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Top 5 Tag Team Specialist In Wrestling History

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This Blog is going to Focus on Tag Team Specialist, Men who make a successful tag team with multiple different partners, Men who understand and who have perfected the tag team wrestling craft.

In this Blog I'm not going to list people who make a temporary tag team, You wont see Edge on this list, Edge really was only apart of 1 real team with christian, He was tag team champion with multiple partners but Edge was never a real team, him and Orton, Mysterio and Hogan were just thrown together temporary teams for storyline purposes..... No main eventers tagging up for storyline purposes, I'm talking about real teams. So No main eventers teaming up for temp tag team, for Example Steve Austin was Tag team Champs with HBK, Mick Foley, Undertaker and HHH, They had excellent tag bouts but they were not a true team, Austin was still champion or main eventing at the time and was still a singles wrestler. So you kinda get the idea of no thrown together main event teams? Good, That was difficult to explain, So now I can go on with my list.

Billy Gunn failed miserably as a singles Wrestler but you cant deny his success as a Tag Team wrestler.

Smoking Gunns
New Age OutLaws
Billy & Chuck

Billy Gunn has been in 1 half of the top tag team in the WWF in 3 different eras with 3 different partners. Say what you want about MR ASS but that is no small feat.

Billy Gunn isn't the Greatest worker and I'm sure most of its due to dumb luck but Gunns Success as a tag team cant be overlooked.

4. Bobby Eaton
Beautiful Bobby is a incredible Tag Team wrestler, Bobby rarely has a bad Tag team match. He was Successful with two different partners in the Midnight Express.

Bobby Eaton is the personification of a Tag Team Specialist. Most men after being in a successful tag team and then suddenly change partners and be just as Good and in some opinions a even better team than you were before, That is a tag team specialist.

Eaton Also had Great matches Teaming with
Steve Keirn, Members of the Dangerous Alliance and Lord Steven Regal.

James Storm burst on to the TNA Scene with Chris Harris to form arguably the Greatest Tag Team in TNA History "Americas Most Wanted " and I say arguably cause there is another team that is also considered The best Tag Team in TNA History and That team is "Beer Money", James Storms most recent Tag team.... What a feat that is, For both of your teams to be considered in the top 3 teams in your company's history. I will go as far to say that AMW and Beer Money are in the top 5 teams of the last 12 years.

Im not a huge TNA or James Storm fan but there is no denying that James Storm could make any team work, He understands tag team wrestling. Look at Chris Harris now, He is known as a joke in prowrestling, It seemed Storm had all the magic in that team.

I know its hard to put Storm over Bobby Eaton who had been apart of so many Great teams, but James Storm has had some incredible tag team matches in the last 10 years (against S.E.X. in a cage match and against MCMG). It might be a controversial pick but i think he is a worthy number 3 on this list.


Davey Boy Smith has been apart of what I consider two of the Greatest teams Ever. He was apart of The British Bulldogs and he was in a Amazing tag team with the late great Owen Hart in the late 90's.

Davey Boy and Dynamite were a excellent team, The Bulldogs were so innovative and respected around the world. Having Great matches in the WWF with The Hart Foundation and just about every teams in the WWF and having great matches in Japan also.

Davey Boy also had a tremendous tag team with Owen Hart. Most of the best matches from 1996-1997 had Bulldog and Owen involved in them. Bulldog and Owen are one of my favorite teams and so is the British Bulldogs.... Bulldog and Owen had Great match after Great every week on Raw and brought a great work rate to the WWF tag division.

I could sit here all night typing all the Great matches the British Bulldogs and Bulldog and Owen had but it be easier for you to check them out yourselves.

The Enforcer is what a Tag Team specialist aspires to be.... Arn was apart of The Minnesota Wrecking Crew, The Brain Busters and he also had some great tag outings with
larry zbyszko and just about every horsmen member they stuck him with. He made a Good to Great team with just about everyone, Including freaking Paul Roma.

Arn has had Classics natches tagging with

Ole Anderson
Tully Blanchard
Larry zbyszko
Barry Windham
Ric Flair

The List goes on and on..... Arn Anderson knew how to have a Great Tag match and he had many classics. No one had a better understanding of tag team wrestling and tag team psychology as Arn Anderson did. whether he was part of a Legendary team such as The Minnesota Wrecking Crew or The Brain Busters or if he was tagging with random Horseman member, If Arn was in the Tag match you knew it was gonna be one of the best matches on the card.

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  1. Playboy Stevie V's Avatar
    Ron Simmons! Awesome Pick!
  2. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    A suggestion, but I think Mr. Fuji would be a good guy for the list. He was apart of one of the longest reigning WWF tag teams champions. Plus he found success with plenty of other guys in different companies.
  3. A.Jay's Avatar
    Please don't leave out Austin he was apart of the Hollywood Blondes back in WCW with Brian Pillman. His run with HBK in 1997 was fun to watch, both were apart of a major tag team in thier hayday. Austin should make this list. So should Owen Hart without a doubt

    Ron Simmons should always make the list. Doom redefined what tag team wrestling was and the APA made still can't be match to this day. Barry Windam, Terry Gordy and Mike Rotunda as always.

    Arn and Bobby are always good picks not too bad.
  4. Sahu's Avatar
    Ron Simmons is a great suggestion...

    I appreciate you for bringing in James Storm...though many may not accept it...but, I'm with you. In an era, where tag team action is being down looked and more or less became a JOKE...he gave us TWO tag teams which are undoubtedly two of the BEST tag teams in past 10years...

    A Huge Thumbs UP from my side for James Storm..

    (coz, i'm a huge mark of both Storm n Roode..:d:P)
    Updated 03-20-2012 at 05:11 AM by Sahu
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