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WWE's Storyline up to WM 27

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So after my blog "PG Isn't the Problem" one of you guys commented how I would write the WWE.

Now to be fair I have NO CLUE on whether or not you were actually talking to me personally or just simply asking in general. BUT I'm going to take it you were asking me personally (if you were not I advice you make it more clear lol jk)

Now as you should all know by now I do have a goal to one day get myself hired by either TNA or WWE, so I only ask for CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM, any just blatant negativity will be ignored/deleted.

We all know that RAW and SD! have different creative teams so I'm going to focus on the RAW brand for now. If the response is good I'll do the SD!


TLC 2010
Miz(c) vs.Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton
Ladder Match
After losing the WWE title Randy Orton quite pissed cashes in his rematch clause, but Wade Barrett refuses to end the year 2010 without the WWE title. In a number one contenders match between Barrett and Randy Orton interference from Nexus, John Cena and Miz give the mysterious GM the only choice to give both men a title shot at TLC, and to ensure that the match doesn't end in a DQ, the WWE title will be 15 ft high above the ring. Of course Nexus will be banned from ringside.

Sheamus vs. Triple H
Tables Match
During the three hour KOTR RAW, Sheamus makes it to the final round to face the latest thorn in his side...John Morrison. Just as Sheamus has Jo-Mo up for the Razor's Edge, The King of Kings music hits and out comes the Game!
Using the distraction to his advantage Jo-Mo hits the flying chuck to take the win and your NEW KOTR.
Triple H and Sheamus battle and brawl after wards.
Next week Sheamus challenges Triple H to the same match that won him the WWE title, a Tables Match
WINNER: Triple H (duh)

Bryan Danielson(c) vs. Ted DiBiase vs. John Morrison
In his first round match Ted DiBiase screws over Danielson continuing their feud.
After winning KOTR John Morrison is granted a US title shot and joins in the fun for the three way.
WINNER: Bryan Danielson

Miz(c) vs. Randy Orton
After losing the ladder match at TLC Randy Orton demands a rematch one on one. And after beating Alex Riley on RAW Randy Orton is given his WWE title shot at Royal Rumble.

John Cena vs. Wade Barrett
After screwing Wade Barrett at TLC the GM gives John Cena ONE SHOT at redeeming his WWE contract, by beating Wade Barrett at the Rumble.
WINNER: John Cena

The final four men are: Albert Del Rio, John Morrison,Triple H, Wade Barrett.
Morrison comes in the match early #10-13.
Triple H is #15
Albert Del Rio is #22
After losing to Cena Barrett takes Heath Slaters spot in the Rumble at #25.
Jo-Mo eliminates Del Rio, Triple H eliminates Morrison, Barrett eliminates Trips
WINNER: Wade Barrett

Elimination Chamber
Miz(c) vs. Ted DiBiase vs. John Morrison vs. Triple H vs. Sheamus vs. Randy Orton
DiBiase was able to beat Daniel Bryan after interference from CM Punk to qualify
Morrison beat Alex Riley
Triple H beat Santino
Sheamus beat R-Truth
Randy Orton beat David Otunga
Miz is the first to be eliminated by Jo-Mo
Jo-Mo is eliminated by Sheamus after Miz takes a cheap shot
DiBiase is eliminated by Triple H
Sheamus is eliminated by Randy Orton
WINNER: Randy Orton

John Cena vs. Wade Barrett
After losing to Cena at the Rumble and Nexus questioning his leadership Barrett challenges Cena to another match. John Cena denies him saying he has nothing left to prove, but will fight IF Barrett puts up his Wrestlemania title shot, which Barrett agrees to.
Right before hitting Wasteland on Cena the lights die and the UT gong is heard!
WINNER: John Cena
After Nexus jumps in and beats down Cena till The Undertaker returns and scares them all off.

Daniel Bryan(c) vs. CM Punk
CM Punk tries to recruit Bryan into starting a team with him that could take over the WWE, but Bryan decides to stay on his own course. Punk doesn't take this lightly and screws Daniel Bryan out of the Elimination Chamber

Randy Orton(c) vs. John Cena
After winning back hiis WWE title at Elimination Chamber, at after winning Wade Barrett's title shot the RAW main event that we already know is finally in place. Super Cena vs. The Viper.
WINNER: Randy Orton

Wade Barrett vs. The Undertaker
The ultimate test for Wade Barrett. He is the 19th man that will attempt to defeat the Deadman at WM. After burying Taker alive and being cost a shot to headline the grandest stage of them all both men have some HIGH stakes.
WINNER: (as if it was in question) Undertaker

The Miz vs. John Morrison vs. Triple H
The former WWE champion blames his former tag team partner for his loss.
Triple H steps in and tells Miz to stop being a punk and do something about it.
Triple H plays the puppet master on both sides pushing the issue further and further. Till finally the mysterious GM makes a triple
WINNER: John Morrison

CM Punk(c) vs. Daniel Bryan
Losing the US puts Daniel Bryan on a mean streak beating the hell out of whoever gets in his way and finally gets a rematch against CM Punk at the grandest stage of them all.

Ok so that is MY plan to WM27, what do you guys think?

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  1. tshizzy34's Avatar
    I definitely think you have some pretty good ideas leading up to WM27 but I am kinda tired of the same old Randy Orton vs John Cena theme honestly. I am a big fan of any all wrestlers but I would love to see the Miz retain the title at least heading into Mania. I think that HHH against The Miz would be cool to see at some point or at Mania. I also would much much rather see Bryan Danielson lose the IC belt to John Morrison way before Mania too I can't stand him with that stupid intro music and I think he's a bad choice for the IC Champion. I think a lot of these theoretical match ups will depend on how long they continue to do that stupid ass JUAN Cena thing which I think is just plain retarded. All in all not bad ideas however I would have to throw in that I would love to see Santino and Kozlov win the tag team belts sometime soon they would garner some great crowd pops with their antics and are actually a pretty good tag team in my opinion. Keep up the good work tho man, peace!
  2. HBKfan#1's Avatar
    i wouldnt give such a young guy in barrett such a big spot with the undertaker..thats just my opinion
  3. 6maximum6carnage6's Avatar
    Randy Orton(c) vs. John Cena
    WINNER: Randy Orton

    Wade Barrett vs. The Undertaker
    WINNER: (as if it was in question) Undertaker

    The Miz vs. John Morrison vs. Triple H
    WINNER: John Morrison"

    no offence, but that sucks. orton vs cena....again?? way to think outside the box
    jomo vs miz vs hhh... why add hhh? trips just dosnt fit this equation.
    Barrett vs undertaker.... Barrett isnt a big enough star to share the grandest stage of them all with the deadman.

    the rest of your ideas are typical wwe style stories. bottom line, i wouldn't pay to see this, id just pop in an old wrestlemania & see almost the same show. Punk vs Danielson id watch, but thats it. not bashing, its constructive criticism.
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