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A positive/negative look on Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan

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Hey blog readers. We are just two weeks away from Wrestlemania 28. We now know the full card of Wrestlemania 28 which in my opinion, has the potential to be one of the best Wrestlemanias of all time if handled right of course. Now the topic of my blog will be me giving my honest thoughts on Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Title at Wrestlemania 28. Lets get started folks!

Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan for the World Heavyweight Title at Wrestlemania 28

The positives: When Sheamus became the 2012 Royal Rumble winner and decided to go for Daniel Bryan's World Heavyweight Title, I marked out. I am a big fan of both Sheamus and Daniel Bryan and they will no doubt put on a great wrestling match. These guys went from competing in a dark match against each other for the United States Title last year at Wrestlemania 27 which ended up being turned into a Battle Royal, to now competing for the World Heavyweight Title at Wrestlemania 28. Let that sink in for just a moment. I am loving Daniel Bryan's heel run at the moment. Seriously, this guy is just amazing as a heel. If you ever seen his indy work, you'll already know that Daniel Bryan can play a great heel. His romance storyline with AJ is getting better and better and I'm hoping as to whether or not AJ turns on Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania. Sheamus is also amazing me with his face run in this feud. People have been complaining about Sheamus and how hes turning "super" which means that hes never losing cleanly which is ridiculous. The reason why Sheamus has been winning as of late is because WWE is trying to make him more credible with the likes of John Cena, Randy Orton, and CM Punk. It would be silly to make him lose when he needs to look credible in order to be looked as the top babyface to the masses. This is my positive aspect on the match which brings us to the negative aspect of the match.

The negatives: Although I'm excited for the match, their feud has kinda been lackluster a little. The problem is, there really isn't any heat on this match. This feud feels a little thrown together and that's not a good thing. WWE needs to give Sheamus and Daniel Bryan a reason to destroy each other rather than having a match at Wrestlemania. This feud needs to have an edge to it but I'm just not getting that from this feud. What WWE did with CM Punk/Jericho is a great example of adding heat to a feud. WWE gave Punk and Jericho's feud heat by letting Jericho exploit to the WWE fans that Punk's father was an alcoholic. That was a perfect way of getting Jericho heat and it gives CM Punk a reason to beat the hell out of Jericho. This Sheamus and Bryan feud is really lacking heat which is why their feud seems a little lackluster. We are 2 weeks away from the biggest show of the year so I'm hoping this Friday Night, we see more promos being cut by Sheamus and Daniel Bryan rather than WWE giving them squash matches. WWE needs to spice things up in this feud and make this feud more interesting. No more squash match and no more generic "I'm going to win at Wrestlemania!" promos. I want WWE to put the build up of this match in full gear.

Therefore, I cannot wait for their match at Wrestlemania but I'm really not a fan of the build up of this feud. I was really hoping Sheamus and Bryan would have an intense feud but sadly that's not the case. Still, I'm very excited for their match being a fan of their wrestling styles. It should be a fun to watch. Thanks for reading as usual and tell me what your thoughts are!

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  1. Pumpkinhead's Avatar
    Good job DUBS, maybe they can make AJ cheat Bryan with Sheamus, that would be a shameful thing LOL
  2. riku's Avatar
    they don't need any crowd reaction on this match .the way i see it -wrestlemania 28 has everything for everyone [except blood may be ] .
    This match will be the among the first 3 matches of night ;and this one will be for pure wrestling fans.
    These two guys will be instructed to put up an unforgettable match which I'm sure they can .
  3. azure's Avatar
    I'd have to agree that the build up between these two really is lacking. Taker/HHH, Rock/Cena Hell even Long/Johnny is telling more of a story then sheamus and Bryan. All we seem to see of either of them is a brief appearance as they watch each others matches and thats about it, no real interaction, no real build up. It's seriously missing that story to tell.

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