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Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan, over looked?

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Not the most anticipated match on the card but who do you think should go over?

If we break it down, sheamus had been given a massive push since last summer establishing as a top baby face on smackdown and the entire wwe. Former u.s champion, king of the ring, x2 wwe champion and the 2012 royal rumble winner, impressive credentials in a young career

Daniel Bryan, the over achiever, as thought by nearly everyone who watches or has an opinion of him, he isnt the classic wwe version of a world champion but no one can deny that he has made the most of this opportunity. Former u.s champion, 2011 money in the bank winner and current world heavyweight champion. If you were to ask him i think even he would admit a year ago he would not think he would be in this position.

This match was ironically bumped off mainia last year but will it live up to expectations? Is there more investment in putting the title on sheamus or keeping it on D-Bryan? Could the feud carry the momentum further into a trilogy?


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  1. cdawg85's Avatar
    In my opinion, it will depend on how much of a push are they wanting to give to D-Bryan right now at such a young career. What would be better to push him even more if he retains the WHC at WM28. At the same time, giving Sheamus the title will also be a good direction. I can see this one going either way and I like watching matches where it can go wither way and be successful. At first, I saw D-Bryan as a babyface champion and not working out, but the Heel turn is what helped him get pushed even more from the crowd. It be interesting to see which Superstar they decide "upstairs" that will get upper hand.
  2. Sahu's Avatar
    THis is a very interesting match of the night...both r OVER with teh ppl...

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