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Wrestlers WWE Dropped The Ball On

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'Yes Sir,We Promised You A Great Event...'

Over the many years of the WWE, many great, and talented superstars have come and go. Some rise to fame, and stardom, while others fall to only be a pleasant memory in the mind of WWE Fans every where. This list will countdown the 10 Superstars that I feel the WWE missed their chance with.

It might be his lack of charisma, when compared to other, or the fact that WWE just thought that his mic skills didn't compare. Lets face it, Rhyno was around when a lot of competition was there. Triple H, Stone Cold, Rock, Jericho, Undertaker, Kurt Angle, and many others we're jumping to superstardom in the full swing of the Attitude Era. Rhyno had the body, and could pull off some decent matches in a time where decent matches were considered good. Rhyno looked the part, walked the part, but WWE didn't capitalize on what a mega star he could have been. TNA almost got it right. Rhyno will always be known as that "Gore guy."

Chris Masters:
He was big, he was muscular, he had the good looks. He was something straight out of a Vince McMahon wet dream. During his first run in the WWE, this young man was thrusted right into the main card. Did the pressure get to him? Drugs soon dragged him down, and he was released. Later he cleaned up his act and came back to what would seem like a successful run. However, he was used as a jobber, and would only really wrestler on the meaningless show, Superstars.It would be interesting to see if he signs with TNA or not.

Matt Hardy:
It is often thought, where would he be today, if he was made the Main Eventer in the WWE? Would he still be there? Would he have a better head on his shoulders? Regardless, the name Hardys have become controversial in the wrestling business. During the Attitude Era, a young, death defying team was taking wrestling by storm. The Hardy Bros. Matt and Jeff exploded on the scene, and both seem to be on the right one way track to super stardom. After years of ups and downs, they both just about found their way there. But Jeff would be the one that entering the ranks as Main Eventer, and world Champion. A rank Matt Hardy would, and never will leave to see. The Hardy story is a sad one. But would it have been different if Matt was made a star?

What a character. Raven. The man of mystery. He had it all. He could have been huge. He could have been like Undertaker, Kane, Mankind. The many mysterious characters who came before him. I could watch him for weeks. Storylines that they could have done with him. It truly is a tragedy to see how Raven was used. Mainly as the Hardcore guy, who never really went anywhere.

Lance Storm:
I still get mad when thinking about how they didn't use Storm. This man was practically a world champion that walked in on them. Chris Jericho and Lance Storm. Should have been two of the biggest names in WWE history. They say he didn't have charisma. Bullshit. Lance used it to his gimmick, and got it over better then anyone else could. No wonder he ran off to other companies, because it's clear WWE doesn't know what a star is.

Ezekiel Jackson:
Everything he was supposed to be in 2011 they messed up and gave it to Mark Henry. In 2011 Mark Henry's persona fit the heel version of Ezekiel Jackson. The Personification Of Domination you can't give that to a face, that moniker belongs to a heel just like Hall Of Pain. Mark Henry dominated the Super Heavyweights all year and reminded me of when Zeke was doing the same things tearing people up then they have him start jobbing.

William Regal:
In the words of Zack Ryder "ARE YOU SERIOUS BRO!?" This guy has no World Title runs to his name. None? William Regal was, and is one of the best workers the WWE has ever seen. And as far as I know, he only messed up once. He's going to go down in History as one of the greats that should have been world champion. Like Mr. Perfect, Roddy Piper, Rick Rude, Owen Hart, and many more.

Muhammad Hasaan:
Muhammad Hasaan was a
guy at the potentital to be something big (even bigger then he was starting to be) a real monster heel for years to come and they flinch because of a stupid coincidence with the London bombing.

WWE should have sent him to Raw and he should have keep his gimmick and character the way it was. That or make him "injured" for a couple of weeks and have him comeback, not send him down to OVW and change what was the perfect gimmick. He got the axe because of what he was scripted to do.

But then again we now live in an idiotic era were people are losing their jobs when they scripted a wrestler to interrupt the national anthem to get old school heel heat because the National guard cried about it.

Colt Cabana:
The one that CM Punk is always talking about. His best friend. Colt Cabana. And internet sensation. WWE had him in their grasps, and what do they do with all great talent they get? They let them fall. Anyone remember Scotty Goldman? Yeah, not a surprise, seeing how in almost 7 months he was used on TV like 4 times, tops. I wonder now if WWE knows how badly they screwed up. But it may not be to late, if they want, I'm sure WWE can get Colt Cabana back in there hands. Just don't screw up this time.

Vladmir Kozlov:
I know Kozlov was already in his late 30s by the time he got his break but he was this killer. I didn't hate putting him with Santino but they could have handled it differently. Instead of being Santino's comedy sidekick he could have been his hired muscle to protect him against Sheamus(whose face character is growing on me). Like during that tea party segment a couple years back in the UK Kozlov totally looked afraid of Sheamus, not like that Russian killer he used to be.

John Morrison:
Morrison in 2009 was one of the most over and consistent guys in the whole damn company. Each week on Smackdown he would have classics for both the Intercontinental AND World Heavyweight Championships with the likes of Rey Mysterio, Jeff Hardy, Dolph Ziggler, CM Punk, and even Drew Mcintyre. His mic skills were actually decent that year as well, I thought they'd finally give him the strap in 2010 but they kept him in limbo that year instead of pushing him straight to the top. In 2010 he was pushed the exact same way as 2009, just with less title matches and the fact that he was on RAW rather than SmackDown. In 2011 it looked like he was finally getting that push but then out of nowhere he was demoted to jobber status when he should've been the top guy by now.

Ricky Steamboat:
They had him. They had the Dragon. They made the Dragon. And they let him go. Ricky was way before his time in the WWE. He was a God in a land of Cartoon characters. A little man in a land of giants. It wasn't his time yet, and the WWE missed their shot. Although they like to claim fame to Ricky, thats not true. It's the NWA who made this man. But in his short 3 years, he showed the world what he could do on a main stage, and his match with Randy Savage and WrestleMania III is still talked about to this day, and regarded as one of the best of all time.

Tag Team Division:
What the hell happened to the great tag teams of the past? Don't get me wrong, I love singles competition, but tag teams were super fun to watch as well. When Owen Hart and Yokozuna aligned with one another, as a kid I had no idea who could have beat those two. Or when Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage formed the Mega powers. Those were the days when tag teams could main event a pay-per-view. Now, it's complete shit and I literally have no idea who is a tag team and who isn't anymore. Tag Team Division needs to be rebuilt and the WWE needs to pick up the ball on this one.

Honorable mentions go out to Brian Kendrick, Paul London, Ken Kennedy, MVP, Dynamite Kid, Bobby Lashley, Chavo Guerrero, and more. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Rick BoA's Avatar
    #1 ball drop: DDP.
  2. Sam Axe's Avatar
    I thought they dropped the ball with Sean O'Haire.
  3. Earthquake's Avatar
    ilooked at the blog title and thought "here we go again".

    this is a good blog though. most blogs like these have names like curt hawkins, tyler reks, tyson kidd, a bunch of jobbers who have fans because theyer underdogs. of course attitude,conditioning, charisma etc. all played a part in these releases but you have given great points for each of these. in 2001 rhyno was my favourite wrestler on the roster, ahead of big names like scsa and rock. shame he got injured when he had huge momentum going. good blog
  4. JoePublic's Avatar
    'They didn't draw money' Uh I think the point is that these guys were never given a chance to.

    I still think the big three are 1) Vader 2) Mike Awesome 3) DDP
  5. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    Very good list, one I can think of off the top of my head is Shelton Benjamin.
  6. Bagg's Avatar
    Id agree, DDP is the biggest ball drop theyve ever had, that dude should be basking in the twilight of his career right now, stopping in for guess appearances and the odd match, on the wwe payroll. Very sad. id agree with most of the list, except i will never like Matt Hardy, has nothing to do with his recent extra curriculars and everything to do with me finding him extremely boring. I feel he was even there too long. good calls on regal, hassan (huge ball drop), and Storm. My notable ball drops: Kaval, Jerry Lynn, Sin Cara (i dont care what he did and didnt fail for wellness, they put this guy way out of his elements and expected perfection), Waylon Mercy lol, and in some aspects Rikishi. They had a lot of chances to make a certified bad ass out of Rikishi, but instead, the thong and stink faces kicked all of our asses.
  7. wwe=awesome's Avatar
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