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My List Of Breakout Stars - 2012

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Hey guys hope all is well, Knox here. Its close to Wrestlemania time so this pretty much leads us into the part of the year where we see roster cuts and new feuds and what not. I have a feeling 2012 is the year of the breakout guys. The new breed that will come to the Raw & Smackdown roster and do their share. This is the year.

Breakout Stars or 2012:

10. A.J.
I think she will break free from Daniel Bryan and use that momentum to be something big. I think the creative team loves her and she's so adorable. Its cool to see her kick some ass because she's one of the few that can actually wrestle and has real tits. I love watching her, its good to see her perform instead of the typical magazine models.

9. Derrick Bateman (NXT)
Look out for this guy, he's doing something similar in NXT to what Ziggler is doing now. He has a similar gimmick but as a huge Dolph mark, I actually must say I enjoy watching Bateman more. He's awesome and could very well be the next John Morrison and he'll go much further if he keeps a good attitude in the back.

8. Dolph Ziggler
He's a bit lower on the list because he had his huge breakout. I do feel that either late 2012 or early 2013, he will become WWE Champion for real this time. Full package is what this guy is. He's Shawn Michaels, Rick Rude, Ric Flair & Mr. Perfect all rolled up into one. Great talent.

7. Maxine (NXT)
She can literally bring that dominant sexy back to wrestling. She reminds me alot of Melina when she was a heel. These days in the WWE, the divas really get no pop. I remember back in the day when Trish, Lita and even Mickie James were getting pops just as big as Cena & Orton. What I think Maxine can bring to the table is the attitude, charisma and skill to be the perfect heel. She will draw heat, trust and believe me guys. I love this chick. I met her in Baltimore a while back and she was overwhelmed at how many people already knew her because it was the first night of NXT Season 3 taped in Baltimore that night. She's awesome and a real cool chick to say the least.

6. Kofi Kingston
Kofi is also high on the list because ofcourse we all know him. I'm going to attach a YouTube video below of a custom theme song for Kofi that the WWE should use if they were to turn him heel. Its fits him perfect. Its called "Kingston" by Sean Kingston (Pun Intended).

Kofi has been doing the samething forever. He's just about as over as he can get with his gimmick. He outsold Rey Mysterio for merchandise, is in the top 7 in the WWE for twitter & facebook followers and fans combined. He's over.

Lets turn him heel and see what he can do in that regard. We've never seen that true fire from Kofi. I think most of the guys on this site love Kofi, so lets see him do something big. When given a chance, he's actually pretty solid on the mic.

5. Seth Rollins (FCW)
I love this guy here, would love to see him feud with Cm Punk. Hell I wouldn't mind seeing a ROH stable with Punk, Bryan & Rollins and add Hero to the mix as well. I think Seth will offer alot to Raw or Smackdown when he's brought up to the roster. He would be a great replacement for Evan Bourne.

4. Alex Riley
My 2nd favorite WWE wrestler today. My 3rd is Jack Swagger and my overall favorite is the guy i have listed as #2. Anyway, Riley has everything you need to be a star. Not alot of guys have it, but at an early age, he has it. He could brush up a bit in the ring but as far as everything else, he has it. He had so much fire after he broke from The Miz, I didn't think a million snipers could kill his thunder but it happened.

I'm still in shock. The WWE roster needs a facelift and it can start with Riley. Put this man on television and let him do what he does best. He will entertain. He reminds me of the Rock as a face.

3. Dean Ambrose (FCW)
Better known as Jon Moxley. My personal favorite indie wrestler of all time. I knew for sure he would make it to the big leagues one day but I was afraid of him coming to the WWE seeing as the WWE has a name for ruining the actual talent. Like I said, if given the chance, he can sellout any arena & PPV.

He's one of the greatest promo guys let alone speakers I've ever heard in my life. The hell with ranking his mic skills with wrestlers. I'd put his promo and speaking skills on a list with guys like Obama, Hitler (unfortunately he was a great speaker, even if I didn't agree with any of his philosophies) and Dr. King.

He will takeover this business if given the opportunity. Just look up some of his old matches with CZW.

2. Ted Dibiase Jr.
My favorite wrestler right now. He was getting a huge reaction before his injury. This year when he comes back, I got him winning his first singles title and adding some true prestige to that Intercontinental Championship. He has everything it takes to be the man.

1. David Otunga
I think he will have the biggest jump as far as the names I've listed above. I think Otunga will go on an MVP like run. I got him winning the United States Championship in late April or May and holding it till about January of next year. The feud he's in right now is with Santino so I think once Otunga's team loses at Wrestlemania, Johnny Ace will gain control and make sure his assistance has gold.

What makes Otunga special is that he's different. It's weird to many fans seeing an educated black man living his dreams as a wrestler but still serving as a part time lawyer. With the media today, black men are viewed as the bottom of the totem pole. On television we're portrayed as thugs, gangsters, murderers and dead beat fathers. There's a good group of us black guys whom actually aren't those things I just mentioned.

Otunga can't wrestle a lick but its different. He has pull from Jennifer Hudson. But the Lawyer thing their doing on his twitter is gold. He can be a huge heel so lets see what he can do. I still would like to see him get some more training in the ring but that's just me.

Hope you guys enjoyed this. Its a pleasure to write these blogs and hear your feedback. I appreciate every last comment, good or bad. Thanks folks. Take care and check out my link below. Until then.

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  1. Kryptonite's Avatar
    Good list mate, I don't like to, but i have to agree with Otunga.. But i would change him with Alex Riley
  2. LM_StraightEdge's Avatar
    Quite a good list to be fair, a few things i disagree with though. Dolph Ziggler is already a star, his place on this list is invalid. He broke out last year, and will be main eventing this year so i don't think you call him a break out star of 2012 (especially not at number 8!) Also the comment about Riley being like a face The Rock....absolutely ridiculous!! And Dibiase Jr has no charisma whatsoever. But i do like the majority of your list and agree about Otunga, i think he is going to have a great year and i actually enjoy watching his promos! Him and Big Johnny as a team are great!!
  3. Dubs's Avatar
    Agree with Otunga. I saw major potential in him in his Nexus days. Even before that when he hosted Raw two years ago. He has charisma and his Harvard lawyer gimmick is pretty entertaining. I don't agree with Ted Dibiase Jr though. He just doesn't have that spark that people can get drawn to. Hes bland and doesn't have developing mic skills yet. Great blog Knox.
  4. Bennyladd1's Avatar
    good list! 100% agree about Dean Ambrose, he has so much potential
  5. bearkg88's Avatar
    What up Knox. Another good blog. I agree with you on Otunga, Kofi, Dolph, and AJ, but I have to disagree with you on Ted and Alex. Anyways, good read bro!
  6. RatedATB's Avatar
    Great list man as always. Personally I can't wait until Ambrose and Rollins come up to the main roster, it'll make for some great tv. I can see each one of these people having great years and I 100% agree on Kofi. I wasn't huge on Kofi until recently, but he's always been great and he's over as hell. Good read man.
  7. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    "He's Shawn Michaels, Rick Rude, Ric Flair & Mr. Perfect all rolled up into one. Great talent."

    Okay, you're bad enough with your constant Rock bashing and your Cena man-crush. Now you're going to insult 4 of the greatest ever by categorizing Dolph as all them combined? Are you freaking serious? Do you even know who Shawn Michaels, Rick Rude, Ric Flair, and Mr Perfect are? Have you ever watched any kind of wrestling prior to 2009? You sure don't blog like it. Dolph isn't qualified to lick the fungus from any of those four's athlete's foot. Get a clue man.

    MAJOR THUMBS DOWN....that's 4 blogs in a row for you.
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