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Top 10 Worst Wrestlemanias

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What's poppin folks! RatedATB back at it again with another installment in my Wrestlemania series. With Mania getting closer and closer, many people are talking about how this is a boring card and there's a lot of bathroom matches. To them I say that's "FACKIN BOOLSHIT!" to quote the Iron Sheik. This Mania card is miles ahead the following 10 Manias I'm about to list. Yep that's right we count down the top 10 WORST Wrestlemanias of all time, in what might be a controversial list, but I'll leave that up to you folks. Without further ado...

10. Wrestlemania 2000 (16)

The first Wrestlemania I would ever see. As a child I thoroughly enjoyed it, seeing all of the biggest stars in the WWF showcased on the grandest stage of them all. Even at a young age I knew how special Wrestlemania was. And yet we got an abysmal card. In fact it was the only Wrestlemania in history to not feature a traditional 1-on-1 match. I will say the Triangle Ladder Match is a classic and the Benoit/Angle/Jericho match was a good one as well, the rest just felt clustered. I want to say I loved the main event, but as I said in one of my previous Wrestlemania blogs, it was an overbooked mess and the wrong man won. 4/10

9. Wrestlemania 12

Funny how a ppv that provided one of the greatest wrestling matches in history can also be regarded as a terrible show. Remove the Ironman match and the back lot brawl and you get some very forgettable stuff folks. Warrior squashing a young HHH in a few seconds is just one example of how badly this ppv went. I will say the back lot brawl between Piper and Goldust was great stuff and very revolutionary at the time, but it and the Ironman can only bring this up so high on the list. 4/10

8. Wrestlemania 13

Much like 12, this Wrestlemania provided one of the greatest matches in Wrestlemania history. But unlike Wrestlemania 12, it is very forgettable. This ppv is filled with matches that just fell flat in my opinion and never really took off. I don't think anyone truly cared at this point and it was a dark time for the WWF. Not to mention one lackluster, boring main event between Sid and Undertaker that didn't really have any heat nor did it have any true aftermath, leaving no one to really give a shit. This Mania had an amazing match between Hart and Austin that is regarded as a classic but it wasn't enough to save this show from failing. 3.5/10

7. Wrestlemania 15

I want to like this Mania. I really do. However there was NOTHING worth mentioning from this show at all. Rock and Austin was a good match but honestly was the worst of the 3 these two did together, and that was about it. This was one of those Manias that didn't really give any time to the matches to let them develop and get people excited, and it just didn't feel like a huge deal. The highlight of the night was Stone Cold winning the title back, which don't get me wrong is great, but this was at a point were they were really getting momentum and ruling the world of entertainment, and they delivered one lackluster ppv that didn't feel the least bit special. 3/10

6. Wrestlemania 6

When you mention this Mania you automatically think of the main event. Yeah, in my opinion concerning who was in it, it was a great main event. Yet when you look at the rest of the card, all you see is disappointment. With 14 matches this is one of the largest Wrestlemania cards in Wrestlemania history, and therein lies the problem. Too many matches is a BAD thing. Yes everyone works hard and deserves a spot on the card, but most of these matches were one on one. How hard would it have been to combine some of these, or leave them off entirely? If you go back and look, only 2 matches went over 9 minutes. 2/14 folks, 2/14. 2.75/10

5. Wrestlemania 7

Yet another Mania that was saved by an excellent match put on by Warrior and Savage. However, looking at the rest of the show, it doesn't take a wrestling genius to see just how bad this show was. Hell a lot of the matches didn't even hit the 5 minute mark. The main event was blah, even if it did have a TON of heat behind it. I really don't have much to say about this Mania. Nothing outside of Hogan/Slaughter and Warrior/Savage were given much time to develop and the whole show suffered for it. 2/10

4. Wrestlemania 2

Boy the first two Wrestlemania's were just not that great. The first Mania was obviously a success, and it was a no brainer to hold Wrestlemania 2. However the show's claim to fame was the fact that it was held in 3 different cities. Other than that you didn't really have too much to ride home about. The main event was boring, the undercard was boring, and the show in general was just that...boring. Apples and bananas...that was a test to see if anyone actually reads what I'm writing. It seems that people skip over what I write, and then complain about a choice that I made even if it contradicts an explanation I give. Anyway back to Wrestlemania 2, it was such a let down because 1 was such a success and it's obvious there was a huge expectation from this one that just let everyone down. 1.5/10

3. Wrestlemania 5

Some people might disagree, but I disliked this Mania. The main event was great and all, not really regarded as a classic like other Mania main events, but still good. The problem was this ppv was so damn long. Another one of those 14 match Manias that could've done without at least 4 matches to give more time to other important matches. This is a problem with most of the early Wrestlemanias considering they had huge rosters of people and wanted to get as many of the wrestlers on as possible, and while they do deserve it, I'm surprised they didn't just do the battle royal at the time. 1.5/10

2. Wrestlemania XI

Ok. Where do I begin. I will start off by saying I did enjoy Diesel/HBK and thought it was a decent outing between the two. That being said...the REST of this card was ASS. For god's sake it was headlined by Lawrence Taylor and Bam Bam Bigelow. No disrespect to Bam Bam, the man is a legend, but this was in no way shape or form deserving of being the main event of Wrestlemania. The match itself was alright, not a complete disaster, but the fact that it was the main event tells the story of how bad creative was for the WWE at the time. Such a forgettable event to say the very least. 1/5

1. Wrestlemania IX

Alright folks. The creme dela creme of shit. The show started off with a decent match between HBK and Tatanka, but it just went downhill from there. A whole crap ton of bad finishes and shitty matches filling the night up until the biggest piece of cow manure I have ever seen take place on a professional wrestling show outside of TNA or the dying days of WCW. Hulk Hogan coming out and winning the title from Yokozuna after Yoko had just defeated Bret was absolutely 100% unnecessary and just shows you how much greed Hogan had. Not to mention the fact that he was on his way to WCW, giving absolutely no merit to him pulling this off. It was a slap in the face to everyone involved and Hogan is BS for pulling it off. 0.5/10

Well folks there ya have it! We're winding down on this little mini series with the final blog being next week, focusing on the top 10 Wrestlemanias. I'm sure it'll be controversial but hey, F it is what I say. Not sure where I'm gonna go from here blog wise, I might start the Raw Reactions back up but that remains to be seen. Also on a side note. To the people who want to dispute any choices I make in these lists that fine, just read each section before doing so. I'm convinced people see something and without reading my side of it they just jump all over it. But eh, whatever, do what you want. I hope you enjoyed the read folks, and until next time it's been real, it's been fun, but it hasn't been real fun. Deuces!

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  1. iPwn's Avatar
    I had to make an account just to say you truly know nothing about wrestling, especially when your first WrestleMania was 16.

    Kid some advice, try looking at more recent years.
  2. RatedATB's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by iPwn
    I had to make an account just to say you truly know nothing about wrestling, especially when your first WrestleMania was 16.

    Kid some advice, try looking at more recent years.
    LMAO...this guy
  3. LMPunker's Avatar
    im amased wrestlemania 1 wasnt on the list yes it made money but the content wasn't that great my opinion 2 was better then1
  4. dragonsrevenge's Avatar
    WM 26 and 27 were pretty shitty. Way worse than IX, V, IV (really??), and VI.
  5. Mooresy29's Avatar
    Wrestlemania XXVII was easily top three of the worst mania's in history, as for saying Rock-Austin at WMXV was thier worst match of the three, I disagree, that would be WMXIX.
  6. elric87's Avatar
    actually 13 wasn't that bad compared to 4 and 5 in my book or last year's horrible idea. 13 had matches that made the attudie era and last year's was vince thinking people could buy the miz as champion for longer then a couple of months.Plus 13 had the bret hart and steve austin submission match and the worst excuted match of triple h vs the ultimate warrior.
  7. B-ri's Avatar
    Semi-agree, semi-disagree... Not seen some of the listed manias however I feel that some of the guys have raised good points. I felt Wrestlemania 27 was a real let down, even the Rock wasn't that great. Really it had 1 great selling point other than The Rock, Triple H vs Taker, apart from that the only other decent match was CM Punk vs Randy Orton.

    That being said I get the feeling that, if it's done correctly Wrestlemania 28 could be one of the best Manias they've done in a while. It has the match potential, the matches have the heat around them, it has that special feel about it with the recent content on WWE programming with the edgy language & darkness of the storylines, specifically between Punk & Jericho and Cena & The Rock plus with the extreme setting of Taker vs HHH with Michaels as the referee it has a feel that we could be seeing a shift in WWE's product, I'm not saying it'll definitely happen and that I'm not just talking crap but the way the cards has been built and the feuds having been built up well (with the exception of Sheamus/Bryan) it has a great feel to things.

    Anyways, mini-blog over, good job on the blog man!
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