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And Iconic Monday Night Raw

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In the interest of WrestleMania XXVIII living up to its hype, WWE seemed content at keeping the action on the microphone tonight rather than in the ring. For every main event match we got an equally main event promo – ignoring the Hell in a Cell- based one that dully closed the show. Good or bad, promos ruled Raw tonight so that’s what this blog will feature heavily.

As ever, I’m gonna start with the best segment of the night. For me Jericho and Punk opening the show left a bittersweet feeling in me. Bitter because the moment the guys in the production truck had to dust off the censor button I knew that this was going to be the best part – I cannot remember the last time anybody in WWE used the ‘s’ word (gotta keep things PG for the kids, ya see), let alone in such an effective manner. It was sweet for another reason, however. This feud has gotten to the personal level that I never expected from a WWE feud in this era, and it’s unexpected in this feud especially. I was hoping The Rock and John Cena would get to these depths rather than have the PG-induced feud they’re embroiled in (for those Twitter users out there, #letdown). I think it’s genius that Jericho has effectively silenced the ‘voice of the voiceless’ in the way he has. Clearly both superstars knew it needed something more than a contest to see who the best in the world is, and I’m glad they’re both professional enough to make it happen (I’ll allow you to insert your favoured Rock/Cena dig here, if you wish). Needless to say, this is now the match I’ll be buying WrestleMania for.

Now onto the match that has been the centre of WrestleMania XXVIII for almost a year – Rock versus Cena. I know I’ve insulted this match for its lack of real storyline already in this collection of words, but I still want to see it. If you pull aside the terrible build and the fact that neither has really expressed a personal issue with the other, you have two superstars who are guaranteed to get a reaction from a stadium full of WWE fans. All this match really needs to steal the show is for both to show up at their best (maybe Cena could try and put in something like he did at Money in the Bank?) and let the crowd dictate the rest. Tonight was a huge step in the right direction. I can’t speak for any other fan, but what I’ve wanted for the last few weeks is for The Rock to step up and do something other than talk on the mic – we all know he can do it, and it’s entertaining, but it’s about time we saw something physical from the People’s Champion. Rock promised he would deliver a message to Cena tonight and in my books he did. He can hit as hard as he could eight years ago and, if it wasn’t for Cena’s lack of varied facial expressions, it would have hit home more effectively. I was left happy with the quality of the Rock Bottom that we saw and how well Mark Henry sold it, and it made me a little excited to see The Rock at WrestleMania for the first time since the match was announced a year ago. My only reservation on tonight between these two was that Cena had a poor showing considering he’s in the biggest match of his career in thirteen days.

I labelled the Michaels/Undertaker/Triple H segment as dull leading into this blog, and I expect some stick for it. But first, let me explain my reasoning. I’m still not sure this match needs HBK, and I’m certain that a special referee is ALWAYS a bad move for big matches at WrestleMania – I’ve explained these in previous blogs so I won’t repeat myself. My problem with tonight’s segment was that it became clear that they added all they could to this rivalry last week with the DX chop incident. We didn’t need to see all three talk (extremely briefly, and Michaels didn’t really contribute) in the ring. What we need to see is, like with Rock/Cena, something physical. Even if it happens to superstars who look like jobbing for the next six months some kind of physical statement needs to be made. I’m sure somebody will pick out any good qualities from the promo, but for me it was unnecessary and dull.

In other news...

Miz jobbed again – Why are WWE punishing this guy still? He isn’t the first to make a mistake, and the guy is in demand – include him at WrestleMania as more than a guy in a pointless 12-man tag match!
Zack Ryder is apparently incapable of being injured – How did a broken back heal in two months? And am I the only person who thinks his ‘woo, woo, woo’ gimmick has run its course? It served its purpose now turn him into a heel.

A-Train is coming back – For some reason I’m happy about this. I can’t figure it out though.

I know I’ve ended this week’s blog on somewhat of a negative, and I apologise. Blame WWE, not me (lol). Anyway, that’s me for this week. Thanks for reading and I’ll (hopefully) gain your readership next week.

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  1. jjlbuck82's Avatar
    I agree. First this Rock and Cena fued needed some action and so does taker vs hhh. But to take this a step farther my big complaint this road to wm is the lack of action. It seems like everybodys yack yack yack. Even Orton this wk yackin. It feels like a little less than an hr of in ring action every week. Why do we have to watch both wrestlers ring entrance then go back to comercial.Sorry will get back on track. I do not think hbk is needed (he will be a distraction) and I never really got the woo woo thing. I do like the fact he pushed himself when wwe wouldnt. But its a crappy gimmick.

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