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The Major Flaw with The WWF/WWE Championship?

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Hi guys this would be the second blog I have done this week and I look to stir the pot a little here and see what happens.

Now for years i have been wondering when the WWE will crown an African American WWE Champion. This has bothered me quite a bit. If you look through the 90's and today WWF/WWE has had many Great African American professional singles wrestlers. Now many will probably say "The Rock" was the first African American WWE Champion which I would love to agree with but he is mixed and is American Samoan according to his birth record. So i'm not sure you can call him the First not that WWE ever has.

Mark Henry
Dee Low Brown
Ron Simmons
Shelton Benjamin
R-Truth/ Kwik / Ron Killings
The Godfather
Bobby Lashley

and perhaps 2 of the most capable were

Ahmed Johnson: He was a major power house was pretty well skilled, had decent mic skill and had the build of a WWF Champion, But even after becoming the First WWE IC Champion he never got any further then stuck in the middle of the Mid Card and Main Event Status. This is unfortunate for me because i was a huge Johnson fan and he clearly deserved to be put in the Main event for the WWF Championship even if it was a short "Miz or Del Rio like" run.

Booker T:Now there is absolutely no reason for Booker not to have been crowned a WWE Champion. This guy paid his dues in WCW and WWF/E and won the World Heavyweight Championship, World Tag Team Championships, WCW World Tag Team Championships, Intercontinental Championship; United States Championship; WCW World Television Championship; Hardcore Championship; 2006 King of the Ring. Now tell me with a resume like that and being one of the all time most successful wrestlers in history why isnt Booker T a former WWE Champion? He had it all in ring ability, Mic Skills, a great character along with a huge following of fans and a great mind for the business. I have heard Booker say on many occasions that his biggest regret is never holding the WWE Championship which to WWE is the holy grail of the company.

Now im not trying to hate on WWE most know im a huge WWE sympathizer and fan. But we have all heard the rumblings of maybe some Racism behind the scenes. Michael Hayes the reason Bobby Lashley and Krystal left for rumored verbal very racist assaults on Bobby and Krystal which im sure doesn't go along with the B.A.Star Campaign. Now something says to me that something must change within the WWE. John Cena never counted as an African american BTW.

So i guess i ask all of you am i wrong? Is this ok? Do you count Rock as the first WWF/E Champion? Out of all the things WWE has done to make me kinda make a face and say wow not sure this is a good thing. This has been a major flaw within WWE for years in my eyes.

Ok so i was just bringing to light a subject i feel pretty strongly about and ask how some of you guys feel on this very subject and i wanna know am i wrong about this?

Have a great day guys be safe.

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  1. EricChampion's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Lupy1234
    Let me make this clear, if you are directly from Africa and came to the United States and became a citizen of the USA, then you are truly African American. Otherwise, you are American just like everyone else. You do not see the white people going around stating that they are European American. And, the Rock is black. Just like Obama is black. Obama is the first black president. He is half African and half Hawaiian. The Rock is half black and half Samoan...actually now that I read some more, The Rock is Canadian. So, it does not matter what race people are. It matters what they do in the ring and give us the best entertainment possible. It does not matter if they are white, black, purple, green, blue...whatever.
    Let me make this clear. Rock is American Samoan. yes he is mixed however he is American Samoan he was born in the united states btw and WWE does not tout him as the first WWF Champion but he was touted as the Youngest at one point in time. Clearly you didn't read the blog. The article is about BLACK performers that have yet to be given a run at the WWF/WWE title. Should color matter? absolutely not but obviously it sure as hell does because in 49 years there hasn't been a Black WWE Champion yet. So read the blog and the history of the company and belt and you will have no argument against the fact there is a major Flaw.
  2. EricChampion's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by UnstoppableThombo
    Well said, man well said. That's what it comes down to, how entertaining they are inside and outside of the ring. It's not a strike against WWE Booker T never won the WWE championship, Booker had many reigns as WCW champion and World Heavyweight champ, and yes, the Rock is black, despite some people commenting he isn't. Rocky went through the same racist crap that all colored people of any race, religion, ethnicity go through.

    It was well said if he was anywhere near correct. I agree color shouldnt matter but like i told him it sure as hell does because in 49 years there has never been a Black WWF WWE Champion. let me say that again 49 years!! and there is a huge strike against the fact Booker one of the most successful Wrestlers in History isnt a former WWE Champion. Look back at the Black talent that has gone through this company and there is no reasoning behind the fact WWF/E has something going on that is holding back certain talent. Lets remember some classic stories WWE has used.

    Piper "im the great white hope and Mr. T is the great black dope"

    The Triple H vs Booker feud that made Triple H a racist

    Shawn Michaels kicking Booker out of NWO because he was black

    Chavo "If it ain't white it ain't right"

    Not to mention the stories that have come out from former employees that have stated there is racism going on behind the scenes and it doesn't involve Vince however he has done nothing to punish those responsible such as Michael Hayes
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