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Hulk Hogan: Cursed?

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First off, this isn't a blog to tarnish Hulk Hogan's image. I grew up watching him in the 1980's and have fond memories of seeing the Hulkster "hulk up" and come back to beat monster heels.

It used to be a standard tradition that when you left an area (or organization, to make things simpler), a wrestler would lose his last match before moving on to another area (organization). Not doing so, would draw the ire of the locker room, the promoter(s) and/or the fans. It's an age-old tradition that had been upheld since the 1950's. Not doing so, would label a wrestler as "difficult to work with".

Now why did I choose Hulk Hogan? It seems Hulk doesn't hold up this tradition very well.

The first time Hogan left WWF, he dropped the belt to Yokozuna in 1993 and was defeated.
Hogan toured through New Japan and in his last match vs. Tatsumi Fujinami, he won in 1994.
At the end of his WCW run, he was the champion, but he refused to drop the belt (a work then ended up a shoot, according to Bischoff and other sources) in 2002.
He returned to the WWE and ended his run with a victory over Randy Orton in 2006. He made sporadic appearances in 2007 with his final appearance fending off the Great Khali from Hornswoggle.
Hulk Hogan's TNA tour is still continuing and many assumed it would mark the end of his career when he lost to Sting. Hogan returned just recently and was victorious over Roode, Bully Ray and Kurt Angle with teammates Sting and James Storm in 2012.

1 decisive loss, 3 wins and to be continued in his current promotion.

For those who don't know what I'm talking about the tradition of losing your last match is called "giving back to the business" by building young talent. There is an argument if it's the last match in an area or just the wrestler's last match.

Hogan has drawn big matches and made money for various promoters but has he ever quite "given back to the business"?
Will he lose his last match of his career?
Is it the promoters, his need for money or his ego that drives him forward?
Is he cursed for not following tradition? (Not just losing the last matches, but refusing to drop matches to Jeff Jarrett, Shawn Michaels and refusing to lose to Yokozuna cleanly in his WWE loss).

Just food for thought from an old Hulk Hogan fan.

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  1. JoePublic's Avatar
    The worst of his infractions was leaving the AWA for WWF without finishing up the programme he was in.

    Hogan has always been good at keeping himself strong and keeping the perception of being a draw strong (why do you think he flew over for the Impact dates in the UK?)

    There are two ways to look at it, either he is selfish and ignores tradition or he is a very sensible guy looking out for himself as an 'independent contractor'.

    There is truth to both out looks. The simple fact is Hogan's drawing ability has enabled him to do what he wants, promoters have let him.
  2. The Phantom Menace's Avatar
    The old tradition you speak of died with Vince McMahon sr. Hogan was working for the AWA up until a few days before becoming WWF Champion. If you remember the 80's, remember that Bobby Heenan always said Hogan was a worthless human being. Hogan's continueing career is because of his ego & the fact that the ex cleaned him all the way out. In the 90's into 2000 i hated Hulk(as a fan) but now I just pity him & Ric. They sold out arenas around the world and are now just about on welfare.
  3. CrowOfMurders's Avatar
    Also, I don't really think his last runs in WCW and WWE count in that regard. In WCW, I think they repeated the finger poke incident in his last match or Russo just vacated his title, it was a big blow up backstage and Hogan just refused to come back for "one last match". I don't think it was intended to be his last match and if WCW wasn't sold to Vince,I think he would have come back. Still the tradition you spoke of really didnt matter anymore in the 90s. Regarding his WWE run, he butted heads with McMahon over the Mr. America character and that was his last big run,again his ego got the better of him, so no bowing out tradition there either. His last "official" match was with Sting,dunno if he's retired or not,but as it stands, he kinda followed tradition in that regard. The off-camera 6man tag really doesn't count,it was a special appearance really.
  4. Austinfan's Avatar
    I dont know when I saw Hogan come out in England sure looked to me like the crowd gave him a pretty good pop
  5. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    According to Bischoff, Bash At The Beach 2000 was suppose to be the beginning of a World Title Tournament that was suppose to bring more dignity back to the WHC. A tournament was suppose to take place with the finals being at Halloween Havoc. Hogan would then return as Hulk saying that "if you want the WHC, then you're going to have to go through me." To me, that would have brought an audience back to WCW.
  6. Kincaid's Avatar
    Another "old guy" storyline would've brought back an audience to WCW? That was what contributed to their downfall. They tried the new blood angle towards the end and even that didn't help. I really don't know what could've helped that promotion.
  7. pld459666's Avatar
    My recollection is that Vince Jr. brought him (Hogan) in after he purchased the promotion from his father. Vince Sr. respected the unwritten rule of not poaching other territories top guys and to only work with them after their "run was over at their previous promotion.

    Vince Jr. bought the WWf and changed the way things were done. People look at what WCW and TNA did/try to do, yet if most of you guys were around bacj then, you would be ashamed to learn what Vince Jr. has done to professional wrestling as a whole.

    You had AWA promotions in the Carolinas, Florida, Tennessee, Smokey Mountain Wrestling in GA, WCCW in Texas and Vince made it his business to take the top guys from all of those promotions.

    The only thing that kept those promotions alive is that alot of the top guys in those promotions actually had their hand in the cookie jar of the revenue that was coming in. Leaving that kind of money was not something they were going to do, but eventually most of them jobbed out to Vince Jr.
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