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Why RAW Ratings Continue to Suffer

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For being one the most anticipated Wrestlemanias, Raw has done a terrible job building this year's mania and the RAW ratings are suffering. I believe that the ratings are blowing because of the quality of the show. I mean it is top notch as far as a professional production quality, but just the way they format the show really irritates me and probably bores the occasional viewer. The way they've been formatting raw doesn't work for several reasons:

1. Commentary
Cole and Jerry's commentary is total fucking garbage and they don't do a good enough job transitioning the show...they'll preview the next segment and it usually consists of a radical opinion of Cole, and/or an awkward one liner by lawler. Their commentary is FAR from epic when great moments happen because Cole is either shitting his pants, or ripping on the segment/wrestler and jerry either rips on cole or says another awkward, unintelligent, childish one liner. What happened to the excitement and realness on commentary when good ol' JR was screaming "MY GOD ITS STONE COLD! STONE COLD! HES STUNNING ANYTHING THAT BY GOD MOVES" we get cole's nazally yelp "OH MY HES HERE.....THE ROCK..AND THE ROCKS ARRIVED.." followed by an awkward silence and Jerry's classic "Oh boy here we go"
Everyone hates Cole, but I think Jerry is the one of the two that needs to hang it up...overall commentary is underwhelming, and down right annoying

2. Matches
I think the match quality (especially on a typical RAW) has completely gone to hell and every match despite the wrestler pretty much goes the same. Face starts off hot, heel catches ONE nice move (usually the same nice move they do every week) and then we get 10 minutes of the heel beating on the face, doing the same 5 moves they do every week (the miz's neckbreaker combos are a great example). After the usual brutally botched 45 second headlock, the face comes back with momentum, gives them their moveset and FINALLY we get a different result from this point forward in the match...I mean I am aware that that is how wrestling has always been to an extent, but the in ring product has gotten so generic and there arent ANY classics on Raw anymore. This is partly why people get bored of watching...and if you're going to make a match go through a commercial break at least have ONE good spot in the match where a commerical is appropriate. 5-10 years ago commericals would cue after an incredible acrobatic/skilled move that changes the pace of the at best we get a cm punk/truth/kofi suicide dive that looks the same every single week...but if you have the big show and d bry fighting and you go to commerical after d bry gets headbutted out of the ring? who the fuck is gonna not turn the channel when there is no urgency to get back to the match? I mean I wouldn't, and I'm sure none of the people reading this would...but your occasional viewer is not going to patiently wait to see the aftermatch of a match that has happened 15 times in the last month (big show/dbry, christian/orton, any mixed tag match) that is going to basically have the same spots every match (although i never got sick of orton/christian).

Now this shit pisses me off. Don't get me wrong, I love video packages and think WWE does them very well and in many ways it is one of their forte's in the business. However, you don't need to jam the same 3 segments down our throat that we've seen 10 times. I felt so bad for anyone who wasted money ordering the royal rumble when they played 2 six minute long video packages of Rock/Cena that they CONTINUED to show us again and again for the next 3 raws. Now I'm the biggest wrestling fan I know and even I found myself turning the repetitive video packages. Why aren't people keeping their TV's on Raw during wrestlemania time? because we are getting the same fucking bullshit video packages over and over again about storylines that aren't advancing (HHH vs Taker for example).

I hope someone sees this because you probably share the same views as I do, but if wwe continues to give its fan's generic "entertainment" with bad commentary, shitty, boring, and predictable matches, and the same video packages that don't explain anything new, then I see ratings to continually decline...

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  1. stynesy's Avatar
    I completely agree with you. I hate watching the same video packages over and over. Or the same two minutes I've just watched after a commercial. It's insulting! And you're not the only one who immediately reaches for the remote as soon as someone falls out of the ring near the start of a match.
  2. xX_hunterx_xX's Avatar
    You are absolutely on point with everything you have said. Great blog
  3. owenhart4life's Avatar
    the only thing you nailed is what so many others nail on this site. you think your opinion matters and will sway the wwe. if it is so bad just dont watch it. you sound like a 6th grade girl whining.
  4. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Decent blog, and yes, I agree with what you say in it. But there are some things to consider.

    1. Wrestling's different now. It's about how much social media it can utilize to keep branding. Matches aren't going to be classic anymore.

    2. They don't need to build up WM. The Rock is wrestling and it could be Undertaker's last match. This WM has sold itself. It'll break the record for WM buys. If not, it will get at least 1 million buys, at a minimum of $60 per buy. $80 for the 3 or 4 hundred thousand that will buy it in HD. So, you're looking at least $60 to $70 million, then ticket buys on top of that. Ratings and caring about the quality of Raw matches, means nothing when you're talking about 8 figures.
  5. Nitro's Avatar
    Good blog. I agree with everything you say, and there are also many other problems with wwe. I get bored to death when they do 20 minute promos, and it's all the same crap they did the previous week. I also think that 'Raw' is the completely wrong title for this PG show. It was named Raw because it was a show that was over the top and explicit, so it just doesn't fit in with the current PG direction of the show.
  6. LegendsMadeWrestling's Avatar
    Well to start off great blog but I do have to say since after Elimination Chamber every raw has been sold out and to be honest it's not because of Cm Punk or John Cena it's because of The Rock, Triple H, Undertaker, Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho the best peformers and the actual wrestling entertainers not like these faggot ass bitches we got today those 5 wrestling entertainers actually go out and entertain the fans not kiss the fans asses cough Cm Punk and John Cena. Let me give you an example why WWE ratings are so Low first we had Hogan in the 80's which drew the highest ratings 13.0, then you The Rock which drew the highest ratings 8.0 and now you got the John Cena BORING!!! which the biggest he drew was 4.0 and the only reason he got that high was because of The Rock's Return last years. The Past Wrestling Entertainment Was WACHABLE ENTERTAINMENT and Today's Wrestling Entertainment CHANGE THE FUCKEN CHANNEL nuff said
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