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What If Maria Menounos Won The Diva's Title?

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What's up, I'm back again with something that has been on my mind for the past two weeks.

Back in April of the year 2000, World Championship Wrestling was in their famous state of "Change In Direction". It was during that time when a motion picture that was mainly revolved around the organization was released in "Ready To Rumble."

The day of April 26, 2000 became a day that shall live in infamy for WCW, as that was the day when Tony Schivoane walked up to Vince Russo and said this:

Tony: "Hey Vince, I've Got This CRAZY Idea For You."

Russo: "Ok Tony Let Me Hear It."

Tony: "What If David Arquette Won The World Title?"

I could see why they (meaning Russo and WCW) did this. It's simple, FOR PUBLICITY! I mean, Russo himself even said that say if DDP won the World Title he wouldn't be on the cover of USA Today like Arquette was.

That brings me to today. WWE has been really psyched about the fact that popular American Journalist Maria Menounos is an avid wrestling fan. Maria's shown it to. She's even been in a few wrestling matches for WWE on separate occasions over the past few years. She competed at Tribute To The Troops over the Holiday Season last year and is scheduled to compete again at WrestleMania XXVIII in Miami.

So my question is this: Would (and/or Should) WWE put the Diva's Title around the waist of Maria Menounos?

Here's my opinion. I would say go for it.

Why? Because it would be a big publicity hit for the organization. It could also bring in new female fans to WWE. It be an interesting turn of events to say the least.

This is why I say yes; what would be the difference between Maria Menounos winning a title and David Arquette's title reign? David Arquette won the World Heavyweight Championship. The Biggest Prize In All Of Wrestling.

The Diva's Championship means absolutely nothing. To both me, the fans, and WWE. It's been a useless title ever since it's inception in 2008. So why not put it on a celebrity? She could even win it in a similar scenario like Arquette did. But it'd have to be on RAW. Not a Pay-Per-View.

If this was the Women's Championship that we were talking about here, I would say absolutely not because of that title's rich prestige and history. That is why David Arquette's World Title win had such a bad taste for us wrestling fans. It was because of that title's prestige and history. If say, he won WCW's Hardcore Title (for example) then it probably would have worked. Because after his World Title win, you might as well could have thrown that belt in the trash can.

That ends this entry. Tell me your thoughts and follow me on Twitter @T_Hughes35

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    No thanks.....especially with Beth as the champion.
  2. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    That is stupid. No more celebs winning titles, we don't want the division turning into a joke. Also her fans wouldn't watch long
  3. TheGamergirl22's Avatar
    If it was last year with Eve holding it, ehh why not might as well Snooki win it since she's bigger and a household name, Beth hell no it means something with her holding it. Well if Beth bring back the classic women's belt like the one Medusa threw away then maybe, show destroy the diva belt.
  4. jai's Avatar
    This is crazy...but I actually agree with this blog. It would be putting a meaningless title on a celebrity, but acting as if it were something epic.
  5. baby-boi's Avatar
    Im for it.....the Divas title means NOTHING(and never has). WWe needs to do something. My first idea was for them to give the title to Vicki. Having a non-wrestling female heel, who is mostly seen with the men(people most fans want to see) rather than the women, as champion will bring hype to the title(think back to Stephanie's title run)

    However, I think this celeb idea is better. But I don't think Maria is a big enough star to get the title the attention it needs. An A-List reality show star or a C-List actress is what they need

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