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WM28: Acknowledging the Past, Boots Towards the Future

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A lot of folks are worried about WWE post-Wrestlemania. Granted, most of these are the naysayers who hate everything about WWE yet continue to watch for decades of their lives, but some of them have legitimate points. The Rock will be shooting a movie. Undertaker will disappear for a year. HHH will drift backstage. But I think this creates a great opportunity for Wrestlemania and beyond.

First, I'll cover how I would book WM28, then I will show how this leads to feuds for the rest of 2012 towards WM29.

In the first match of the evening, Orton wins decisively against Kane.

Team Johnny versus Team Teddy (featuring Mysterio on Teddy's team and The Miz on Johnny's) results in The Miz (with significant help from Dolph Ziggler mostly) getting the win over Team Teddy.

Sheamus beats Daniel Bryan in an epic encounter (need a big face win here as you will see.)

Punk beats Jericho even though Jericho's foot got to the rope at the last possible nanosecond. Johnny comes down and says that because The Miz was triumphant tonight, he gets a title shot... right now. The Miz immediately gets an upperhand and looks like he is about to win, but Punk fights back and pulls out the victory--until Jericho kicks him and The Miz finishes him and wins the WWE title.

Undertaker, of course, pins HHH, but they're going away, so not in my plans. CM Punk is shown backstage looking around for Johnny, Miz and Jericho, but they seem to be all hiding. He sees Otunga and asks him where Johnny or Miz are, he says that is confidential information as they are both his clients. "Is that so?" says Punk who beats Otunga up. "You tell them I'm coming for them, but first I have some other business to attend to."

I think a heel Cena would be awesome, and I think we will see it someday, but I really do not think he is going to do it. He is at a point like Hogan was where it will not be a true consideration until his popularity begins to ebb. But I do think they will have him be a bit edgier, as they've demonstrated, to expand his fanbase to other demographics. Therefore, I think we see Cena win cleanly. Handshake, suggestions that they're going to come to blows again, but it ends with a handshake. I think this feud has run its course and I hope they do not do a Best of 3, so that is not in my plans.

But I end WM28 not with Cena and Rock, but with Punk finding Jericho. "Your foot was on the rope, I saw the tape. I would have given you a rematch. Now Miz is champ, protected by the suits, what the fuck were you thinking?"

"I was thinking that I hate you, that I hate everything about you, and the thought of you leaving Wrestlemania with the WWE title made me sick." Smile. Brawl... FADEOUT.

So on RAW, they throw a celebration for Team Johnny. Johnny Excitement, Vickie Guerrero, The Miz, Ziggler, Swagger, and Otunga are emphasized as an informal faction. Swagger and Ziggler get title shots against the tag champs, they get the belts. Otunga pins Santino for the U.S. title. Immediately, Ziggler is hinting that he was the best performer at Wrestlemania and deserves a title shot. But the party is crashed when CM Punk (who was "not invited") sneaks into the arena and lays Laurinaitis out. Later in the show, it is revealed Punk has been suspended indefinitely.

Jericho begins begging for the return of Punk so he can prove himself against him at Extreme Rules. This continues their feud. Jericho wins the May match, Punk wins the rubber match in June.

Meanwhile, The Miz begins to resent being bossed around. His ego cannot handle it. A few months into his reign (he can easily defend against Cena, a face Henry, Orton, others) he begins to turn face and eventually leaves Laurinaitis's group. He is targeted by Ziggler who wins the belt off of him. So, after the feud with Jericho, Punk and Miz loosely ally to fight the faction. Ziggler beats The Miz, then at Summerslam, Ziggler and Punk face each other. I think their feud should last awhile, and Punk does not regain the WWE title until Survivor Series.

I think Cena should go to Smackdown sometime during the year, allowing Punk to really develop on RAW. I think they have not given him the opportunity to really run with the ball yet. Cena can feud with any of the heels on Smackdown.

Bryan eventually gets the title back from Sheamus, then goes into a huge feud with Orton, which Orton eventually wins. Orton holds the title for awhile, then begins to slowly turn heel, not wanting to lose the title. Orton is just so much better as a heel than a face. I think he could have a fresh feud with Cena at some point too.

I think these storylines could all lead to an interesting WM29 that could take several directions.

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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    The Naysayers that hate WWE, as opposed to who? You? The brain-washed main stream hack loves whatever WWE throws at you, no matter what it is?
  2. Mikeyboy7777777's Avatar
    i'd prefer sheamus to turn heel again or for db to not lose to orton since db is a great heel atm

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