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WWE After Wrestlemania (Draft and Title Picture)

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Hey guys, this is my first blog here! Hopefully this one works because the couple I've tried to post before hasn't worked yet! Just a few storyline ideas I have for after 'Mania, feedback is appreciated!

Ill start with the WWE Title, I would have Daniel Bryan retain the title, and hold on to it until Summerslam. Then I would have Sheamus get the gold there!

WWE Title, I'd have Punk go over Jericho, also continuing their feud until Summerslam, putting Punk over again. I don't really know where I would go with the WWE Title picture after Punk/Jericho, maybe have him feud with A-Train, who would be brought in by Lauranitis as his right hand man to take Punk out.

Summerslam, Wade Barrett winning MITB. I would have it close between Barrett and Ziggler, with Vickie ssomehow messing up and accidentally screwing Ziggler out of the win. Face turn for Ziggler, feud with Barrett, culminating with a match with the MITB Briefcase on the line. Vickie screws Ziggler, Barrett wins.

You would have a "time filler" feud with Ziggler/Swagger and a feud for Barrett as well.

RR, Ziggler goes to win it! Getting his title match at Mania against whomever is the WWE Champion. We'll say Del Rio...

I would have the WHC on Orton at Elimination Chamber, and then have a number one contenders match with Barrett/Sheamus, having Barrett go over.

WRESTLEMANIA 29, your championship matches are:

WHC: Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett

I would put Barrett over clean here, 1,2,3.

WWE TITLE: ABR vs Dolph Ziggler

Clean win for Dolph as well, I would have Barrett cash in the briefcase on Ziggler, and you would now have one Championship for both shows. I would continue the majority of the year with Dolph Ziggler vs wade Barrett, building both of them as the new top face and top heel of the company.

Now for the Draft:

To Raw:

Drew Mcintyre
Cody Rhodes
Booker T
Santino Marella

To Smackdown:

The Miz
Kofi Kingston
Brodus Clay
Michael Cole

That was it for my first blog! Just a few storyline ideas and draft predictions! I hope it made sense and was easy to read!!!

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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Decent write up. Stretching all the way to next Wrestlemania. The only thing is, you don't mention Miz, John Cena, Cody Rhodes, CM Punk...these guys aren't going to just disappear.
  2. InRite's Avatar
    Easy to read, yes.....made sense? Not so much. It sounds to me like you are a huge Barrett mark, and there's nothing wrong with that he's a great wrestler. I do not, however, EVER want to see him as the face of the company, face or heel. If, IF they were to combine the two titles (which they would be stupid to do due to the fact that both brands run house shows on the same dates at the same times in different places and both need a flagship title) I would hate to see Barrett be the one to unify them. That would be something that would be good for a Cody Rhodes or Randy Orton, depending on if they want a face or heel champion. Its a good bolg, and your match/storyline structure isn't bad at all. I just can't agree with your star choice.
  3. Rockstar83's Avatar
    The draft has no meaning since they all jump everywhere.
  4. Sam Axe's Avatar
    Sorry, but Wade Barrett is boring.
  5. Huntersnider21's Avatar
    I'm going to post a few more blogs with The Miz, Cena, Rhodes, Taker, etc. I haven't forgotten about them!! And thank you all for the responses! Regardless of if you like Barrett or Ziggler, I think we all can agree that this year there needs to be new "top guys" emerge, regardless of who it is. Because outside of John Cena, Orton, and Sheamus is starting to get there also, there's isn't anybody thats standing out.

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