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Petey Nice

What I Think WWE Will be after the Draft

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Alberto Del Rio Drafted to Smackdown
Alex Riley Drafted to NXT
Brodus Clay Drafted to Smackdown
Chris Jericho WWE Champion
Punk, CM !CM Punk Drafted to Smackdown
Hawkins, Curt !Curt Hawkins Drafted to NXT
Otunga, David !David Otunga
Ziggler, Dolph !Dolph Ziggler
Johnson, Dwayne !Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Legends Contract
Epico !Epico Tag Champ
Bourne, Evan !Evan Bourne Fired
Swagger, Jack !Jack Swagger
Cena, John !John Cena
JTG !JTG Drafted to NXT
Kane !Kane
Kingston, Kofi !Kofi Kingston Drafted to Smackdown
Ryan, Mason !Mason Ryan Drafted to NXT
McGillicutty, Michael !Michael McGillicutty Drafted to NXT
Miz, The !The Miz Drafted to Smackdown
Primo !Primo Tag Champ
Mysterio, Rey !Rey Mysterio
R-Truth !R-Truth Drafted to Smackdown
Marella, Santino !Santino Marella Drafted to Smackdown with United States Title
H, Triple !Triple H CEO leaves WWE
Reks, Tyler !Tyler Reks Drafted to NXT
Ryder, Zack !Zack Ryder Drafted to Smackdown
Beth Phoenix
Brie Bella
Kelly Kelly
Nikki Bella Drafted to Smackdown
Guerrero, Vickie ! Cameron Lynn
Drafted to Smackdown
John Laurinaitis
Justin Roberts
Naomi Drafted to Smackdown
Ricardo Rodriguez Drafted to Smackdown
Shawn Michaels Legends Contract
Vickie Guerrero
Camacho !Camacho
Christian !Christian Drafted to Raw
Rhodes, Cody !Cody Rhodes Drafted to Raw brings IC Belt
Bryan, Daniel !Daniel Bryan Drafted to Raw
McIntyre, Drew !Drew McIntyre Drafted to Raw
Jackson, Ezekiel !Ezekiel Jackson
Khali, The Great !The Great Khali
Slater, Heath !Heath Slater Drafted to NXT
Hornswoggle !Hornswoggle
Hunico !Hunico
Uso, Jey !Jey Uso Drafted to NXT
Uso, Jimmy !Jimmy Uso Drafted to NXT
Mahal, Jinder !Jinder Mahal
Curtis, Johnny !Johnny Curtis Drafted to NXT
Gabriel, Justin !Justin Gabriel
Henry, Mark !Mark Henry
Orton, Randy !Randy Orton Drafted to Raw
Sheamus !Sheamus Drafted to Raw brings World Heavy Weight Title
Cara, Sin !Sin Cara
DiBiase, Ted !Ted DiBiase
Barreta, Trent !Trent Barreta Drafted to NXT
Kidd, Tyson !Tyson Kidd Drafted to NXT
Undertaker !Undertaker Legends Contract
Barrett, Wade !Wade Barrett Drafted to Raw
Tatsu, Yoshi !Yoshi Tatsu Drafted to NXT
The Big show
Aksana !Aksana
Fox, Alicia !Alicia Fox
Kaitlyn !Kaitlyn Drafted to NXT
Layla !Layla
Natalya !Natalya Drafted to Raw
Mendes, Rosa !Rosa Mendes Drafted to Raw
Snuka, Tamina !Tamina Snuka Drafted to NXT
Theodore Long Legends Contract
Lilian Garcia
Darren Young Smackdown
Bateman, Derrick !Derrick Bateman
Maxine !Maxine
Watson, Percy !Percy Watson
O'Neil, Titus !Titus O'Neil
Josh Mathews Smackdown
Matt Striker Drafted to Smackdown
Michael Cole Raw/Smackdown
Booker T Drafted to Raw
Jerry "The King" Lawler Raw
Scott Stanford WWE Superstars/NXT
William Regal Drafted to Raw
Tony Chimel

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Thoughts and Opinions


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  1. darkrage's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Petey Nice
    at extream rules i figure cm punk would get the world title back from smackdown looks like wwe will make NXT a brand yes this my predictions based on what wwe is doing and hhh is will be in my opinion be ceo after losing to undertaker
    hhh wont become the ceo vince is still alive and there is no way he will step down hhh still has alot to learn before he is even ready to be considered for ceo
    nxt wont become another brand they dont even show it on tv let alone they are losing viewers on smackdown and raw every week if anything nxt will continue to be wwe's pre-debut show for stars from fcw that get called up to work on their gimmicks and promos
  2. B-ri's Avatar
    What, I mean really? You have like 4 commentators on RAW, you have drafted talent to Smackdown that's already on Smackdown, you've basically just swapped all the bigger stars over, sorry man but if this actually even comes close to happening I'll buy you every WWE & TNA pay-per0view for the next 10 years.
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