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The 10 Smartest Men in this Business

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Hey guys Knox here hoping all is well. I'm blogging on the geniuses behind the world of professional wrestling. The guys that have the knowledge to keep this business alive with their overall know how.

This list isn't a list of top drawers so don't expect to see too many current wrestlers on here. This is a list of guys that know the business behind the scenes and actually know how to run it. Hope you all enjoy this.

Ofcourse this is opinionated because alot of the guys on my list have no experience in running a company so really my list has no merit. I'm just blogging on guys whom I feel actually know the gist of this business and in some cases have proved it.

As many of you know, I'm a huge fan of WWE Classics on Demand. Alot of my information below comes straight from that program specially the Legends of Wrestling Round Table Talks. So if you see a L.O.W. next to some names below, that means that my information came from Legends of Wrestling talks.

The 10 Smartest Men in this Business:

10. Chris Jericho
I put Jericho on this list simply because he knows how to work the internet. I gotta give him credit for that. Also he's one of the very few to work for ECW, WCW & WWE so he knows alot of the differences in each company and what works and what doesn't work.

9. Dusty Rhodes (L.O.W.)
Basically Dusty Rhodes was the creator of WCW's Starcade. This was an idea Dusty wanted to make huge and he succeeded in that. Apparently a source inside WCW passed this information to Vince and Vince did what he could do to create Wrestlemania and make it the biggest show in this sport and he succeeded.

On Classsics on Demand Michael Hayes said to Dusty, "So basically, Vince stole your idea, and made it bigger and better". This was a very funny moment. Anyway Dusty Rhodes is a great guy and he said his Wrestlemania moment would be to see his son Cody compete at Wrestlemania and at Wrestlemania 25 he got that.

8. Paul Heyman
I remember I blogged on Paul Heyman and received alot of negative reactions because he has got his hands on alot of things that flopped but that's besides the point. He took a backyard company in South Philly and got that organization big time press and the #3 show and a television deal.

The reason this worked is because like every good business, you have to have a competitive advantage and a great positioning strategy. Basically something that makes you different from the rest.

ECW made sure they were the most ruthless organization. They took things to the very extreme and just as simple as that, that's what made them stick out.

7. Triple H
All I know is he wants to rebuild the tag team division & cruiserweight division so that's good enough for me to throw him on this list. Rebuild the midcard and find a way to push the guys without throwing them straight to the WWE title or United States title.

Its a way to push guys without giving them a quick title win. This never works because after they lose the title, everything basically goes down from there. Triple H knows this and he'll fix it.

He has some great guys in FCW like Moxley, Tyler Black, Xavier Woods and many others who can help rebuild this cruiserweight division.

6. Mick Foley (L.O.W.)
He's a creative genius in my opinion. He knows this business. Like I always say, if he's an on screen character on Raw or on the creative team, ratings will increase. Mick Foley has this little kid excitement for this business that's such a pleasure to watch when he's on Legends of Wrestling. Love this guy.

5. The Undertaker
Once again, this guy knows how to work the internet. He's said in interviews that he hates the internet wrestling marks that think they know how to run a wrestling organization. He said this in an interview in 2001. I just always felt like Taker could be a guy that helps run the WWE after his career in the ring is over along with Shawn Michaels.

He tends to stay away from social media and would be a great asset to the creative team because he would focus solely on what makes the product better. Let's forget about money, ratings, social media and put together a product that will deliver for the simple fact its great television. I believe Taker can do that.

4. Pat Patterson (L.O.W.)
I like this guy for many reasons. He'll fit in and play whatever role he has to do for the better of this business. He's been a ref, a wrestler, an agent and a member of the creative team. He's one of the very few men that has been at every single Wrestlemania.

He's actually booked alot of the Wrestlemania's of the past. In fact, the Iron Man match between Bret Hart & Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania. He said he went to Vince and said lets do this. Vince was very shaky on the idea and originally felt that lengthy match would take alot of slots away from other guys. Eventually he convinced Vince to go with it because if any two men could pull this off it would be HBK & Hart.

Patterson also booked the match between Hogan & Ultimate Warrior at Mania in which both the Intercontinental & WWF Championship was on the line. Originally Vince had booked Hogan to win but Patterson used his pull to convince Vince to change his mind. Apparently Patterson felt that Hogan was being forced down the fans throats as Champ so lets give it to another over babyface.

Patterson said Vince & himself watched from backstage as Warrior celebrated and he & Hogan shook hands. Pat said himself & Vince were backstage crying like babies tears of joy. Apparently when Hogan got backstage he was furious and wouldn't talk to nobody and was very upset he had to job to Warrior.

I'm not a Warrior guy but maybe this supports his claim of how Hogan was a prick backstage. It wasn't too long after that Warrior lost that title. Like I said, I got all this info from Legends of Wrestling.

3. Michael Hayes (L.O.W.)
Like I said in many comments on posts on this website. I love Owen Hart and Jake Roberts. Those were my guys. But there isn't a man alive who deserves the Hall of Fame more than Michael Hayes. One of the very smart men in this business.

He's the head writer currently in the WWE. Before we throw him under the bus, we don't know exactly what angles he wrote or not so lets get that clear.

But yeah, this guy is very knowledgeable and is one of the more decorated stars of this business. He's served in many companies and has been involved in alot.

2. Jim Ross (L.O.W.)
I'm really not a big Jim Ross guy but he knows this business like no other. He did alot of the booking in NWA and WWE in some point of time. I feel like as long as he has his right mind, he can take this business places. He's worked with alot of talent.

I'll never forget about how vocal Jim Ross was about MVP. Ross said on the Legends of Wrestling talks that he signed MVP. He designed that whole cocky heel big money gimmick he had. Ross said he signed alot of talent but MVP was the guy that he wanted to be the face of the company. He said he knew this would happened and he had planned for MVP to be World Champ by 2009 but things never fell into place.

Apparently Johnny Ace wasn't a fan of MVP. When MVP went on his drought, Jim Ross said that's one of the main reasons he resigned from his position as Executive of Talent Relations.

Ross knows alot about drawing demographics. His main focus was to find a solid World Champion for every cultural background in the WWE. For example, Mysterio for the Mexicans, MVP for the blacks, Wade Barrett for the United Kingdom and Chris Jericho for the Canadians. I think that's smart of Ross to want to book people that way because that would really draw a bigger demographic of fans. One of the reasons I find Ross so brilliant.

1. Vince McMahon
This does alot of things that many of us disagree with and even that would be an understatement. Vince is a smart man because he's been able to adapt to times. He's always wanted to push a different product and he's accomplished that.

In the 80s, it was nothing on television that could compare to wrestling. These larger than life over the top gimmicks and personalities. It was nothing on television remotely close to that.

Then came the Attitude Era and the Wars. This was compelling television that really delivered. Yeah, you had Jerry Springer on television but other than that, it wasn't much on television that compared to wrestling.

In the late 2000s, reality television made it's mark. Television was now getting very risky and the products were out there to say the least. You got Jersey Shore, Bad Girls Club, Basketball Wives, Atlanta Housewives, dating shows and you name it. So Vince took his product another direction and tried to make it a bit more kid friendly just to still be a different company.

He's found a way to incorporate celebrities, twitter and such in his product which gives it that much attention. I for one don't mind celebrities as long as they AREN'T COMPETING IN A MATCH.

People bitch about McMahon but I have to put him #1 because the WWE hasn't died yet. They might have lost viewers but I feel Vince knows how to adapt to times fairly well.

People complain about twitter but for what reason? People put the WWE on this pedestal as if they can't do anything to better themselves as a company outside the ring. Give me one major company that doesn't have a twitter page? Microsoft, McDonalds, Walmart, Target, and pretty much every company has them. So why is it such a crime for WWE to plug twitter?

Like I said, Vince is a smart individual. We don't agree with alot of his concepts but he's smart. I think with a little help from other higher ups, the WWE could be a perfect company again.

Hope you all enjoyed this one. This is very opinionated so I did away with Honorable Mentions, I'll leave that up to you guys in the comments. Thanks again for reading this, please leave feedback. Check out my track below and enjoy. I appreciate the support guys, its really fun to have your voice heard when talking about something I enjoy so much which is wrestling. Thanks again guys. Be safe. Until then.!/jaeknox

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  1. knox's Avatar
    Well said marx. Yup that's why Edge & piper are my two favorites of all time. They earned so much respect. they both managed their money well. If flair was in the same situation as edge, he wouldve wrestled until he died because financially he has to
  2. nosellshogan's Avatar
    No Jim Cornette ?.
  3. Fitman's Avatar
    Nice blog and great top ten idea.

    I enjoyed reading it, but I disagree with the placement of Triple H... He married the boss' daughter, and for that reason alone he should be number one.
  4. jcameron346's Avatar
    I'll agree with no Bischoff/Russo/Nash, but I've gotta put my foot down when it comes to Jim Cornette. If there's one man who understands how wrestling works as a business and a sport, it's James E. I would put him right up there with Patterson/Hayes.
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