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Top 5 Influential Referees

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Hey guys, Knox here, I'm definitely running out of topics as of late to say the least lol. But heck, I decided why not blog on some of my favorite referees of all time, this will be fun. Hope you guys enjoy.

Top 5 Referees:

5. "Rugged" Ronny Garvin
To me he's one of the most underrated wrestlers of all time for any promotion. It sucks when injury hits and the only thing available for you is to referee. He was awesome to watch perform so I had to throw him on this list.

4. Nick Patrick
He innovated heel referees. I don't know much about times before 96' but I do know that Nick Patrick was pure gold. He was funny as hell as a heel when he used to wear the neckbrace. His work with the NWO was gold and I absolutely loved his feud with Chris Jericho.

3. "Dangerous" Danny Davis
One of the good heels that never got his due. He had the worst attire ever but he still could perform and draw major heat. Dude was sick.

2. Pat Patterson
Hall of Famer Pat, one of my favorite guys. Love to hear him talk on the Classsics on Demand roundtable talks. This guys knows the business probably more than anyone alive. He's been McMahon's guy for a while. He's worked as a performer including the first ever Intercontinental Champion, he's been a ref, an agent, and even did some creative work. He defines a legend in my opinion.

1. Earl Hebner Sr.
One of the most known referees. He's damn near reffed in every major promotion ever. I believe he did some work in the NWA. I know for sure he's worked in the WWE and currently works in TNA. Great ref and the most known ref of all time. If he could get inducted in the referee wing of the Hall of Fame that would be a very special moment. He's called some of the most influential and game changing matches of all time from the 70's all the way to matches today in TNA. Great guy.

Hope you guys enjoyed this. I'm damn near bushed from thinking of topics, I literally dug in the back of my brain for this one. If anyone has any topics they want me to blog on just comment this blog and tell me or leave it in my inbox. Be safe guys and thanks for the support good and bad. Until then.

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  1. RatedATB's Avatar
    Interesting blog man, but couldn't agree more. Especially with Patterson, I too enjoy his roundtable talks, the man is brilliant.
  2. Itchypanda's Avatar
    I'm from a slightly earlier era. Tommy Young used to be my favorite referee because he did this one trick (now used by every referee) where someone would sunset flip Ric Flair, Flair would grab the ring ropes to stop the momentum of going into a pin, Tommy would make a split-second decision (break the sunset flip hold or force Flair to release the ropes), then Tommy Young would kick Flair's hands, make the 2 count, Flair would get up and complain to Tommy Young then Flair's opponent would sneak up behind him and do a schoolboy roll-up for another 2-count. Classic stuff. I miss the 80's.
  3. knox's Avatar
    @ratedAtB, appreciate the comment bro. I enjoy your reads as well man. Keep it up.

    @itchypanda, epic username. I bet the 80s were awesome as hell. The tommy guy you speak of sounds awesome. People tend to forget refs even exist so thanks for mentioning young.
  4. The Piper's Avatar
    strange blog, bro. Never thought of anything like this, but you made it work.
  5. Sahu's Avatar
    Its a unique blog..o original...Kudos to you bro!!
  6. Playboy Stevie V's Avatar
    I liked Teddy Long as a ref then his slow transition into a loud mouth heel pimp manager of Doom and The Skyscrapers.
  7. Beer_Villain's Avatar
    Nice blog with an interesting and original topic to say at least.
    I agree on the blog, but i at least would include Tim White and Teddy Long as honorable mentions. The whole "suicide angle" with Tim White was just hilarious and Teddy Long to go from referee to manager to GM is just something worth noticing.
    But like i said, good blog man!
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