of the attitude era. It is one of those "Something said, not good" moments, where Vince says something about wrestling being an actual sport (this is as high as it has ever been remember) and there is mocking laughter from the audience and Conan and just for a split second you see Vince become very small. I shit you not. You can see that Vince is totally embarassed to be in this wrestling mullark. Genius yes, ashamed, unfortunately yes.

2) Kane v Randy Orton

Politics eh? Orton said in interviews very confidently that this would be the bigger match than the world heavyweight and he was dead right. I actually liked this match, I didn't hate the feud either but that's because I've been drinking the wwe koolaid for the last 10 year's, and would watch whatever the fuck they put on. You become conditioned by them to just accept what is on the tv. I was happy to see Kane get the win, cause I love that guy. For you people still interested, you can be happy that Kane is still in dominant heel territory.

3) Cody Rhodes v Big Show

I liked it, I really really did. Good to see Big Show get a Mania moment, which is what this was all about. Cody Rhodes is the one guy I see being a proper superstar in the future. He has that shit eating grin that I just adore in a heel. I hope they don't bury him. Which they will.

4) Divas Match

Even when Trish, Lita, molly holly, victoria and whichever women could actually wrestle where wrestling back in the day there was no guarantee I would watch it. Kelly Kelly and Eve are severely smokin', but I didnt even really pay attention. I was on the dirt sheets, which have been more entertaining to me than wrestling for a very long time.

5) Triple H v Undertaker

By far in my opinion the match of the entire night. It made the whole thing more worthwhile for me. Quite similar to last years No Dq, but just with a bit of extra brutality on top. The kind of shit that they were doing in this match, that is the kind of shit that is going to be more and more what "wrestling" is actually about. All the talking to each other, the shocked faces etc. It will be less about brutality and manoeveurs and more about emotions. That is why wrestling doesn't work for me anymore. But it all had it's place in this match because of who was involved and what the setting was. I would say Shawn Michaels was the mvp - He really is the showstealer. I loved the unpredictability of this match, and there were a few times I thought Hunter would win, even though we knew Undertaker would win. I've got a huge list of my favourite characters in wrestling history but Triple H is by a mile long my favourite heel of all. That 2000/2001 HHH, There were times it looked like he was back. Undertaker is a fucking machine. He looked ferocious out there. The end was quite brilliant. The three walking up the ramp together, truly end of an era. Much as it is the same for me. Thank god Jim Ross was present for this entire match. He really is the god of announcing, he called this match like he has never missed a beat. Perfect way for all three men to bow out of their careers, which I think has now happened.

6) Team Teddy v Team Johnny

Wow! There must have been 19 people ringside for this match. Thank fuck for the Bella twins anyway, they looked durrrrrrty last night. That's all I'll really say. Mark Henry angrily threw Hornswoggle on the ground, which should happen at every show,and there was a triple plancha from Ryder, Kofi and R Truth to guys on the outside that was pretty cool. Miz got the win when Eve distracted Ryder. Then Eve kicked Ryder in the balls. Right now, my wrestling ban is seeming to be easier than ever. The Hell In A Cell was all I'll ever ask for out of 3 of my favourites but it's clear that brilliance is either over indefinitely or coming to an end. The Eve era is now here. I am glad I'm not going to stick around to find this out. I'm sorry to tell you, but Eve is going to be a woman's John Cena - You will like her and you will watch her. We get it, she's a woman empowered and she's a bitch. Brace yourselve's people, wrestling just got really shit.

7) Chris Jericho v CM Punk

Before this, Johnny informed Punk that he could lose the title via dq. It kinda pissed me off at the start because I thought it would be Jericho spitting at Punk and making him MAAAAD and getting him DQ'ed. I didn't think the match needed that kind of stip but it's nice to see feud continuation between Punk and Johnny. The match was pretty good in my opinion, I enjoyed it, deffo second best match of the night. I don't care about the finish because I'm done, outta here. Thanks for putting on a decent match though, this is what wrestling should be.

8) The Rock v John Cena

The main event. They built it up so well but it just reminded me of how corporate and "GAAAAY" wwe has become. First off, the entrances. I don't know who Machine Gun Kelly is but I assumed for the last few weeks that was a Rihanna song, cause they all sound the same. And I fucking hate that song. I was in wrestleania mode the last couple of days and I couldn't get that song outta my head at all. Fucking horrible. It's even still in my head. Thank god for Youtube and an endless supply of brain damaging drum and bass to ease my pain to. I'm obviously not the kind of fan wwe caters for anymore, that's why I'm throwing in the towel. I avoid all the shitty television and the shitty music pretty successfully and the only one thing that drags me into this pit of despair is wrestling. It has changed so much. The last time I really enjoyed wrestling was back in 2003, that's pretty insane for a wrestling fan. I've obviously enjoyed bits here and there but it has generally involved suspending my level of belief to incredibly epic proportions, particularly the last 4 years. Where are the Macho Man's, Triple H's (I know he's still there, but I'm talking bout young mega heels like him in his prime). There certainly are no Stone Cold's any more. Anyway, back to the entrances. WWE couldn't possibly pass up this opportunity to have Cena shill out his new shirt. Then The Rock's entrance. Flo Rida. Another guy I know nothing about, performs not one but two songs. If WWE had any sense they would listen to their fans. They didn't give a crap about either guy. Hell, they cared more about making him look superior to their employee Heath Slater. Always sucking up to celebrities.I liked MGK's slight at The Rock's ego at the end of his performance for Cena, it got good heat so fair play to the little scrawnbag for that.

It was an okay main event, but definitely not the best match ever. Jerry Lawler made it fucking worse though. Another example of how bland wwe has become, look no further than Jerry Lawler. He was an awesome heel and an even better heel announcer, and he has been phoning it in for year's now. Him constantly telling us that this is a great match is just another fine example of WWE propaganda. Not a bad match by any means, but certainly nothing mega memorable. If something big happened in this match there is not a doubt that WWE would have retained my loyalty. If fucking Cena cheated dirty to win, it would have been worthwhile me coming back for me. The big thing is going to be John Cena saying "I failed you all.... I don't deserve to entertain you anymore.... But I want a rematch.....etc.". As the fans would chant "same old shit".

I will say I actually jumped in the air when The Rock got the pin though, and was properly excited that he got the win. I just don't care for the second in a lifetime rematch thats going to be on the horizon.


I am stopping watching wrestlling for several reasons. First of all, I am moving out of Ireland for good and going back to Canada, where I was born. Watching wrestling and going on dirt sheets, reading and posting blog's is not going to help me get my shit together in the upcoming months and years. It was also an easy decision thankfully. I was very comfortable that it truly was the end of an era, not just for the three hell in a cell behemoths but me as well. WWE is not wrestling anymore. It is entertainment. Last night was a complete shill. WWE has become total propaganda. I am 28, I loved watching Macho Man, Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Million Dollar Man, Mr. Perfect, and fuck it every single guy from the roster in those days. They lost me at one point when it just became sorta boring cause none of those big guys worked there anymore. I also remember I REALLY hated Vince McMahon and the way he made everything sound absolutely incredible. I felt pretty insulted/massively underwhelmed. When I came back, wrestling was better than it ever was, it was completely different from everything I knew again. I loved Triple H the most, but still got excited for Stone Cold, The Rock and fuck it everyone from that particular era. So much so that I still have watched until today. Vince had me at attitude era.

Wrestling has not been that fun for quite a while though. WWE were struggling with their identity after they weren't the cool thing anymore. It was still good for a few years but the propoganda machine got bigger and bigger. Vince will always big up anything, he's a promoter. But it became all about perceived quantity instead of actual quality. The modus operandi of WWE has been 100% telling the fans what they want instead of listening to what they want. That's fucking insane. With me, that goodwill has now gone. It has happened to lots of other people and it will happen to more. The whole Daniel Bryan fiasco was a big Fuck You to the hardcore fans that made his company a success. Those hardcore fans are internet fans. Vince doesn't want any of us anymore. It's obvious. He wants the kids. Maybe he always wanted the kids, that was his target back in the glorious 80's. WWE is an entertainment company. It will never be a wrestling company again. The most important thing in WWE's mind is being seen with celebrities. That's it. It's pathetic in the sense that they latch onto whoever the flavour of the month is. I have basically been watching for years and years because of what happened in the attitude era. It was must see every show and every PPV. It has been years since it ended but I have stayed loyal like most. I read a comment last night. It's like being in a bad relationship with an abusive partner that you keep going back to. WWE is the definition of corporate shillery. That's fine for some but that doesn't fly with me. Being a WWE fan is about living in hope. It's not fun. WrestleMania is not the same show it once was. We have always been force fed it's the biggest show in the world but there was actually some year's that was completely true. Hence our undying love remained intact. Last night's show was about advertising, it was about getting new sponsorships. It was about getting P Diddy on WWE TV. It was about forming alliances with MGK and Flo Rida, because they are celebrities whose music is based on the propoganda of "you will like it because it's everywhere". Apart from the HHH-Taker match, there was no heart in it. It was still entertaining. All the other matches underwhelmed (even Punk-Jericho, especially Rock-Cena), while the yes men on announce Lawlor and Cole told us repeatedly that we are all having a great time and it was the best wrestlemania ever. They have to say that stuff, I know, but a little bit of integrity over the year's would go a long way. WWE are immensely proud of themselves, and rightfully so. They are a huge empire. But they are so smug and condescending about it, that I am extremely happy that they didn't do any kind of swerve to make me keep watching their tripe. I certainly don't care that Eve's still a bitch, which was the big swerve of the night. I won't watch new wwe programming ever again, because they treat their fans with no respect. And somebody should really fucking look out for wrestler's best interests. This man has blood on his hands. All those guys I loved growing up that are now dead before their time because of subrances, drink or whatever got that way for a) because they were fucking party animals, and b)they were on the road all the time. Good rest affects brain cells, which affect your state of mind, which affects the need to drink and do drugs, and on and on and on.

The WWE is now all about the top brass, and the guys below in the hierarchy who will grovel for the rest of their lives. Stuff the fans, they are just mindless drones who will watch what we tell them to watch.
that's my Wrestlemania review. Regardless of my rambling I still enjoyed the show. But only 2 wrestlemanias i have ever seen lived up to the hype, 17 and 19. The most enjoyable thing about WrestleMania is usually the hype. This year was the same. Next year will be the same, but I've had enough hype and I'm ready to give my wrestling boots away to the new generation of fans.

Best Match: Undertaker v Triple H - A fitting end to an era that I have enjoyed, but is at the right time to end. In my mind, there will be no more rematches. Nothing will live up to this. This will be my last memory of wrestling.

Worst Match: I fucked off somewhere else for the diva match, so it's gonna be Bryan v Sheamus. WWE love all these "WrestleMania moments", but the fans who have grown up as WWE fans (like me) want storytelling and ring action. We don't care about WWE's ego, we care about the people in the ring and their dreams.

Best Moment: Undertaker and Michaels dragging Triple H off the ground to give him his due. That was real, that's why we watch wrestling. We can suspend our disbelief but it's about being genuine.

Anyway, this'll be my last blog. I am going to read the Raw results tomorrow, but then thats it - I'm a goner. Won't be watching any more shows, won't be reading dirt sheets (which are far more entertaining now, imo they do wwe's job for them), and won't be doing any more blogging. Whatever the quality of the show, Wrestlemania 28 was going to be my last. It was good, but not enough to make me bail on my decision. It's just a money making machine. Sure it always has been, but it once had heart and personality. The wrestler's don't even have personality now which really sucks. They have video packages, entrance theme's and announcers who tell you their great, but they're all the same now. As I said, my last wrestling moment will be Triple H, Undertaker and HBK getting a standing ovation. I was excited for Rock-Cena, but it was no where near the Rock-Hogan ballpark. Miles away to be frank. I'm not bitter, its just television and I enjoyed it, but wwe has had enough of my undivided attention.

Please leave your comments, I'd appreciate it, I care much more about what wrestling fans think than what wwe think, 100%.

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  1. Renevious's Avatar
    Bravo Next Big Thing. Bravo. I'm going to miss your presence here on this site. There aren't enough of us left, and you leaving is going to sting. You're 28. I'm 32. I know totally where you're coming from. You mentioned about how WWE is like a bad abusive relationship you can't get out of. I have always compared it to being like a heroin addict. I have to have it, and I hate myself for needing it. But I'm too far gone to turn my life around now. I just keep hoping that one day this drug will treat me differently. And every day I get let down. But that's just the nature of the beast. Take care man.
  2. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    Are you giving up on all wrestling or just the WWE? But anyways, I usually hate it when something like this happens and some fan just says "the WWE is shit and I am done" and they usually come back and complain more. Yours felt more honest and you actually gave reasons why you are done.
  3. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    What can I say except, AMEN. For months, I've teetered back and forth about whether or not I would bow out gracefully after this year's Wrestlemania. I've been at conflict with myself about whether wrestling is even for me anymore. I considered leaving last year but Tough Enough and CM Punk kept me around. I bought into the hype of this year's Wrestlemania and it's something I will never do again.

    I'm going to watch Raw tonight, because I want to see if what you said is true. Cena will come out, "I let everyone down and I'm sorry...but I continue to fight for everyone and blah blah". We all know it's going to happen. Plus I want to see how Jericho is going to jabber on about being the Best when he tapped clean. When I get a clear picture of how Extreme Rules will basically just be WM rematches, then I can smile, turn it off, end the series recording on my DVR, and not look back.

    The WWE is losing the fans that helped it surviive the competition. And it lost another one in you. And more than likely, another one in me. It'll survive without us. And us without it.

    Great Blog Brother. Good Luck.
  4. bartish2's Avatar
    You are 150% spot on. I was considering this to be my last wrestlemania as well because I have just had enough of wwe's propaganda to hype this up as the best wm ever when the entire business is directed more towards kids. I cannot stand it much longer. I made a promise for wrestlemania... if the undertaker loses I am done, If rock loses I am done. why? because the undertaker is in my opinion, the best in this business and the streak outshines the rest of the card...EVERY YEAR. It is the last good thing in this business that has not been ruined by the modern day wwe propaganda to make money and direct the product towards kids. I watch because I want to see quality wrestling, the feeling that happens during the undertaker matches... that feeling nobody else can really grasp anymore. I was rooting for the rock because I do not like cena. I feel he is basically the tool that wwe channels its propaganda into. The match was over hyped, over rated and it was not even that great of a main event. It was 20 minutes in and I was finding myself bored and wondering why I waited a whole year to see this match. Cena is boring, he is the tool that vince uses to direct the product to kids. He uses him to channel his propaganda and force feed the impressionable kids and make them accept what they get. I feel sorry for this business. Where do you see this business in 12 years? 12 years ago wwe had 6.6 ratings for the raw before wm and 12.0 ratings doing the attitude era. the raw before wm28 had only a 3.0 rating. People are loosing interest. FAST. It is moving from a wrestling business to just entertainment... basically "what makes money"... like who the hell is machine gun kelly or flo rida? I honestly thought flo rida was a chick named florida. Then I see this wigger guy from machine gun kelly and both groups were obviously lip syncing... the words were playing and they didnt have the mic to their lips yet. On top of all that I see brodus clay. I ask myself why I still watch wrestling. They promote bands, promote wm28 all just to get money and to deliver entertainment, not wrestling.

    I hear rock vs cena will be a best of 3 series and I find myself shaking my head... because the match last night was over rated and over hyped and just a letdown and I do not want to see another match involving these two. It is just to make more money, vince brings back all these guys to boost ratings and sales. What will a win for cena do anyways? Put him over? fans already hate the guy, I think if cena does win wwe will take a huge hit in ratings. People respect the hell out of the attitude era and the rock. Why should the a legend from the best era in wrestling job out to a propaganda tool in the pg era that does not really have a future? It is just pathetic. A legend with that much talent has to job out to a kids entertainment era. That is the last straw for me.
    On top of that, you pointed out coles and lawlers pointless commentating. I have never really liked their commentating, lawler just makes 1 liner jokes to cole all the time and cole is just a idiot. On top of that they keep reminding me that I am enjoying it. I know if I am enjoying it or not, and I did not enjoy rock vs cena. The only match I REALLY enjoyed was undertaker vs hhh. because they know how to deliver good wrestling, not just entertainment. That is why I was so happy that undertaker demanded JR call the match... because cole and lawler can make a good match sound like a piece of crap.

    I do not know how much longer I can stand this terrible kids show. I know when rock loses this feud, I will stop watching. Wrestling will be officially dead. This show is not even wrestling anymore, it is just mostly promos or talking and advertising shit. It is moving towards a kids only show, and I know that will be true when rock loses. Seriously I do not blame you for stopping watching. We watch it hoping it will get better. Maybe a good moment here or there but nothing really great. The only thing that really shines every year is undertakers matches. I wish vince sold the product for what people want, not what he thinks kids want.

    Great blog man, I think the future of the wwe is very grim and I doubt there will be any attitude era fans around to witness it. When rock loses, attitude era fans will stop watching. Wrestling will be dead. Ratings will suffer. The wwe is not what it used to be, and it will never be what it used to be. Good luck in your future and sorry for the long response :/ it is just i have felt the same why and wanted to point out how i feel about it. WWE will continue to lose fans unless they move away from the kids era.
  5. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
    Thanks for the comments lads, this is definitely the most personal blog ive ever written and I'll miss the whole thing. I'm not gonna ric flair on this one anyway.

    @Renevious Love your blogs man, you kick ass. I'm glad you see where I'm coming from, we are all devoted fan, wrestling fans are truly lucky to be able to appreciate this, yes, sport. Good luck buddy, I hope they cop on to themselves, they don't realise the great fans that are absolutely loyal.

    @wrestlingfan66513 Yeah I'm done. I tried making sure it wasn't one of them "WWE is shit never watching again blogs", cause they dont mean anything to anyone. TNA would have to completely change their presentation for me to keep interest. I know its the popular thing to say, but it reminds me exactly of wcw, except its a shabbier presentation. trying to be overly controversial and overly cool all the time was a wcw thing. I said vince mcmahon was a little man, but hes andre the giant compared to bischoff.

    @DK Wrestling Saviour I was looking for two targets with this blog. 1) Anybody that wanted to read a review of wrestlemania, and 2) People like you, who have the same feelings as i do. Like yourself, Ive been very disatisfied for a long time. I told myself in the run up to Wrestlemania 27 that even though one of my faves that i missed terribly the rock was back, that i was going to stop watching. It was a horrible ppv imo except for taker-hhh, really phoned in by the company as a whole. then they announced rock-cena for this year. I was impressed with the announcement a year in advance, so i couldnt help but being dedicated for another year. But now, its all over. And i wasnt one to shit on it every week at all, I really was hoping for the match to reignite my passion for wrestling. It didn't. I'm okay with it. i don't think it will ever be reignited now. As you said, wwe will survive, and we'll survive too. Keep up the blogging, you are the saviour

    @bartish2 Don't worry about the length man, I fucking wrote loads lol. As I've said to DK, one of the reasons I did this blog was to see if anybody coud relate to me. I think wwe is fucked, or at least the wwe that ive always loved. its entertainment. big deal. hell of a thing to brag about for people in the entertainment indusry. I'm just sick of the self congratulatory pat's on the back that wwe constantly give themselves. i cant handle it anymore. i could take it when there was other stuff actually happening, and you wouldnt even really think about it at all. wwe is not aimed at me, time to get over it. Some big news is that they are gonna announce the main event for next year tonight. Whatever it is (prob another rock v cena) im not going to be duped into giving up my free time to watch the product again, it happened last year. It was marketing genius to get me dedicated for another year, but its not gonna happen again.

    Thanks again for the comments lads, I hope this company turns itself around in the future. Wrestling fans deserve alot better.
  6. k_roll00's Avatar
    I agree with everything you said. It looked like it was going to turn the corner after CM Punk last summer, but he just became one of them. (If you remember the episode he returned to confront Cena with the championship, I thought that was going to turn the corner, and it did until when Nash and Del Rio showed up at Summerslam. Turned into the same old shit.

    At this point, the only reasons I'd watch is for Rock and Lesnar (none of which will really be there very often).

    I need to move on from this too. It's too time consuming. Time for a different, and hopefully better hobby.
  7. RKF's Avatar
    This blog is spot on. When i turned my tv off at 4am last night i couldnt believe what i had just watched aswell as paying out 22 euro for it. The first match was an insult to wrestling fans. Its all so predicatable. Can we just get the wrestlers out to the ring and get rid of all these idiot singers, i paid to watch wrestling. I wont be paying again.
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