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Blog Wars 17: Top 6 Cheesiest Gimmicks

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Welcome to another edition of Blog Wars. Last time akbar successfully defended his title in a close match. This week Dr. Death is back for his rematch, can akbar prevail in what looks like the funnest list in Blog Wars history.
Top 6 Cheesiest Gimmicks
Basically, the competitors will list 6 gimmicks that they think are "cheesy" in their terms.

Dr. Death

Well I'm back for my rematch finally! In the realm of the pro wrestling world; from it's beginnings to today's times, there have been alot of gimmicks, used by wrestlers and promotions alike, to grab the attention or try to captivate the fans. Good or bad, the use of a gimmick is a part of pro wrestling that will never cease to exist. In today's blog, I'd like to take a look at those gimmicks that have made so many scratch their heads and say to themselves - "WTF were they thinking?".

Top 6 Cheesiest Gimmicks:

6. Robocop: Somehow, someone thought it'd be a good idea to incorporate Robocop into the wrestling mix. For weeks prior to an upcoming and assuredly bad WCW pay-per-view, Robocop's imminent appearance was hyped. When the time came for him to come through the curtain, Robocop bent some plastic bars in a cage, allowing good guy wrestler 'Sting' to escape. Then he walked backstage. The end. Great, huh?

5. Phantasio: Harry Del Rios portrayed a baby-face named "Phantasio", a magician wrestler, and came out to no entrance music. Phantasio wore a black and white mime mask (which he handed to a kid sitting at ringside) that revealed matching facepaint when removed. His finisher - magically pulling out his opponents boxer shorts to get a roll up victory. What?! That's right, an underwear thief. He only lasted one match before the idea was scrapped, however in an interview done 5 years ago, he hinted at trying to bring this gimmick back.

4. Arachniman: This was a real head shaker, Brad Armstrong, (who could really wrestle and put on a show), forced to be a spiderman ripoff. What? You don't remember Arachniman, Armstrong's short-lived web slingin' superhero persona? Well then load up those web shooter cartridges, and let's take a swing down memory lane.

Armstrong came to the ring firing webs and moving about nimbly, just like your friendly neighborhood Spiderman. In fact, it seems the only difference between the two was their place of origin. Arachniman came from Web City. OK, whatever. While we may find all this humorous, Marvel Comics did not. They filed a lawsuit against WCW for copyright infringement and that was the end for Arachniman.

3. Bastion Booger: Mike Shaw saw alot of failed gimmicks in his wrestling career. Him being some of the worst. That's to bad for a guy who's ring ability never got noticed because of the sad gimmicks he was always told to use. Shaw has went by the names of "Norman the Lunatic", "Bastion Booger", "Makhan Singh", "Norman the Maniac", "Trucker Norm", and even "The Mad Monk - Friar Ferguson".

2. The Yeti: One of my personal favorite WCW abominations comes in the form of Giant, Sloppy Guy Covered In Tissue Paper, later renamed The Yeti. This one really supports the whole monkeys-running-the-show theory. WCW decided to try to compete with the WWF's hit Monday night show with their own version - WCW Nitro. Eventually, they'd be a viable competitor, but not before ending angles such as this. The Dungeon of Doom, a bunch of WCW's worst wrestlers dressed in shitty Halloween costumes plugged their latest edition - something that was stuck in a block of ice in the middle of the arena. As the show closed out, the ice broke, and out came the Yeti!

The Yeti's only contribution to pro-wrestling was walking into the ring and literally hugging Hulk Hogan.

1. Shockmaster: Fred Ottman also went by the ring names of Typhoon and Tugboat, but when he left the WWF and entered WCW his gimmick change was so bad that it will be joked about forever. Don't believe me? Well then check out his debut in WCW.

Where do I begin? Or more I even need to? Take an obese guy with zero wrestling ability. Put him in tight jeans, add a shredded up cape, spray-paint a Star Wars Stormtrooper helmet silver and throw it on his head. Here's your end result:the shittiest idea for a pro-wrestler in history - The Shockmaster. Words can't describe the fantastic lore that surround this guy in the circles of wrestling fans.To this very day, people refuse to believe that the Shockmaster existed. But he did. Oh, and how he did.The Shockmaster needed to make a memorable entrance into the world of pro-wrestling. And yes (my god) it certainly was memorable.Thank You Ole Anderson for giving us a laugh of a lifetime.

I know the list for these type of gimmicks is long, but I had to narrow it down to only the 6 I believe to be the cheesiest.

What does ‘cheesy’ mean to me? Well I classify ‘cheesy’ as something that is not ‘cool’ something that is been overly done to be funny but fails completely, This is my opinion by the way so go easy on me if I miss anyone of your choice. Anyways here goes my list…
6. Eugene
From my weak knowledge, he was a retard right? He gimmick was a grown ass man with a brain of a 12 year old right? In my book that’s a retarded man (forgive me if I sound rude). With the exception of a couple of interviews with him and Maria, I never found this man funny and hated the fact that he was so over with the crowd. He had his moments but the gimmick itself was just corny to me and that is why it is number 6 on my list.
5. Spirit Squad

This group was active for pretty much the whole of 2006, with some segments with serious cringe factor. I’m sorry but an all male cheerleader group in a wrestling world that was known in the past for its edginess. This move by the WWE showed it had turned its back on the older generation and was now catering to kids. Me at my age never ever laughed at them and never really saw the point of them.
4. Zach Ryder

I know I’ve probably lost a lot of votes for putting this popular current wrestler but as much all the loud pop he gets, you have to admit his gimmick, is incredibly cheesy. It isn’t helped with Zach Ryder’s awful acting. Especially when he brings other wrestlers to do the ‘woo woo woo’.
3. The Gobbledy Gooker

it was revealed to be a man in a turkey suit. The fans weren’t having it, so they booed heavily and rightly so. The gimmick was stopped straight away because no way a wrestling world was going to take serious, a man in a turkey suit.
2. Arachnaman

This spider man rip off came in to action in 1991, portrayed by Brad Armstrong. It was a man in a yellow costumes trying to look like a spider and do spider type moves with agility, spider string thingy and so forth. And it was damn cheesy and totally plagiarising the idea of ‘Spiderman’.
1. The Shockmaster

One of the worst gimmicks ever bestowed upon the wrestling realm. Portrayed by the poor Fred Ottman,i mean he had a voice for goodness sake god that was awful to watch. Who could also forget the secret revealing of Stings partner and him jumping and falling over knocking of his helmet and hearing Ric Flair mutter under his breath while in utter disgust LOL. God that was classic….to think of it he gave a hilarious moment but the gimmick was cheesy itself.

That's it for another episode of Blog Wars. Thank you guys for reading and also because this was such a big list I extended it to 6 choices. Remember to vote in the comments section.

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  1. RatedATB's Avatar
    Think I'll go with Dr. Death on this one. Both had great lists but I think DD just about takes it
  2. VanHooliganX's Avatar
    Dr. Death.

    He really is hard to beat
  3. eyehatecena's Avatar
    OMG, had not heard of a few of them- but I will go with Dr Death's
  4. The Sneakiness's Avatar
    Dr. Death for me
  5. knox's Avatar
    Dr. Death just because you had a clip from Legends of Wrestlemania. Also I think Ryder's gimmicks is pretty good
  6. Johnny G's Avatar
    Has to be Dr. Death
  7. eldoryazdee's Avatar
    I hated the Eugene character and so as the Spirit Squad gimmick, they're one of the main reasons I turned my back on wrestling. And as you may not know yet, I have no idea who Zach Ryder is. But my vote goes to Dr. Death.
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