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My 10 Worst Moments In Monday Night Raw history!!

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What were the worst moments in Raw history? Something offend you, make you angry, or so on. You get where I'm headed with this. Here is my worst 10 Raw moments:

1999:Mae Young gives birth to a hand-Do I really need to explain this one?

1999:Mark Henry kisses a guy-Don't think this one needs an explaination either.

2001:Kiss my club-Back in 2001, Vince McMahon created a new way for people to get their job back. This was after WWF beat the alliance at Survivor Series. Particularly for WCW/ECW guys who were fired. Regal stepped up to the plate and got his job back in humerous fashion. The only one that really offended me was when JR was forced to do so.

2002:HHH in a casket-HHH told everyone that he killed his girlfriend in a car accident. Calling him a murder and so on. HHH dressed up as Kane made love to a doll. TMI, I know.......

2003:Kane sets JR on fire-JR interviewed Kane to hear about why he has been acting this way. Try to talk some sense into the monster. Kane thought JR was making fun of him. Kane set him on fire. Hearing JR scream and others in the background. A moment that did give me a nightmare or 2.

2005: JR surgery-Vince decided to fire JR after Austin stunned the entire McMahon family on the Raw reunion back to USA. JR had surgery during that time and Vince decided to show what happened pulling out various objects. Didn't find it humerous like others may have.

2010:Anonymous GM-You can't single out just one moment where the annoying ring would occur. One could argue it was the most annoying storyline in history. Didn't even hear who it was.

2010:Vince senate segment-I believe it was 2010 where Vince had a senate segment in a coma. At the time, my grandmother was in the hospital in a coma. Trying to create some comedy out of the segment which I didn't find it at all humerous.

2011: Michael Cole gets more mic time-Listening to Cole speak was enough for me to make this list. I absolutely hated the storyline with Lawler/Cole. All that time could have been used on guys like Cody Rhodes or Dolph Ziggler.

2011:JR firings-Any time JR was fired it sucked. Especially the most recent one which was pointless just to create heat.

Strong contenders that didn't make the cut:
2003:Kane tombstones Linda, 2003: Al Snow/Coach new announce team, 2000:Right to Censor

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. MachoManFan's Avatar
    An intersting list, as is your biggest moments. I disagree with almost every entry, but I'm not gonna complain as it's just your opinion and mine is no more valid! I always like to read a top 10 so nice work.
  2. Circa84's Avatar
    Have to add one the whole guest host thing was god awful to me one out of every five host added to the show the rest were a complete waste of time
  3. The Piper's Avatar
    Try to order these from 1-10 worst, IMO it makes it more interesting to read to see not-so-bad to horribly god awful-never want to see anything of the sort in order.
  4. JerseyJimbo's Avatar
    I actually thought RTC were pretty good heels, especially when they turned the Godfather (Goodfather). Made for great TV when it looked like they were going to turn the Dudleys and then they turned it around and ended up putting stevie richards through a table.
  5. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    Right to Censor could have been fine if they didn't have that f'ing annoying "music."
  6. Playboy Stevie V's Avatar
    I know this probably doesn't deserve to be on this list of "All Time." But for me personally was when Rey Mysterio won the vacant WWE world title after the tournament and having to defend it on the same night against John Cena, which he lost it to Cena.

    I almost threw my remote through the TV because I was so pissed.
  7. Callumomac's Avatar
    How the hell is Hornswoggle drawing a tunnel on the wall and running through it whilst being chased by Carlito not on here?

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