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Uncooked: Raw Afterthoughts

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Hey everyone. Another Raw has come and passed, as we are one step closer to Wrestlemania 28. I don't know about anyone else, but after tonight, I am counting down each day to Mania and am getting more excited every day. Lets get right into it shall we.

The Good

Chris Jericho/CM Punk promo
Wow, simply wow! To me, this was a great way to start off the show. Needless to say, Jericho bringing up the topic of Punks sister, and if I am not mistaken on this, insinuating that she is a prostitute or does certain sexual things to get a score, wow. I thought the alcoholic dad comment last week was a low blow, but this had to easily be a double low blow. I've heard some people say they don't like that Jericho/Punk are going this way with the feud, but I disagree. We already know we are going to get an AMAZING wrestling match, but by making it personal, they are taking it to a whole other level. I can't wait to see what they do next week on the final Raw going into Mania.

Kane vs Big Show
Now don't get me wrong. I am not saying this match was good. I'm saying why it occurred, and the after math is what made it good. You get Kane being put over as he heads in to Mania to face Orton, and you get Rhodes gaining the upperhand on the Big Show. I'm hoping on the next 2 Smackdowns and last Raw, they kick it up a notch on the Show/Rhodes feud as so far, I am thoroughly enjoying it. This match only gets a 1/5, but the segment after the match gets a 3/5 in my opinion.

Kofi Kingston/R Truth vs Jack Swagger/Dolph Ziggler
Lets see. This established that Swagger/Ziggler would be a part of Team Johnny at Mania(though I still wish we had these two teams facing Primo/Epico for the titles in some kind of gimmick match since we have no MITB, but i digress), and we get some good back and forth action. While I wasn't the biggest fan of the whole Aksana/Guerrero interaction aftermath, you can't deny this match was decent. Part of me hopes they make the tag match at Mania an elimination match, otherwise I just see this as being a big spot/finisher fest. Anyways, this match was decent, and I give it a 2.5/5 or at best 3/5 and it served its purpose. Help put Team Johnny over more as we go into Mania, and provide us with a decent match. Kudos WWE.

HHH/HBK/Taker Promo
I smell an HBK vs HHH feud/match at some point between now and Wrestlemania 29. It sent chills down my spine when Hunter said his line about the match not being about HBK and then glaring at him. To me, this served its purpose. I am thoroughly looking forward to this match at Mania. I am sure there are those out there who believe Taker won't lose, and I am leaning towards that, but to me, the surprise in this match is what is going to happen in it. The E did the right thing throwing in HBK. It has everyone guessing, is HBK going to try to screw Taker, or just flat out screw Hunter. My only complaint with this, is having this end Raw, when the "main event" for Mania is Rock vs Cena and is being hailed as one of the biggest matches of all time, I feel it kind of takes a jab at that since this closed out the show. Other than that though, to me this was perfect!

The Bad

David Otunga vs Santino Marella
Now, there is no denying Otunga is garnering a decent amount of heat, and Santino is way over, but this really was pointless. The match wasn't anything worth going on about, Plus the aftermath really didn't do much for me. This match 0/5. Dud!

How to Fix
Have Santino face someone else like Christian or Mark Henry or whoever the 6th member of Team Johnny is next week. Or have a preview of the match at Mania and do a 3 on 3 tag match. Something other than just Otunga vs someone. To me, he isn't anything special in the ring, and the time would be better suited for someone else.

The Indifferent

Rock promo/Mark Henry vs John Cena
First off, Rocks promo was one of his better ones as of late in my opinion. When i listened to him, he didn't seem stale or just rehashing old stuff, which i really enjoyed. The Henry vs Cena match wasn't even half bad or either. They gave Henry some offense but the obvious winner was going to be Cena. The reason I put this in the indifferent section is because I don't feel it did anything to further the Cena/Rock feud. Yeah the Rock came down and nailed a Rock Bottom on Henry, but what did that really do to spice up their feud? Yeah Cena defeated a giant in Henry, but does it really give him more momentum going into Mania?

How to improve
This is simple. Next week is the final Raw, have the final segment be Cena/Rock, and have one or the other get the upper hand. Heck, maybe even have a moment where Cena goes for Attitude Adjustment, Rock counters into a Rock Bottom, Cena counters into an attempted STFU, and then end it with either Cena nailing Rock with a Rock Bottom or Rock nailing Cena with an Attitude Adjustment. Something that says, "Yeah that is right, you just got punked!" With only 1 Raw left, I feel some physical interaction is needed.

Daniel Bryan vs Zack Ryder/Sheamus vs The Miz
Can anyone honestly say they didn't think Daniel Bryan was going to walk away the winner? This match was ok, and it served its purpose. It gave Bryan another win going into Mania that was clean. I would say this match was a 2/5, maybe a 2.5/5 at best. This didn't really improve the Sheamus/Bryan feud though. Yes one could argue that it helped establish Bryan more as he gets ready to face Sheamus. In my opinion though, that should have been happening after the Elimination Chamber when Sheamus made it clear of his intentions. Instead the E decides to shoot us more CM punk/Bryan matches that have no real ending and don't really do anything for Bryan. Then you have Sheamus vs Miz which I get is to further the idea of Miz not having a Mania match, and putting Sheamus over even more(I don't even know if that is possible) but to me, it didn't really do much.

How to Improve
Well it looks like this coming week on SD we are getting Sheamus/Punk vs Bryan/Miz so I am hoping it helps further the Sheamus/Bryan feud. I feel like on SD they have been putting more focus on the Bryan/Sheamus feud than they have on Raw, which is fine, but come on! You are going to feature the two talents set to go at it for the World heavyweight Championship at Mania on Raw, and not have them interact some way. Next week on Raw, I say put a big focus on this whether it be a promo from the two, or a tag match, or even a triple threat or who knows maybe a handicap match, something other than them facing random opponents.

Well everyone, this weeks Raw to me was really good and a great step in the direction of Mania. I can't wait to see what goes down on the final Raw. I look forward to everyones comments and thoughts, and until next time, stay Raw!

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  1. ShaunieB's Avatar
    I love the direction Punk/Jericho are going in as it adds a whole new dimension to their match at WM. I also, really enjoyed The Rock's promo it just seems like he is having a lot of fun since his return but I do think that it is a mistake having them only get phyiscal on the last Raw just because whoever comes out on top on Raw will most likely lose at WM
  2. goonernaz's Avatar
    It was an indifferent Raw for me,I have been saying for weeks that the final Raw before mania rock & cena need to have some kind of physical interaction to get this match to fever pitch and get those last minute pay per view buyers in.
    One thing i noticed was The Rock giving The Ultimate Warrior a mention which i was pleasantly surprised with seeing as the warrior and wwf (yes F i am golden generation era and it will never be wwe for me) dont have the greatest history. As you would have seen he started talking about hogan and WM1 which makes sense then he just jumped to warrior and WM6 even though WM6 was held in toronto, and called him an icon (which he rightly is) and then he went on to mention SCSA.
    The Rock was standing near the Rocky statue, and the show was held in Philadelphia so im not sure what the link with warrior and Philadelphia is. I remember Summerslam 90 being held in Philadelphia and thats when warrior made his first pay per view title defence against the late great Ravishing Rick Rude in a cage.
    Just wondering if anyone knows if there's any link as i dont see why Rock would mention the warrior.
  3. akbar's Avatar
    didnt enjoy this weeks raw, good read though
  4. RatedATB's Avatar
    I actually really enjoyed this weeks Raw. I'll say the first hour was a lot better than the 2nd, but who's to say that's a bad thing. People want build to Mania and that's what we got. Nice read dude, as always
  5. mrbluto's Avatar
    Just like most Raw's it was boring with a few bright spots. Once Mania is over David Otunga needs to be pushed toward being a top heel, he has the looks, personality, Mic skills and character to be a top heel. Rock was great.
  6. bearkg88's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by mrbluto
    Just like most Raw's it was boring with a few bright spots. Once Mania is over David Otunga needs to be pushed toward being a top heel, he has the looks, personality, Mic skills and character to be a top heel. Rock was great.
    Personally I don't want Otunga being pushed as a top heel. Yes he has the "look" but other than that, the only other thing that he has going for him is his girlfriend. He wasn't entertaining in the ring before he became Johnnys assistant, and still isn't. If the E pushes him as a top heel, it'll be an epic fail
  7. chato's Avatar
    raw was a little weak last night. hopefully next week's will be better
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