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Thoughts about Lord Tensai

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I think Lord Tensai is the destructive force the WWE needs right about now, he would add power to the WWE as well as bring in some Japanese style wrestling that he has picked up over the last few years.

So as many people already know and have figured out, Tensai is in fact former WWE wrestler A-Train/Albert. When A-Train was in the WWE he was a dominating force but I always believed he could have been more. They gave him gimmicks that couldn't last, he couldn't build upon his successes and at the time with people like Lesnar, Big Show, and the other many giants, Luther Reigns, Matt Morgan etc. he looked small. He was often the subject of being called fat by fans among other names. At this point in time i didn't really care for him. He was a one time intercontinental champion but probably more famous for his hairy back. In 2004 he eventually left the WWE.

During this time he wrestled in the Indy's until eventually settling on Japan. Many people when first hearing of him returning to the WWE have bashed him saying he can't wrestle, he can't work the mic, it makes me wonder does anyone watch or even hear of Japanese wrestling. For the past six years he has been a force in AJPW and NJPW and even wrestling in Mexico. He has held the tag titles multiple times even become tag team of the year last year. He has wrestled some of the best wrestlers from all over the world, not just Japanese wrestlers but also the likes of Lesnar and Angle who are considered to be great in what they do. He continues to improve further bettering himself and picking up tips and skills along the way. In Japan he could be considered this generations Big Van Vader, just a big American that is a major force.

When I first heard that the WWE had resigned A-Train I was excited, I have been following his work and he has improved greatly. The WWE is lacking big men, with the likes of Big Show and Mark Henry getting older and their feuds getting stale, they needed someone new....Broudus Clay. But since that gimmick seems to be going no where fast, someone else was needed. Tensai is that guy, while the name is funny to me, its almost insulting to Wrestling fans (yea we still know who he is).....the idea is what is great. He is going to come in like an unstoppable force, A-Train if you will.

The one thing that can hurt him is his name, its cartoonish, I would expect it on Dragon Ball Z or something. Another thing that WWE is notorious for is pushing someone to the moon and then ending the push. I hope he gets a good push, gets into some high profile feuds, and I would like him to stay on top. He is a force that would really add more depth and character to the WWE.

Again Just my Opinion----Madness

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Updated 03-24-2012 at 03:24 PM by Madness

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  1. Rick BoA's Avatar
    I watched some of his matches from NJPW and I have to say he looks terrible. He is much fatter then he was in his last wwe stint and he looks like he has lost a lot of muscle mass. I dont see WWE doing anything with him because he looks like a big blob.

    However as far as in ring skill goes he is pretty good for a man his age/size.
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