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WWE - My opinions on wrestling today

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Hi to all you wrestling fans been a while since my first blog almost a year in fact. It was around this time last year that id voice my thoughts on how wrestling would return to the glory days of the mid to late 90's. A year on and we're still waiting

i apologize up front if this blog comes across a bit disjointed the point of this is to purely add my opinion to the thousands of others out there. but also to talk about something that influences wrestling massively and the decisions that are made and that's us the fans.

To illustrate my point the internet is a massive source for information now and also a massive place to vent frustrations. the wwe has more and more in the last few years almost tried to adjust to the world we now live in to make aspects of story lines have more true life issues and real backstage tensions etc and this is due to the marks out there and even the casual fan who know everything to a certain point that goes on backstage. even myself a lifelong fan i found it exciting 7 or 8 years ago when i could go on a site and read what was really going on backstage.

But now the problem with this a lot of us to a certain point have almost grown out of what it is was like being a fan loving the good guys and hating the bad guys. Stars of years gone by and im talking about mid-carders like tito santana , big boss man hacksaw Jim Duggan. those guys were never world champions and barly won a title between them but they are remembered fondly as legends. Why because we didnt care about who had what talent or who had best move-set we just cared about them winning and they got over

Now im not cynical enough to say we pretend we're kids we all grow up but the product of today is not as bad as alot of fans make out and there is plenty of talent there. and i believe if fans stopped whining and complaining all the time that we'd enjoy shows alot more.

I wont finish without mentioning John Cena the guy works he's arse off. does he dominate the main event scene sometimes yes definitely far too much. but at same time if we stopped moaning like i said above and got someone over as fans the way Cena originally got over then there would be someone else on he's level to compete with.
and of course there are issues we cant control i hate that some shows just get thrown together and the wrong guys seems to get the top spots. but its up to us as fans to cheer the guys we want there and i think there will be better chance of it happening

Hope you all enjoyed the read im sure there will be some negative feedback there always is but thats called having a debate!

P.S I apologize for the poor grammar i was never an A+ English student

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  1. little.Jimmy's Avatar
    i love cena

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