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Yes Sir,We Promised You A Great Event:WrestleMania 28 Discussed

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Big Plans For WWE Draft:This is pretty pointless since the Brand Split is over. But if I were WWE, I'd send the Miz and Cena to Smackdown, hopefully with Cena as a heel after beating Rock at WM, and a face Miz. Give Miz some much needed promo time, let him feud with Cena the way the younger guys feuded with heel Rock in 02-03.

Basically this draft should be the thing that saves Miz and Cena from floating into the cesspool of irrelevancy.

Other than that, send a few young guys around for shock value. I think this draft should move Cena/Miz, but also create an atmosphere similar to the NBA/NFL where they bring up guys from FCW on live TV.

Cena/Miz + Mid Carders + Bringing up a few FCW guys should create an interesting show that benefits WWE in the long run. But then again, that makes too much sense so it probably won't happen.

'Yes Sir,We Promised You A Great Event'

The Opening Match Of WrestleMania:A World title match opening did work last year and could work this year, however I believe that the ideal opening match would be The Undertaker's Streak match

Now Undertaker's streak defense matches are usually very high on the card, and there is a low chance of it ever sinking from that spot as ling as the Undertaker is an active competitor. In all honesty almost every year Taker manages to put on a Match of the year candidate, overcoming ring rust and age to do so. The opener in my opinion should be one of the best matches of the night, a match that gets the crowd going and excited for the show. Now there is no guarantee that the man himself will even be competing at the show with a legend in the making main event on the card, but I hop he will pull through. Again the streak matches always keep people glued to their seats and remain there for the rest of the show. Now I know this has very little chance of happening due to Taker's prestige backstage but with a main event like Cena/Rock, I think it evens out the card nicely.

With Cena/Rock headlining the show, no match on the card will even come close to being as important. In terms of match quality a match may surpass the main event but that is not set in stone. Not even Undertaker's 20-0 match will be as hyped up as the main event. I am sure that the task of opening what looks to be one of the biggest events in WWE history has to go to the Deadman. Cody Rhodes, Daniel Bryan, and Randy Orton will all find themselves halfway through the card, a legend must be the one to start the big event out. I really doesn't matter who Undertaker is against or how big the pressure is, he always delivers since he is reliable when it comes to Wrestlemania.

Leave to the big boys to open the show, the others can be sandwiched between the streak and Cena/Rock.

Will WWE Do a Prank at WrestleMania?:I really doubt there will be any big pranks pulled, not at a Wrestlemania event. If this was an edition of Raw then I could see Santino getting a WWE Championship shot as a prank or something. He legit wins and then Vince comes out saying it was a prank, nullifying it from ever happening. This isn't Raw though. This is Wrestlemania. They cannot afford the risk of making the fans angry at the biggest show of the year. It would deal a significant amout of damage to their company reputation if they did a big prank that made the fans angry.

They could always swerve everyone after a year-long build by saying the Cena VS Rock match was an April Fool's prank. That would be a mistake though because it would make people so angry that riots would break out. It'd be funny for about 30 seconds and then they'd have 70,000+ angry fans to run from, not to mention the millions around the world who would also be upset. All for an April Fool's prank? Not worth it in the slightest. WWE are smart enough to not do a prank, let alone one that big, on their biggest show of the year.

They might do a random segment or something that contains the prank. Santino will do something random and silly backstage involving the prank in between matches, the people laugh for a few seconds, and then we move on to the next match. That's all I think we will see, if anything, prank related at this show. It's just not worth it to risk the fans getting upset over a prank. That's more like something TNA would do.

WrestleMania Show-Stealer:The show stealer at Wrestlemania 28 next month will be the Hell In A Cell match between the Undertaker and Triple H. This was a tough call, because I think that so far, it looks to be a superb PPV with quality from start to finish, with more matches yet to be announced. But the show stealer will be Triple H/Taker.

The Rock versus John Cena should be an epic match up, possibly one of the highest profile and most anticipated matches in the history of Wrestlemania. But after a year of hype and anticipation, they will be hard pressed to live up to the anticipation this match has generated over a twelve month span. It will be awesome, and I'm really looking forward to it. But it will be upstaged.

I think that Punk/Jericho may be the most technically sound match of the evening, and it will be nice seeing the gold around Jericho's waist again, but I don't think this match has generated the extent of interest that the WWE thought it would.But Undetaker & HHH are experienced and I know they would put up a wrestling clinic.

I'm loving the other announced matches. Bryan/Sheamus should be fantastic. Rhodes/Show will be solid as well. Would love to see Beth/Kharma in there, but I don't think it will happen. If not, the divas match will be typically meh. Team Laurinitis versus Team Long, or Kane/Orton (if these matches are indeed added) should all be terrific.

But I think the HIAC match steals the show. I think Taker's health is suspect, but I still think he has ability to give it his all for one huge match up, and with his alleged new look, he should be creepier and more eerie than ever. Triple H can definitely still go, and I think he will be more than motivated to bring it on the grandest stage of them all. Both of their previous matches were entertaining, especially last year, and I think both men will dig in deep to outshine their effort of last year.

And, for the first time ever, I think the legendary streak ends this year. I hope I am wrong, but for the first time, I am starting to believe that Taker is ready to hang up the boots for good, and I think he won't have the streak ended by just anyone. I'm not so sure that Triple H will fall victim to Taker for a third Wrestlemania loss, and I think this outcome will shock those in attendance and those watching on PPV. This will be a long, physical marathon, and the shock of the finish, combined with the effort of two aging veterans, will make this one the show stealer of the evening.

Should The WWE Annually Book A Wrestlemania Match A Year In Advance?:I don't think it's a good idea to book a match a year in advance. I think WWE did it with Rock/Cena so people wouldn't get too upset with the fact that the Rock would be gone again so fast after last year's Mania. People have known all year to expect the Rock back, so for that reason it was a good idea to announce it last year.

It's something that, if done regularly, would put too many shackles on the writers and the wrestlers. For instance with John Cena this year, he's had to work all year the safest he's ever had to work and the quality of his matches basically sucked because of it. Not bashing Cena here--and he's been great on the mic lately--but his matches for the past year have not been good. I think a big reason for that is because WWE has been playing it safe so he wouldn't get hurt for WrestleMania and the Rock. They promised their fans Rock/Cena, and not delivering on that would have been a HUGE hit against them. Cena's work with others suffered because of it.

A year out is just too much time.Injuries could happen so that alone should be enough reason not to do it. The Rock having not wrestled in years justified the announcement for the match with Cena, but most matches won't have that aura to it. Even if Steve Austin decides to wrestle next year, it wouldn't have the same impact to be announced this soon because they just did it for Rock.

Any match, no matter how big, shouldn't be announced for WrestleMania until at least Royal Rumble is over.

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    Thanks for the comments new blog coming next week!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dls1309
    Also, good blog. Enjoyed the read.
    Thank you!
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    Quote Originally Posted by -TxCxL-
    Good blog. I think that Punk/Jericho is actually built better promo wise than HHH/Taker. Although it being Hell in a Cell saves it from being an exact repeat from last year, it seems like the live crowds seem bored with the HHH/Taker promos. The show-stealer match is between those two, and in my opinion punk jericho will steal the show, with HHH/Taker in a close second.
    I agree wholeheartedly. Taker seems to only be going through the motions. Throwing in HBK to me is the equivalent of taking a bland soup and throwing meaningless ingredients to try and make it taste better. I plan to watch and honestly dread the HHH/Taker match as it will more than likely be a be a let down. I will add this caveat that I hope beyond hope that I am wrong.
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    I think having HHH end the streak is a terrible idea it would ruin HHH reputation just like Nash ended Goldberg's streak when he was in charge and everyone hated him for it. And the whole Hogan deal with creative control clause, it will just make HHH look like an ego-maniac.
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