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5 things I want to see post mania

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As the wrestling season comes to close, I thought I would have a little think about what I would like to see happen post mania and in the next wrestling year.

1. A lengthy feud between CM punk and Daniel Bryan, culminating in 30 minute submission match at Wrestlemania. Give it some real time to build; Team Punk vs Team Bryan at Survivor series, speciality matches. They can even try to one-up each other about how superior there lifestyles are and Bryan can sleep with Punks sister.

2. New Age Outlaws. It would be nice to see these dudes come back for a little run. If they do indeed want to build up the tag division, having some veterans involved is not a bad thing in my opinion, and there is nothing like a bit of nostalgia.

3. A memorable Rumble. I love the Royal Rumble, I really do, but its been shit for years. Unbelievably lacklustre. Royal Rumble 92, my personal favourite event ever, had so many stories either going into the rumble or started within. Savage/Roberts/Undertaker was in full flow and included a wonderfully nuts moment for Macho Man lobbing himself over the top rope. Piper and Flair had good chemistry and Piper had one of my most memorable pops mid rumble. Hogan and Sid started there feud and obviously Ric Flairs rumble story was epic. This year the only storyline development in the Rumble itself was Sheamus winning. I want more to my Rumble!

4. Kharma and Kane in a tag team.

5. I want to see Batista back, it must be within the realms of possibilty. And he has been gone so long that any feud would seem fresh. So come back big man, but come back with facepaint and tassles - Warrior style.

Thanks for reading

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  1. 5 Finger Death Punch's Avatar
    I don't play games...don't have any computer or game station was just a thought! I guess someone already had that thought!?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mikeyboy7777777
    i think the only reason they put that in the game is for us to ponder about it that ship got lost as soon as sheamus and mason ryan turned face barrett got injured and mcintyre started jobbing i would love for regal to be the manager but regal is a face gm of nxt kinda now so i hope it'll happen but don't get your hopes up
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