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My thoughts leading up to Wrestlemania

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These are my thoughts on all the feuds/matches leading in to Wrestlemania. (They’re in the order I’d like them too be).

Cody Rhodes vs Big Show
Cody Rhodes is coming off as a threat which will help to build him up ready to win a title.
Good build up – The feud has been given time to be built up properly and become slightly personal with all Big Shows embarrassing moments.
Match won’t be that good but that’s not its purpose.
Could go on too long and get boring.

Diva Match
The match won’t be good and unsurprisingly is just there so a celebrity can be involved with Wrestlemania.
I’d rather see Natalya, Tamina or Kharma be involved with a match vs Beth Phoenix.

Kane vs Randy Orton
Will be a great match as both of them are great wrestlers.
Build up is coming along nicely but….
Not enough promos yet but there’s still time to turn that around with 2 smackdowns and 1 raw left.
Kane will probably be buried as per usual.

Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus
Both are great wrestlers so we’ll be seeing a great match.
Feud is building up nicely but….
I’d like to see more promos and the feud should be showcased on Raw.

John Cena vs The Rock
Great buildup (in my opinion).
The feud’s become personal.
The match will only ever happen once.
The match isn’t going to steal the show.
There’s not been any physical interaction yet.
The Rock should have a match on raw against Jack Swagger (or someone similar) to show he’s ready.

Chris Jericho vs Cm Punk
This match will likely steal the show.
It’s becoming personal.
There have been some great promos.

Undertaker vs Triple H – Hell in a cell – Shawn Michaels special guest referee
One of the best build ups in a long time.
It’ll be a great match.
Has fans guessing – Will Shawn screw HHH or Undertaker?

Personally, I'm really looking forward to this years Wrestlemania. All the matches see decent and ovarell, I think it'll be one of the best in a long time.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to the comments.

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