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Uncooked: Raw Afterthoughts

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What is up everybody!? So another Raw has come and passed, but this was no ordinary Raw, no, this was the last Raw before Wrestlemania! Now, I didn't get a chance to write this last night, but before I sat down to write it this afternoon, I've seen comments all through out the forums where some disliked Raw, and others enjoyed it. I thought with this edition of Uncooked, I would do something a little different other than the Bad, Good, and Indifferent. Don't worry though, that format will be back next week! Now lets take a look at the show, shall we?

Daniel Bryan/Kane vs Sheamus/Randy Orton
Am I the only one that enjoyed this? I hope not, because I feel like this was a great way to feature two feuds as we get ever so closer to Mania. Just the interaction in the ring by these 4 men was great in my opinion, and I feel like it didn't go as normal tag matches go. The ending did catch me somewhat by surprise, but you know what, I think it is a good thing Sheamus was defeated going into Mania. He was on such a roll, and this loss to me adds that air of uncertainty. Plus having Kane be the person to do the damage, and Bryan pick up the pieces, fits perfectly with how Bryan's run as champion has been. I have to say, a really good way to start off the show.

Team Long vs Team Johnny Matches
I figured instead of doing a section for Otunga and Marella and one for Khali and Henry, I figured I would save everyone time doing it in one section. I have mixed emotions on this feud. I fully expect Johnnys team to pick up the win, as to me a heel GM is 10x better than a face GM. They could have easily done something else to focus on this feud other than these two single matches. Even just picking different people to be in the matches would have been better than what we got! Personally I would have rather seen a 6 man tag team match as kind of a highlight going into Mania. The Khali/Henry match was such a dud, and while I respect Booker, I wish he wasn't in the match. I think it is a good thing though that The Miz is on team Johnny. Could this mean we won't get The Miz involved in any other matches in the evening *cough cough.Cena/Rock cough cough*...I hope that is the case. I have this bad feeling that after Mania, this feud won't be over and it'll continue to Extreme Rules. Pray that I am wrong haha.

Eve vs Kelly Kelly
Any progress the WWE has made with the divas division, any thing they hope to do in the next few months, will come to a crashing burning mess if Maria beats Beth at Mania. When i heard the report that Extra chick suffered a broken rib, I was so hoping someone would replace her. Guess I got my hopes up. This match between Kelly Kelly and Eve did show me one thing. For a while I was a supporter of Kelly Kelly. I thought she was ok in the ring. I've seen the error of my ways, and simply think she sucks. Eve was atleast halfway enjoyable in this match, and I hope after Mania, we get a focus on the Divas division with Tamina, Natalya, Eve, and Beth. Heck even AJ as i hear she is talented in the ring. Anyways, to me this was the DUD of the night hands down.

CM Punk vs Christian/Chris Jericho Promo
Now i know some people have been unhappy that for the last 3 weeks Jericho hasn't been on Raw in person. I personally like it. I mean, we knew this feud would lead to an AMAZING wrestling match, but now by bringing in Punks family, it has taken it to a whole other personal level. The look in Punks eyes each time Jericho brings up a family member just reminds me of pure hatred. What sense would it make for Jericho to bash Punk like this, and then the last Raw before Mania have Punk get his hands on Jericho. It doesn't! Think about how a buzz people will be as Punk goes at Jericho for the first time at Mania after all off Jerichos words. As for the Punk/Christian match, sadly it didn't happen(though I think it would have been great), but it was great seeing a fiery side of Punk. Last thought..why WWE...why? Why take Christian out. If it is purely for a storyline and not a real injury..then you just suck! Out of all of the people on the teams for Johnny and Teddy, Christian was the best. Such a disappointment, and to replace him with Drew McIntyre. Now I have never been a Drew fan, but to me, if they took Christian out storyline wise just so they could replace him with Drew..then WWE, you are stupid.

Brodus Clay vs Curt Hawkins
Hey, is Brodus Clay on the WM Will Brodus Clay be added as a surprise match? Doubt why focus a talent that doesn't have a storyline for a match at Mania, on the go home show? This was a waste of time, and could have been used for something else. Heck, I would have taken another video promo over this. I stated a while back they needed to get somewhere with Brodus Clay or else he would get stale...well I feel like that time is now. Sorry Funkasaurus

Big Show vs Primo
Another squash match, but the promo afterwards from Cody to me was icing on the cake that is Show/Rhodes. I get the feeling Show is going to walk away with the win. Yeah he technically doesn't need it, but losing to Show isn't going to hurt Codys career. It will simply take the title off of him, and give him the chance to focus on other things. Not much to say about the Show/Primo match except what I already said..a squash.

The Final Rock/Cena confrontation
I was torn on this, for the simple reason I didn't know if they should have a physical confrontation or not. I think the WWE did the right thing in holding it off to Mania. I enjoyed Cena's promo more so than I did the Rocks, but that isn't to say I didn't enjoy The Rocks. I enjoyed both, and for those who say this feud is stale, or say there is no feud, I have to disagree. I have enjoyed this build up, and while yes it could have gone in a different direction that others would have liked more, I am thoroughly looking forward to this match.

Well guys, that is it for this edition of Uncooked. Keep an eye out for the remainder of the Flash From the Past, as well as a special Wrestlemania 28 blog from yours truly. Until next stay..stay Raw!

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  1. Earthquake's Avatar
    Hey great blog. With Christian its been reported that he wasnt as fit to go as assumed, so they took him out of the match. If this leads to him going after punk and the title in a few months im all for it. christian was the best in team johnny for sure but id rather he kept himself in good nick than risk further injury
  2. lukepopescu73's Avatar
    The rock/cena confrontation was brilliant, it was a great stare down moment... You can see the hatred rock has for cena. I can't wait for this match.
  3. goonernaz's Avatar
    Great blog.
    I too was hoping from the past few weeks that there should be a rock/cena confrontation on the last Raw b4 Mania, but im glad they haven't -the explosion has to be experienced at WM.
    Also the Punk/Jericho match is looking much more tasty now since the family angle has been introduced.
    Raw was brilliant this week and it has got me all buzzed and up for this years Mania.
    Come on vince make sure this Wmania goes does as one of the greatest cos all the ingredients are there.
    Updated 03-28-2012 at 07:40 AM by goonernaz (spelling)

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