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What did we just See: Wrestlings Bizzare Exports

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Wrestling has given us moments with cringe factor, left us thinking how can people endour such pain, left us begging for more, but the things that stick out are the things that make you say: Why is this happening? Who comes up with this? What was the point? So let us explore the oddest things wrestling has forced us to sit through (don't worry, I have a point with this).

5. Gimmick Matches
Of course we have gimmick matches still happening today such as Hell in a Cell, Steel Cage, Ladder, etc. But we have also seen such matches as Kiss my Ass, Dog Kennel Match, Kiss my foot,WCW's Thunder Cage, War Games (2 rings), and the infamous Country Whipping match. Why? entertainment can be found in these, but efforts can be but into making regular matches better, not relying on hardcore, Cage, or Falls Count Anywhere matches to make the rivalry better.

4. Celebrities
Donald Trump, Floyd Mayweather, Maria (Can't spell her last name), almost Shaq, The football guy from last year. This is for WWE to get cheap puplicity with spawns from their lack of veiwers. But I think I can speak for many of us when I say that the viewership goes down when snookie gets in wrestling gear and tries to wrestle. Better matches and Promos will get more viewers then Snoop Dogg ever will.

3. Change
So many eras. Everyone was happy with the era they were in, the 80's, the 90's, the 00's, and then they ruined it. Why? I don't have a straight-foreward answer for this one, but I can guess it come from a misunderstanding of the viewers, Vince's crazy ideas, or something I can't even guess. But either way WWE went downhill by their own changes. BUT, WWE goes through drastic changes every 10 years or so, so maybe in 2020, WWE might pick up a bit, we can dream right?

2. Comedy
For people who don't watch wrestling, they could never imagine that the wrestlers would get on the mic and make people laugh. Some of the promos in wrestling are not very wrestling-like, but the comedy does give us more entertainment then two guys consistantly beating eachother up every week. Nowadays some of the "entertainers" are lacking in the comedy department, but for a good laugh, watch NXT and listen to William Regal's commentary. I'm not saying WWE should turn into stand up with a little bit of fighting inbetween, but a good laugh it enough to make me want to tune in more than Rock droning on every week, then Cena retaliating with the same thing he said last week.

1. Gimmicks
The debuts of some of these guys can just make you cringe, laugh, feel sorry for the wrestler, or just change the channel. Some good, some bad, some are just terrible. We could do without so many of these gimmicks, but some of them add edge to a character. A gimmick can make or break a rising star. Gimmicks can "shock" people into tuning in next time, or changing the channel imediately. Working Examples: Sandman, Undertaker, Kane, Val Venis (yeah, that's right), Eddie Guerrero. Dud Examples: Eugene, Zack Ryder, most of the WCW roster, Punjab Playboy, 2nd Generation, and the wasted time called Vito.

Wrestling doesn't have to stick to wrestling, but it should try to stay away from 4, 3, and bad cases of 1. WWE has screwed us into watching all of this to try in feeble attempts to entertain us. Do You Think that the crazy stuff is neccesary? or that WWE should trim the fat of the insanity of such things as Celebrities, extended promos, and relationships?

Thanks for reading!

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