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Great Things About Wrestling Episode 1

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Hello everybody, Mania is very very close and things are getting exciting. Do you know what I never see, I never see any blogs about things that people love about wrestling. There's lots of analysis, opinion and so on, but a lot of it is written in a forlorn kind of way. I'm not a fan of Tna by any means, but watching some random episode tonight has reminded me of the things I, and I believe the vast majority loves most about wrestling. Here are things we can probably all agree on.


We all love screwjobs. In the attitude/Nitro era, they were commonplace every program and every ppv. People may rag on the attitude era but this is not the blog for it, it was the most successful era of wrestling ever and thats all there is to it. This influence far exceeds the aforementioned era's though. It has been a staple of the system for many generations. Managers cheating will always be my favourite. Who could ever forget Mr Fuji running around using his cane and throwing salt into the eyes of a beloved face. Awesome. When Triple H runs in on Austin costing him the title, and a wild brawl ensues. Awesome. When The Yeti comes out to the ring and hugs Hulk Hogan to death while the announcers put on their "shocked and outraged" voices. Err, Awesome. Then Vince Russo came into known existence and got his picture put in a dictionary together with the word "overbooked". Eventually, smarks will run in to a wrestling ring. Russo and his buddies (while in football helmets and gear) will say "Let's get out of here" while we all make nerdy noises and advance on them with weapons. It will be just like The Simpsons, except with actual real life consequences and a wrestling ring.


Remember Rock and Austin? Remember Hulk and Warrior? A moment where the fans are in unbridled joy of two awesome super powers trying to psyche each other out. Some of the biggest moments in wrestling involve staredowns.


Funkasaurus. New Jack. Mr Perfect. Koko B Ware. Glacier. Hunter Hearst Helmsley. Macho Man. The Goon. Papa Shango. One Man Gang. Big Boss Man. Ultimate Warrior. Tazz (ECW). The Berzerker. Raven. Supermen (John Cena, Golderg, Brock Lesnar). Beaver Cleavage. Million Dollar Man. Andre "The Giant". Kane. Vader. Mankind. Dude Love. Cactus Jack. The Ringmaster. Legion of Doom. The Red Rooster. Junk Yard Dog. Sabu. Hulk Hogan (Original Superman). The Undertaker. I'm sorry I went a bit crazy on the gimmicks there, but the list goes on and on as you know. Some great, some not so great. But good enough to make us fans. Gimmicks are the lifeblood of the business. I look forward to the return of Matt Bloom as Lord Tensai.

Heel Turns

We do love our face turns, especially the kids, but there's really nothing like a good heel turn. Especially when it involves a wrestler with a cookie cutter personality. If Kofi ever goes heel, I'm sure we'll all mark out. Just last year the heel turn of R Truth made that wrestler a hot commodity, and one of my favourite characters ever, and I'm an 80's guy. Another example of cookie cutter was Edge. The fan's were booing him as a face. He had the ring skills, he had a unique look, but he had a bland babyface personality. His heel turn rebuilt him up as a potential main eventer, and it was great to see it pay off with his ultra sneaky heel persona making him probably the best heel at a certain level since Triple H. Another slow building turn was CM Punk in 2009. Another cookie cutter personality. Or the shocking kind of one where Rock joins the corporation in screwing Mankind over. A heel turn will always be the better option in my opinion, and is parodied in great shows such as The Simpsons.

Episode 2 coming up tomorrow, I'm tired.

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  1. The Piper's Avatar
    You said Kane twice in the gimmicks section, but it's nice to see a lighter blog on the good things in wrestling instead of what's wrong with it.
  2. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
    Thanks for letting me know, small error but it can cheapen the overall blog. Thanks glad you appreciated the read.

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