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Piper's Pit: Showstealler of Wrestlemania?

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We all know Cena vs. The Rock is going to close up Wrestlemania, but what match will really shine this year? Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk and The Hell in a Cell match would be most people's answer, but what about the undercard?

The tag-team match is horribly frowned upon among the IWC, but if it were actually to be elimination rules, it could be amazingly made to define the WWE and actually bring change, or it will flop and everything is the same, just with a different General Manager for one of the shows.

What not to do:
A one fall to a finish 7-minute tag team piss break with no aftermath at all for good or bad (in other words, exactly what WWE will do).

Randy Orton vs. Kane has a terrible premise of the match: oh my god! I shook your hand! How horrible of me! How could I ever display such sportsmanship and decency? So the buildup is just awful, but the match itself could be an instant classic, even with me not being a Randy fan at all, it could work. However, IMO this match should be a street fight because of why the match is happening. Even thought a street fight is just kendo sticks, chair-shots to the back, and throwing boxes at your opponent, these two could just destroy the rest of Wrestlemania by putting on one hell of a show

What not to do:
Kane is the genaric heel, squashing Randy, blah blah blah, chokeslam, kick out, blah blah blah, Randy's bad combo, RKO, Randy wins.

I don't want to get into the diva's match
What not to do:
The match itself

Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan: I'm predicting a squash match here, but they could make it work. I am very outspoken on my pure hatred towards Sheamus, and I don't care for the match itself, but such contradicting styles as a brawler and a technical wrestler. A real match could be put on. Showstealler? Not likely, but it could remain a nice, better than normal ppv match that makes people care about winning the money in the bank and royal rumble again.

What not to do:
Sheamus squashes Bryan.

Cody Rhodes vs. Big Show: Not a contender for showstealer, but it could be good. I'm hoping Cody retains the title, and then defends it more often than only on the big 4 ppv's. Not a great match, but one of the best people Cody could fight besides the injured Ted Dibiase.

What not to do:
A dragged out match with a bad ending (I have a hunch).

So the card looks good for a nowadays ppv, so everybody stop complaining about everything that is happening on the Grandest Stage of them all. This will be the Grandest Stage in a long while, but what will stand out? At this point I'll cast my vote for the Jericho vs. Punk match, but the Randy vs. Kane is a top contender in my book, while the others fall behind at their current states.

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  1. akbar's Avatar
    im surprised you think WHC match is going to be a squash match for shamus, DB is surely going to put one hell of a show until the inevitable happens and shamus wins, deffo not going to be a squash match, good blog though

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