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My 10 Biggest Moments In Monday Night Raw History!!!

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Monday Night Raw has had so many big moments, how can one possibly narrow them down to 10? I think I'll give this one a try. Do it by year instead of numbering them for the critics.

1997: 1st Stunner to Vince-At the time, Austin was injured and couldn't wrestle. So, he was on TV weekly on the mic attacking other wrestlers. Eventually, Stunning everyone except for the boss. That Stunner begun, in my opinion, the biggest rivalry wrestling had ever seen.

1998: DX invades WCW-Some may not know this, but you had other members in DX except for HBK & HHH. HHH wanted to continue DX as the leader. Around that time, Shawn back injury took him out of wrestling for several years. HHH brought in X-Pac added the Outlaws. That formation of DX declared war on WCW creating a ton of heartache towards Bischoff and other WCW guys. "Shot a cannon" at WCW with nice work by the guys in the production truck. Best DX moment all-time if you ask me.

1999: Mankind wins WWE title-Mankind never won the big one anywhere he went. He faced The Rock for the WWE title in the main event. WCW announcer gave the results of that episode of Monday Night Raw. At that exact moment, millions changed the channel to see the title change hands. Foley did put butts in the seats Tony!!

1999: Steve Austin drives beer truck-Always the first moment I think of when you talk about the best moments in Raw history. That was my favorite all-time watching Austin drive in the beer truck to give a beer bath to the corporation.

1999: Rock: This is your life-Whether you want to agree or not, the segment did the highest rating ever in Raw history. Deserves to be on the list just for that reason. Loved the Rock N Sock connection.

1999: HHH marries Stephanie-Stephanie was suppose to marry Test. He won that right after defeating Shane McMahon at Summerslam. The announcement was set and wedding was set. McMahon said to DX that no member of the family will be allowed to be at the wedding. In the twist of that, Stephanie was given a lot of drinks during her party so as she was passed out. HHH took her in his car for the drive thru wedding for 40 bucks. This led to the McMahon-Helmsley era after she turned on her dad during his match with HHH at that months ppv.

2000: Y2J doesn't win WWE title?-One of my favorite moments had to be Jericho winning the WWE title from HHH on Raw. All the jokes and insults was enough for the game that he put the WWE title on the line. Jericho hired the APA to make sure no one would get involved during the match. No one did as Jericho won the belt. Unfortunately, Hebner gave a fast count because he did hate getting bullied at the time. He reversed his decision on one condition to never get touched by Stephanie, Shane, or HHH while as a WWE ref. They agreed and attacked him because they fired him. Sucked, but the moment was awesome cuz everyone hated HHH at the time.

2001: Shane buys WCW-The Monday Night Wars were over because they bought the competition. Shane showed up on WCW claiming he bought the company. Which set up the already scheduled match at Mania WCW owner vs WWF owner.

2002: Rock/Hogan faceoff-Two of the biggest draws in the history of the sport meet face to face. At the time when I had no internet connection, I wondered why not Austin/Hogan. I know now, but Hogan/Rock was good to. Very huge moment in Raw history without a doubt.

2008: Ric Flair's retirement-Why not HBK retirement which I know I'll receive that response. Flair's stands out to me a lot more. It was an emotional send off that had me shed some tears. Every superstar out there saying goodbye made it that more special in my eyes. I was upset when he went back in the ring. Still a great memory in Raw history.

Strong contenders that didn't make the cut:
2003: Kane unmasks, 2002: Bischoff new GM, 1999: Y2J debut, 2005: John Cena drafted to Raw, 2010: Nexus invades Raw

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  1. MR Boss's Avatar
    Alright blog, but you missed a lot of Raw moments, but it is hard to say all of them.

    Dude, stop making so many blogs at once it's annoying. I am not saying stop doing blogs just not day after day or many blogs on the same day. I am happy for you, that you discovered blogging in your life, but your going to crazy with it. You need a dam break!
  2. Great One's Avatar
    It's his opinion leave him alone, If he wants to post blog after blog he can, if it bugs you stop reading them.So stop telling him what to do he has the right to post as many blogs as he damn well wants too.
  3. Taker=Legend's Avatar
    Flair retirement.. still remember the deadman walk out for him.. and we find very rarely; gets out of his character to give flair a HUG....DONGGG

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