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$hazBlog: Booking The Miz

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What's up guys, Shaz is back! I haven't blogged in ages! So it's about time I bring my ass back on to the blogging section.

So after The Miz failed to get a spot on Team Laurinitis, the IWC was all wondering if he's gonna turn face and join Team Long. This blog is about how I would book him:


Wrestlemania 28: Team Long: Santino Marella, R-Truth, Kofi Kingston, Brodus Clay, Khali and Justin Gabriel vs Team Laurinitis: David Otunga, Mark Henry, Alberto Del Rio, Christian, Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler

Before the match, Teddy Long announces that Justin Gabriel was attacked and he is injured, but luckilly he was able to find a suitable replacement for Gabriel. And out comes....THE MIZ!

Khali is eliminated by Mark Henry
Jack Swagger is eliminated by Santino Marella
Brodus Clay is eliminated by Mark Henry
Kofi Kingston is eliminated by David Otunga
Dolph Ziggler is eliminated by The Miz
David Otunga is eliminated by The Miz
R-Truth is eliminated by Christian
Christian is eliminated by Santino Marella
Santino Marella is eliminated by Alberto Del Rio

This leads to a 2-1 showdown: Mark Henry and Alberto Del Rio vs The Miz
The Miz has Alberto Del Rio under control, he is about to hit a Skull Crushing Finale but from out of nowhere, here comes with a chair and he hits The Miz.

Mark Henry is eliminated by DQ

Del Rio is up and just when The Miz is getting up...BLAM! Enzuigiri is hit! Del Rio pins The Miz: 1-2-3, and Del Rio has picked up the win for Team Laurinitis. After the match you see Teddy Long crying, but nothing is over! He hits Laurinitis and The Miz runs back to the ring and applies the Skull Crushing Finale on Del Rio!

Winners: Team Laurinitis

Raw: Del Rio talks about how Johnny Ace is now the General Manager of both Raw and Smackdown, he says that Ace has automatically gave Del Rio a shot at the WWE title. The Miz comes out talking about how he main evented Wrestlemania 27, and ever since Extreme Rules he hasn't held a single title in WWE. He disses and insults Del Rio and some of the fans are with him. The Miz insults him even more and now you got a chorus of cheers. Johnny Ace says he'll add The Miz to the match at Extreme Rules only if he beats his opponent for tonight: Mark Henry, but if Henry wins, he will obviously get the title shot.

The Miz vs Mark Henry - WWE Champion title shot

Winner: Mark Henry (Del Rio cost Miz his match)

So now Cm Punk and Mark Henry have started their beef, Johnny Ace announces that the match will be a Cage Match!

Raw Draft 2012:

Battle Royal for two draft picks:

Winners: Team Smackdown (David Otunga and Christian)

We are ready for the two draft picks, lets see who is joining Friday nights!:

The crowd are booing the hell out of him, as soon as he walks to the ring..
The crowd have gone crazy and The Miz attacks Del Rio from behind to end the show!

Extreme Rules:
Alberto Del Rio vs Mark Henry vs Cm Punk - WWE Champion match
As Del Rio is about to walk up to the ring, The Miz strikes AGAIN! from behind. Del Rio is unable to compete so it's:

Mark Henry vs Cm Punk - WWE Champion - Steel Cage match

Winner: Cm Punk

Del Rio comes out to tell The Miz to explain his actions. Miz comes out saying that he felt good after attacking Del Rio, not once but twice. He says that all things come to an end, and he's talking about Del Rio's car, he trashes his car and Del Rio runs out of the ring and attacks The Miz, they now brawl untill Johnny Ace's music hits! He says Del Rio and The Miz will now face each other at Over the Limit!

Hopefully that real life beef turns into a bit of a Shawn Michaels vs Bret Hart feud! I hope you enjoyed my booking of The Miz. I did rush this, but oh well. I'm off for now, bye!

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