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MP.Brousers Wrestlemania 28 Predictions

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Hi guys, MP.Brouser here with my second prediction blog here on the EWN.
So as the title says, i am going to predict WM 28.
Lets get started:

Match 1 - WWE Championship: CM Punk vs Y2J (Best In The World)

When the Wrestlemania Pyro is over and the announcers welcomed us to the show, Justin Roberts says: 'The Following Match is for the Intercontinental Championsh..... *the lights go out* and there is Y2J. He walks to the ring and gets a mic. He cuts a Promo about how he can't wait to beat the hell out of Punk tonight, so he wants the match right now. CM Punk comes out and the match begins. This will be one of the best openers since Bret vs Owen Hart @ WM 10.
I think this match will go on between the 20-25 min mark.

Winner: CM Punk

Match 2 - Randy Orton vs Kane:

I think this will be a decent match with Kane dominating most of the match.
Kane will try to do the Chokeslam but Orton reverses it into an RKO.

Winner: Randy Orton

Match 3 - Winner is GM of both Raw/SD: Team John Laurinitus vs Team Teddy Long:

Team Laurinitus: Otunga,Henry,Christian,Ziggler,Swagger,???Team Teddy Long: Santino,R Truth,Kingston,Khali,Zack Ryder,???

When 4 members from each team are in the ring, both GM's will decide their final member. Laurinitus is ready to pick his superstar first but before he can say something, The Miz comes out and tells him that before he picks a superstar he needs to think very good. He says that he main evented last year's Mania and that their is nobody better then him. Laurinitus says that he already has somebody ..... Del Rio comes out and is laughing at The Miz. Miz is furious and walks to the back. Then Teddy will pick his Superstar... Rey Mysterio.Now i think this will be an OK tag Match with the first 8 min tagging in and out with some decent wrestling, after 8 min it will be a Finishers fest with all the superstars hit their Singature/Finishing move on eachother.
I can see it ending with a Armbar from Del Rio on Santino.
Santino taps and Team Laurinitus wins.
Laurinitus and Del Rio are celebrating , but then from behind comes the Miz and hits The Skull Crushing Finale on Del Rio and turns Face. Teddy Long will Punch Laurinitus in the face.
It can lead to a US Title Match the next night on Raw: Santino vs ADR where the Miz can interfere to help Santino but then Laurinitus Reverses the decision and gives Del Rio the title. To set up a Miz vs Del Rio Match at Extreme Rules.
lol im going to far now :P

Match 4 - Intercontinental Campionship: Cody Rhodes vs Big Show

Will be a decent match with Cody dominating The Big Show by attacking his legs. Show will comeback and will go forhis KO Punch. When he wants to do that Drew McIntyre comes running down to the ring and distract the Big Show then he hits Drew with the KO Punch. When Show turns around Cody is running away with his title but then out of nowhere shaq comes out and forces Cody to go back. Cody goes back into the ring, Show hits him with a KO Punch.
The Referee wants to count the pin but Drew pulls him outside the ring. Then after that Shaq wants to hit Drew with a Clothesline but he ducks and hits the referee. Show looks back and thinks Shaq pulled the referee back. He tries to explain on the apron but then Show pushes him off it and Shaq goes in the ring. Show tries to KO him but Shaq ducks it and Clothesline Big Show. Cody enters the ring and hits Show with the title when he tries to stand up.
Referee comes back into the ring and counts the 3.
This can set up a Show vs Shaq feud for next years Mania 29 or Summerslam.

Cody Rhodes

Match 5 - WHC: Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus

This will be a good match with good back and forward action.
At the ending DB locks in The Lebell Lock but Sheamus reaches the rope.
Daniel Bryan goes up to the Top Rope and wants to drop kick sheamus but then Sheamus reverses into a Brogue Kick in Mid Air for the 1,2,3!

Winner: Sheamus

Match 6 - Hell In A Cell Match: Undertaker vs HHH with Special Referee HBK

I expect this to be a great Brawl with some pretty awesome spots in and outside the Cell. At one point after HHH hits 3 Pedigree's on taker and the 4th one on a chair. I can see HBK not counting the 3 count. HHH will push HBK and HBK will give him some SCM. Then he doesnt know what to do .... then he starts to tune up the band. Taker still stands up and HBK hits him with a another SCM. Then HBK pins the Undertaker and counts for himself. He declares himself the winner. He walks to the back and the cell goes up. Then Taker and HHH both go to the back on a stretcher. The announcers dont say it is 19-1 they dont know what to make of it. Then nobody knows if the streak is broken.

Match 7 - Diva Tag Match: Maria Menounos/Kelly vs Phoenix/Eve

Just a 3 min match with Maria pinning Phoenix with a Roll Up.

HOF Inductees

Match 8 - The Rock vs John Cena

It is going to be a great back and forward match with alot of emotion in it from the crowd. And many and i say many Finishers/Signatures and reversals that will go on for 20+ min.

Hope you enjoyed my predictions, and sorry for my bad english

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Undertaker, Daniel Bryan, Cena will all win. I agree with the rest of yours o. Didn't really give a prediction for Cena/Rock that I saw anyway.
  2. Shaz11's Avatar
    Mate nice one on the The Miz/Del Rio storyline, I had a blog ready for that. But I'll post it anyway, let me know what you think! Decent predictions!
  3. Synyzta's Avatar
    I'm not sure about the HIAC match; I mean, it doesn't make much sense for HBK to do that unless they're planning on having a triple threat match next year. I think it's more likely to be a Taker win, and then they tease something between Trips and HBK, leading to a match next year at WM. I can't see anyone beating the streak, and this way, Taker can retire 20-0, and we still have a MASSIVE main event for next year. Or, we'll get some backstage thing where we see that Trips has been attacked, and that Taker has nobody to face now. Up steps HBK, and they put on a hell of a match, where HBK doesn't quite win, due to Trips getting involved; again, setting up a match for next year.

    Cena is going heel, why else would they put the two biggest faces' of all time against each other, and what better way for Cena to get instant heat than by attacking The Rock?

    Does anyone honestly care about the Divas match other than the Divas themselves? :/

    I had a similar idea about the Show/Rhodes match, but I think it'll make more sense for Rhodes to get a clean win here, and really establish himself as a up and coming future World Champ.

    Hmm, Jericho or CM Punk? This match could go either way to be honest; if they want to continue the feud though, I'd have Punk win.
  4. xJesseex's Avatar
    I really hope Kharma comes out during the Diva's match and squashes all of them.

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