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The Top 5 Wresters to Never Hold a Singles Title in The WWF or WCW

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This Blogs is about the Top 5 Wrestlers to never Hold a Singles title in the WWWF/WWF/WWE or WCW.

I cant count how many blogs we had on here about the top 5 men to never win a world title in the two main promotions. You look at the list of wrestlers in most these blogs and you see Legends such as Curt Henning, Rick Rude, Rowdy Piper, William Regal, Scott Hall, Davey Boy Smith, Owen Hart and the list goes on and on, But what you dont realize is that these men carried just about every title but the World Championship title in WWF or WCW. These men are some of the most decorated champions in the WWF/WWE and WCW history even if they never won the big one..... Today we will look at legends that have never won any title, No singles titles for these men. These men are Legends of this business and are very highly reguardrd by fans, Critics and their peers. They were apart of Classic matches and moments, They inspired several wrestlers who are legends them self today and they did it without ever winning a singles title in the WWE or WCW.

Tag team titles do not count.
ECW titles do not count.
Hardcore titles do not count (since they were never really titles).

It was hard for me to do number 5, Bam Bam was ECW World Champion while ECW was the Number 3 wrestling promotion in America. ECW had a national TV show and 3-4 PPVs per year and even a Video Game around this time. I really was contemplating putting "The Big Bossman" or "Bob Orton Jr" but I just couldn't, Bam Bam was a huge name in wrestling, The First Wrestler to be put on the Cover of Sports Illustrated Magazine.... So Bigelow reluctantly gets my pick for number 5.

Bam Bam was the WCW Hardcore champion but the Hardcore titles are not something I count as a singles title in WWE or WCW... Bam Bam was a huge Face Wrestler in the WWF in the 80's, He was a Big Man that alot of people had interest in seeing when he made his WWF debut. Bam Bam was 400 pounds, Agile, Tough, Quick and had a Unique look.

Bam Bam had alot of success in Prowrestling, He even main evented a WM against Lawrence Taylor at Wrestlemania 11 but Bigelow has yet to win a World title, secondary title or even a 3rd string title in any of the big promotion. ECW Gave Bam Bam his title but the Big feds didnt even give Bam Bam a thought. Bam, Bam was very over and he is considered a Wrestling legend but has never won any sort of singles title in the 2 big Wrestling promotions in America.

Dynamite Kid may not be the most charismatic man on this list but he is without a doubt the Best Wrestler on this list. When men such as Bret Hart, Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Chris Benoit and Harley Race consider you the best in ring performer than you got to be Damn Good.

Dynamite Kid has had so many people emulate his style. Dynamite Kid inspired so many wrestlers in this business. Dynamite Kid all over the world is considered one of the best Wrestlers of all time.... Dynamite Kid has had many great matches on his resume and he is a innovator in the ring but on That same resume that has all those classic matches their is not one singles title in the WWF or WCW, I dont even Think Dynamite ever wrestled for the WCW.... WCW would of benefited greatly if they tried to sign Dynamite kid as a singles wrestler, he could of had many great matches with the NWA/WCW putting so much emphasis on matches over character and showmanship.

Dynamite Kid was a Very very talented man, Who work still holds up to day 30 years later as revolutionary. Its a Shame that Chyna, The Blue Meanie, Naked Miedeon and Orlando Jordan have all held a singles title in the WWF and Dynamite Kid hasnt. (side note, I know Dynamite held the WWF junior weight title in Japan but I dont even remember that title being on WWF TV, it was a title WWF gave Japan)

Most of us Remember the SuperFly has a early 90's jobber, Well Jobber is a harsh word but The SuperFly hardly won any matches nd he was mostly there to make people look Good. But in the early 80's Jimmy Snuka was huge, One of the most over wrestlers in america at the time.... The Super Fly had classic bouts with Bob Backlund and Don Muraco. The image of the Superfly leaping off the cage on to Don Muraco is iconic and still used today in WWE in video packages.

Superfly was so big in the 80's and had such a connection with the fans that Vince Mcmahon Jr was considering using him has his number one face when he went national if the Hulk Hogan negotiations fell through. Thats how over Jimmy Snuka was in the Early 80's.

Has long as I can remember, from watching video clips, old matches and old Wrestling programs, I never seen Jimmy Snuka hold a title, Ever, Not even a tag team title. Which is weird cause Snuka has had such a great career and it seems dumb that he was never given any kinda title whats so ever. A lot of people thought Jimmy Snuka didn't need a title cause he had such a charisma and such a connection with the fans that it wouldn't benefit him.... I think Jimmy Snuka should of been given a IC title run or even moved to WCW and given a US or TV title run, just to show appreciation for all he has accomplished in this business.

What a talent Ted Dibiase is, He accomplished so much, Main evented countless PPVs and was the number one heel in the WWF for such along time. Diabiase had everything, Great Character, Great mic Skills and Good in ring work. Its so strange that the man that was a main eventer for so long in the WWF and chased the WWF title for years and came close to winning it on more than one occasion, Has never won a actual singles title with the WWF or WCW.

Ted Diabiase was multiple time Tag team Champion but he never held a singles title unless you count the Million dollar belt which wasn't a recognized title by the WWF. Ted Diabiase has never held the IC title or the world title in the WWF. Ted Diabiase has never jumped ship to WCW in his prime to try after any of their championship.

Its hard to believe a Legendary talent such as Ted Dibiase has never held any singles titles on a national level in america. I think personally he would of made a excellent IC champion and even a Great World Champion in the WWF and come to think of it he would be a Great US and World Champion in WCW.

Why is Jake Roberts number 1? Besides the point that Jake the Snake was one of the biggest stars of the 80's and lets forget for a moment his ground breaking and unique character and style. Jake Roberts has never held any title, No title in WWF or WCW. Not even a tag team title.

Unlike Ted Dibiase, Jake Roberts never had a real big high profile World title match, Jake didnt have several tag team title reigns, Nope, Jake spent his career without any title.... Jake even jumped ship to WCW in 1991 and still no title, Not a World title, US title, TV title, Not even a freaking Tag title.

Jake had many incredible storylines, Good matches and Great promos in prowrestling. Jake Roberts character inspired many wrestlers such as Raven, Steve Austins early Stone Cold heel persona and Randy Orton, They are many others im sure. Its a testament to how good Jake Roberts was and how over his character was going his whole career without a title and still remembered as one of the Greats.

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  1. Sahu's Avatar
    Gr8 list...all these r gr8 wrestlers..My favorite among the list is Dynamite Kid!!
  2. urbanRedneck's Avatar
    good blog,have to agree,these guys deserved a major title run.
  3. Playboy Stevie V's Avatar
    Dynamite Kid! Good job Crippler! Love that pick.

    Here's some more, I think....Kevin Sullivan, Dr Death Steve Williams, Terry Gordy, Jimmy Garvin

    I would have also said Kevin Von Erich, but he was always in the WCCW. And Bruiser Brody was briefly in the WWWF, but he was really never around WCW or WWF.
  4. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    Great list! I can for once say on a blog I absolutely agree with every one of your picks.

    Playboy Stevie V, I like your inclusion of Kevin Sullivan I thought he was a great heel
  5. Nitro's Avatar
    If titles changed more often in the 80's, i'm sure all of them would have held titles. I remember when jake and ted were still full-time wrestlers, and I would always wonder when will they get a title?
  6. Playboy Stevie V's Avatar
    How could we forget about The Big Boss Man! I'm ashamed of myself for not thinking of him sooner. >

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